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Eye of the World Read Along Week 5

Eye of the World Read Along

It’s time for another edition of the Eye of the World read along :D. As always, this is an in-depth discussion so there will be spoilers for the book up to Chapter 33. Head on over to Dab of Darkness to link up this week :D.

1) Perrin, Egwene, Elyas, and Bela had quite the intense ride. What did you think about the ravens and what dark magic could motivate birds, even carrion birds, into such behavior?

Gah, so creepy! I actually kept being reminded of the three-eyed raven from Game of Thrones, haha. But seriously, this just went all Birds on us D: and while I was on the edge of my seat, I’m glad they didn’t get attacked by the birds. Who knows what else would have showed up if the birds saw them?? It seems possible that the Dark One is able to control the ravens mentally even though he is still bound. For the most part, it seems like these poor birds are completely mind-controlled though, since I don’t think that’s normal raven behavior *watches skies suspiciously*.

2) In Chapter 29, we hear part of the legend of Artur Hawkwing. How do you like Robert Jordan’s nod to such an ancient legend and his use of it and other mythologies in building his world? 

I have to admit that I’m not super up on my King Arthur knowledge, though Artur Hawkwing ended up sounding like kind of a jerk. Are there stories with King Arthur acting that horribly to anyone who disagrees with him? It was a nice touch though, since it makes it seem like their world is just a little ways away from ours :D. At the same time, it pulled me out of the story a bit because I started thinking about King Arthur legends, and in some way would have preferred to stay engrossed in the EotW world ya know?

3) Do you think Lord Captain Bornhald and Child Byar capture the two ends of the spectrum for the men who make up The Children of the Light?

I’m going to go with I hope not, because Bornhald is still a real prick! Because the Children of the Light are supposed to be good, even though we clearly don’t agree with them, it seems likely to me that many of the men that join really do want to do something good with their life. Perhaps they get corrupted by hate, or perhaps that is just a necessary quality to ascend the ranks. In any case, I’m rooting for a nice foot soldier that doesn’t think Perrin should be put to death and helps him escape :D.

4) Mat and Rand have a little fight over whether to sell Mat’s dagger, as they are running out of food. How do you like the solution they came up with?

Awesome! It makes a lot of sense too, since they did learn some useful skills traveling with Thom. I wish that Rand had been able to convince Mat to sell the freaking dagger, but Mat did make a good point that they really weren’t in the right area to sell it anyway. Makes me wish I lived in a world where I could travel anywhere for free if I sang at the inn….

5) At Four Kings, Mat and Rand play for food and bed at a dive of an inn run by Saml Hake. During the course of the night, Rand spots a man, who turns out to be a Dark Friend, Howal Gode. And this naughty Dark Friend disturbs their sleep in a locked room. What do you think happened there?

From the way that Gode was rushing from inn to inn, it seems like he was specifically looking for the boys and didn’t just stumble across them. Maybe the Dark One sent Dark Friends to every town along the road in the hopes of finding them? But again, it seemed very pointed that Gode was looking in this town. More likely a Dark Friend at another town saw them performing and guessed who they were, then got word to Gode to bring reinforcements to the next city down the road. It seems unlikely that we’ll ever find out for sure though, the boys will just have to keep watching their backs!

Awesome questions this week! All right everyone, remember that the next section is 34-40 and we’re back here next weekend :). Also, I’m so excited since we’re getting towards the end of the book and something epic is bound to happen right??

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  1. 1. It made me think of the crows that we see spying for Saruman in LotR and I really wish that authors would not pick on corvids, they are actually extremely intelligent birds (as we see in Martin’s world) but they eat carrion so everyone thinks they are evil. Plus they are black, which was a bad choice if they wanted to be seen as ‘good’ . . . perhaps they would get better press if they were pink . . .

    3. Perhaps Egwene can flash someone a bit of ankle to distract them while the wolves help Perrin to break lose. I also hope that he gets his axe back: I am not sure why this seems important, but it does.

    5. That’s a good point about Gode and his men being the result of a tip off from someone else. I had assumed that he was just making his way along the road searching for them, but this makes much more sense.

    • And now I’m imagining pink ravens, haha! Maybe with some hearts on them or something, they would be adorable :D

      Well it’s an awesome axe, it would be sad if he lost it :(

  2. Yeah, you’re right. They wouldn’t be able to sell the dagger where they were. And who would be able to give a decent price for it in coin? And it would raise suspicion… plus if the dagger is truly malevolent, whoever they sold it to, would be affected in a bad way. So, I guess Mat is stuck with it for a while.

    Oh! And shouldn’t Rand try to be a bit more circumspect with his sword? I mean, two starving, raggedy traveling entertainers, one obviously with a sword…and a heron-marked sword at that.

    • I wish they would realize what was happening and just ditch the freaking thing in a field, or better yet bury it! But what if it’s effect on Mat won’t go away even then :( He might need Moraine’s help to get cured of this, but I really don’t know how Moraine is going to find them now… She really should have told them about those coins…

      Yeah, Rand probably should hide it, but it can’t be that easy to hide it, especially if he needs to defend himself, maybe he could cover the heron mark with paint or something >.>

  3. I totally thought the same thing about singing for free food and room! If not many knew how or were inclined, I’d totally be doing that all the time. Beats working in the fields, anyway. :D Great answers!

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