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Eye of the World Read Along Week 7

Eye of the World Read Along


Sunday sunday sunday! This week we are over at Dab of Darkness so make sure to link up :D. Also, of course, there will be spoilers for most of the Eye of the World up to this point!

1) Out of all the minor characters we have come across so far, Lamgwin and his body guarding (of inn and cats) has made me laugh the most. I do hope he gets swept up into things for a bigger piece. Who has been your favorite or most interesting minor character so far? 

I suppose Loial doesn’t count as a minor character anymore huh? The Princess Elayne is pretty awesome I have to say. The was she is found Rand in the garden and reacted was great, since she seems just the kind of girl I would want to be friends with. If I didn’t already want Rand and Egwene to work out, I’d think he would be really cute with Elayne…. I do hope we run into her and her nicer brother again!

2) Hooray! The reunion has finally happened, and the only stain is Mat and his dagger. How do you think Mat’s long-term relationship with his dagger will affect things? 

Hopefully in the next book, we will get Mat to Tar Valon and get him permanently fixed! It did sound like there was hope as soon as more Aes Sedai could work together. And fortunately Moraine seems to have mostly fixed things for now…. I’m just hoping that this doesn’t make any sort of wrinkle in the final battle….

3) Finally, on page 641 (of my book anyway), the boys break and start to tell all to Moiraine. Do you think the Two Rivers folk will trust Moiraine with things more easily in the future? Why didn’t Moiraine strangle the boys there and then (I know I would have!)? 

Finally!!! Hopefully they will, there really isn’t any reason to hold back now after all. She hasn’t threatened them recently and has done plenty to protect and help them (even saving Mat’s life directly). She probably didn’t strangle them because she knew that she needed them ;-). And it seems she might understand that they were very frightened of the dreams and didn’t quite know what to do.

4) The party kicks around several theories about the Waygates. Which was your favorite, or do you have one of your own? How about those things that lurk in the Waygates? 

I was never really sure about the theories everyone came up with. I understand the idea that time goes differently in the Way so that you can travel quickly, and that they grow naturally almost. It would also explain how the magic got polluted and twisted of its own accord. The Wind was freaking scary *shivers*. Maybe it’s the insanity from all the male Aes Sedai that broke the world?

5) This section introduces the knowledge of the Green Man. How do you think he will measure up to your cultural knowledge of the legend of the Green Man? 

I have a lot of mixed stories of the Green Man in my head, so I’m wondering if he’s going to have antlers ;-). I think it’s really interesting that he normally can only be found once in a lifetime, but Moraine is determined to find him again. I’m curious if the Green Man is going to react to that at all, haha. I just hope that he can help them in time! Or they him….

6) The Lord of Fal Dara, Agelmar, seems to have some previous business with Moiraine and Lan, Lord of the the Seven Towers. What do you think their collective past dealings have been?

It seems likely that Lan fought with Agelmar in the past, though perhaps Moraine has helped them as well. Agelmar does tell us a bunch about Lan’s past and wow what a past it is! Perhaps it really is just that Agelmar knows about Lan’s past, since Lan probably didn’t have much time to do anything besides his Warder duties…. 

Next week is all the way to the conclusion and an epic battle! :D

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  1. 1. Oh, we will . . . and this is such a great way to introduce a major character without making it really obvious. Don’t forget that Min said that Rand and Egwene are not for each other . . . and Min is usually right.

    2. Getting Mat ‘fixed’ . . . you make it sound like he needs to be neutered! :D

    5. The Green Man is usually depicted as being made up of plants (probably the inspiration for the ents): the horned man is Herne the Hunter, another Celtic myth, so I would be surprised if the Green Man had horns . . . although it would be cool.

    • Mwahaha, matchmaker matchmaker make me a match!

      The pagan religions that I’m most familiar with just rolled all the male deities together, hence the confusion ;-)

  2. I want there to be antlers on the Green Man too! Pagan fertility symbol, here we come!

    Yeah, Moiraine does need the boys, so she can’t throttle them and if she threatens them now, they probably won’t trust her later. I wonder if we will ever get around to hearing things from her POV. We seen a small amount of the story from Nynaeve’s POV, but most of it has been from the boys.

    Ah! I also want there to be more Elayne and her siblings, even the harsh brother. Such an interesting mix. They are the royal family, so I think I will assume we will see more of them.

    • Yey Pagan!

      That is a good point, we’ve heard most POV except her and Lan’s… hmmm… I suppose that keeps them more mysterious *wiggles eyebrows*.

      We’ll hopefully run into them in the next book if we get to Tar Valon? :D *hopeful puppy face*

  3. Eivind Fonn says:

    You know, you can be disturbingly prescient sometimes….

  4. Great answers! I loved Lan’s past too. It made me smile when you spoke of getting Mat to Tar Valon to get “fixed.” Sounds like he’s getting neutered. Ha-ha. Can’t wait to get to the end! I don’t remember what the green man looked like. I think I always pictured him a lot like Loial, only with Ivy growing on him. Don’t remember if he had antlers, though. Guess we’ll find out. :D
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