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Eye of the World Read Along Week 6

Eye of the World Read Along

Yey, it’s Sunday! Time for more Eye of the World awesomeness! As always, this is an in-depth discussion so there will be spoilers for the book up to Chapter 40. Since Linky doesn’t work with WordPress nicely right now, just post your link in the comments :).

Also, we’re doing a poll over at Dab of Darkness for how long of a break to take/gauging interest in the next book, so even if you didn’t read this book with us, feel free to vote if you are interested in reading along with The Great Hunt.

On to the questions :D.

1. Looks like Rand and Mat met another ally finally. What do you think of Master Gill? Do you think his hope in Thom is well placed?
Well, he’s a chubby innkeeper, so that’s a good start! And anyone who is willing to let an Ogier into their inn to keep him from being attacked in the streets seems like a very good fellow. Then there is the whole, Thom wouldn’t have sent the boys there if he wasn’t pretty sure that his friend would be trustworthy. However, while I really really hope that Thom is all right and Gill knows something that we don’t, we know that Thom was facing a Fade and Gill doesn’t. Combine this with the fact that Thom hasn’t shown up yet and I’m really worried that this is permanent. It just doesn’t sit right though, something more has to happen with Thom’s story….
2. Loial the Ogier! How adorable right? We only get a brief glimpse into this new race, but what do you think? What part do you think he’ll play in the story?
I don’t know if we’re supposed to think that Loial is adorable, but I can’t help it! He’s so sweet and alone and just wants a friend. This is another instance where I was stronger reminded of the Lord of the Rings however, since the Ogier are so similar to the Ents and this is about the right point in the plot for the Ents to be mentioned, which is a bit annoying. I was sad that Rand was so hesitant to take Loial alone, I’m sure they could disguise him someone (get creative Rand!) and a giant for a friend would certainly be helpful if anymore Darkfriends attacked….
3. During the rescue of Perrin and Egwene, did it seem like Lan was overly concerned about Nynaeve to anyone else? >.> <.<
Maybe I’m just reading too much into this, but Lan was about ready to go back in for Nynaeve and Moraine had to remind him that Perrin was way more important and still in a bunch of danger. Then I started thinking about it and there have been all of these little competitions between the two of them for being super quiet and Nynaeve seems rather found of Lan….
4. The Dark One has been blamed for all sorts of things lately. Do you think that the Dark One is the root of Perrin’s power like Moraine fears? How about Rand’s?
I really don’t think that the Dark One is the root of the wolf power in general, based on what Elyas said and the way that Elyas act around the ravens. However, I guess it’s possible that the Dark One decided he wanted Perrin to have this wolf magic, and made the Pattern shift so that he would, if that is possible…. I don’t really know why he would do that, though I’m sure we’ll find out in some awesome evil monologue in the future if that is the case ;-). However, I still really hope that Perrin’s power came first and the Dark One just isn’t sure which boy he wants.
5. Very briefly Rand encounters a beggar who is obviously determined to find him specifically. Who do you think this is? What do you think is going to happen with this beggar in the future?
Padan Fain perhaps? If he got beat up a bit or driven insane by a Fade, he would fit the description pretty well. And the whole random encounter previously thing, sine that is still a dangling thread that needs to be tied up. However, there wasn’t any resolution in this section, so I’m thinking that as soon as Rand is back in the streets, he is going to run into the beggar again and find out what the man wanted for good or ill. Probably ill, knowing our luck….
6. We learn a whole lot about Queen Morgase in this section, including getting to meet her in person! What do you think? Do you like the tradition of sending the royal children to study with the Aes Sedai and Warders?
First of all, I love that there is a Queen, without any need of a King. I think it’s interesting that the royal children are sent to learn what the Aes Sedai can teach that is so shunned by most of the world. It certainly makes sense as an old tradition, since it would be a very useful set of skills to have, and Tar Valon is probably home to the best education in the queendom, however I’m very surprised the people still accept royalty that are so closely tied with women they consider servants of the Dark One. There is a lot of tension between the classes it seems. As for Queen Morgase herself, she is obviously cunning and discerning with her ability to learn so much about Rand, however the edge of severity she showed was a bit frustrating. It is understandable given the current state of her city though.
7. Rand had quite an adventure in the palace there, wow! And we finally get to meet another Aes Sedai. What do you think of Elaida and her dark assessment of Rand’s future? 
Oh Elaida, why so crazy? Seriously, the knitting, the glances, the dark proclamations about some poor kid…. Morgaine doesn’t seem so bad after all! From what we can guess about Rand’s future, Elaida’s prediction does make sense, but her interpretation is obviously wrong from where we are standing. Just because Rand’s future holds a bunch of death and destruction, doesn’t mean he causes it, maybe he prevents it, or helps heal it…. Elaida doesn’t have to always assume the worst in every young man who trespasses in the castle gardens after all >.> <.<

In other news, congrats to Matt P. for winning the audiobook giveaway! We’ve already contacted Matt and got his prize sent out (he picked the Eye of the World, so maybe he’ll be able to catch up and join in with us :D).

Remember to just post your discussion link in the comments since the Linky isn’t going to work and try to visit everyone’s discussion to, you know, discuss :D.

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  1. 1. I like your point about Master Gill allowing Loial into his house. He also seems to have furniture specifically for them: Loial is said to be in a huge chair, and I can only imagine how big his bed needs to be!

    And you are right: we have heard too much about Thom to simply drop him so early in the story.

    2. I am intrigued by the idea of trying to disguise Loial . . . as what? A roving haystack? :D

    I am not sure if he would be any use in a fight: I have a horrible suspicion that ogiers might be pacifists.

    3. Nynaeve? Fond of Lan? Someone will need to drag that admission out of her with hot tongs and thumb-screws!

    5. Yep: that beggar will be back, I’m quite sure.

    7. I like the fact that we are meeting Aes Sedai that show how ‘normal’ Moiraine is. Prior to meeting Elaida, we had seen her as powerful but not very good at social interaction with ordinary people, however, it seems like she is pretty good at it compared to some of her sisters.

    • Great point about Loial’s bed! He must have a California king, hehe!

      Roving haystack!! perfect :D And yes, he might be a pacifist, but maybe if friends are threatened?

  2. Having spent the last 10 years of my life with these books, I can’t tell you how amazing it is to go through this journey again, sharing it with others. Watching you learn and discover as I had so long ago just as I have reached the end is like seeing the Wheel turn about. It’s very clear that there are neither beginnings nor endings when it comes to the Wheel of Time.

  3. My post:

    I will be back to comment on everyone else’s posts tomorrow afternoon . . .

  4. I never really thought of comparing Ogiers to Ents, but you’re totally right that their natures are similar. No wonder I love Ogier so much! The Ents are one of my favorite parts of Middle Earth! :D Also it’s true what you say about Elaida. Suddenly Moiraine seems like an angel. :D My answers are HERE.

    • Totally agreed, the Ogier are awesome, and at least Loial is slightly less annoying since conversations with Ents sometimes were a little frustrating ;-)

  5. I too felt Loial was a furry and shorter version of an Ent. I thought perhaps the further we got from The Shire (Two Rivers) the less Tolkien references we would have. Still, I enjoy Loial and I look forward to seeing what Jordan does with him.

    Hooray for the Queendom! While every king has a jester, every queen has a spooky aes sedai. Elaida is giving knitting a suspicious name! Darn her!

    I really want to know more about the heron marked swords in general. I know we’ve been told that only a certain level of swordmastery gains the heron mark, but are we going to see someone of the skill level wield the sword before the end of the book? Perhaps Book 2?

    • There was the good point made that their stone work is more dwarf like though, so they are more of a hodge podge of typical fantasy critters….. They just happen to be long-lived….

      The heron marks, excellent point! And how the hell did Tam get one?????

  6. I just wanted to say I love this format that you are doing, I want to do a read-a-long at some point and I am reading these in spite of the fact I haven’t read the book..which I need to for sure!

    • Yey, I’m glad! Any idea what book you want to do a read along for? *wiggles eyebrows* :D

    • Read Alongs are very enjoyable and really make you think about a book. There are always a variety of them going on at any one time, so I would encourage you to find one that looks interesting and sign up.

      Of course, you could read The Eye of the World and be ready to start on book 2 in the series with us in a few weeks . . . hint, hint! :)

  7. Eivind Fonn says:

    Alert! Full-series reader here.

    2. Oh, not to worry, Loial is adorable. Unfortunately, befriending Rand, he may end up getting more than he asked for.

    3. Yes, you picked up on this one I see :). I never felt like Jordan was very good at writing romances, but then, I never fell for someone in this kind of situation, so what do I know.

    5. Both you and nrtlmynrtlyntrl guessed Fain, but that doesn’t really answer the underlying question, which is “what’s up with this guy?” He seems to be behaving very oddly, and not very much like the Darkfriends we have seen so far, who at least pretend to try to act with subtlety.

    6. Women enjoy as much, or sometimes more, power than men in many societies in this world. It’s often attributed to the influence of Aes Sedai, and that only women can safely wield the One Power. (See: Women’s Circle vs. Village Council, Queen of Andor, Aes Sedai and Warders, and heaven knows it won’t stop here.)

    7. I’m afraid I can’t really talk much about Elaida without being influenced by certain other parts of this series. Suffice to say she’s a total tool, and I see she’s off to a good start.

    • Hehe, all excellent points! As far as the beggar goes, it seems like we might be seeing what torture/mind-control type of things the dark critters are capable of, since he seemed pretty inhuman and single minded *shivers* I’m not looking forward to that encounter, since it seems like it could get rather horror movie like!

    • Fain doesn’t seem to be acting with any subtlety at all, and I suspect that Anya is right that he has his mind broken somehow.


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