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Fan Art Up! {July 2014 Roundup}

Fan Art Up!

For the last month I’ve been secretly participating in Fan Art Up hosted by the lovely Pabkins at Not Yet Read! I figured that once a month I should gather up all my doodles from Instagram and show them off here to convince you that you can definitely doodle better than I can and therefore should join in ;-). Also, if you can’t see anything, it is probably because the embedded images aren’t showing up in your reader/email/etc, so just click on the title of the post to see them on the blog :).

Storm Siren

I’ve been reading Storm Siren lately and it stars a girl who can (kind of) control the weather, hence the lightening, as well as a couple of other magic users, one of whom can influence the earth. I really like the magic systems in Storm Siren since each country seems to have its own magical quirks.

House of the Four Winds

I read The House of the Four Winds a bit ago and it involves swashbuckling adventure and perhaps a sea serpent or two >.>.

Trial by Fire

You may already know that Trial by Fire has something to do with Salem witches, but what you might not know yet is that burning at the stake definitely did not have the effect the witch hunters thought it would….

The Lascar’s Dagger

I actually ended up DNFing The Lascar’s Dagger, but I enjoyed it prior to deciding it just wasn’t what I needed at the moment ;-). What I attempted to depict in the sketch is that this dagger is described as appearing as kind of blurring and has been known to move of its own accord!

See! My doodles are stick figures without any faces! There is no way you can do worse than that, so you should join in on Twitter, Instagram, your blog, where ever, to doodle a bit about a book you’re reading and link up to this week’s Fan Art Up!

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings -Anya

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  1. Haha I love how you encourage others to join by saying their drawings can’t be worse than yours, haha. But really, I think part of the blame is because you’re limited to a sticky note. While I know some people can really make art out of such things, I know I’d fail. (Or wait, is that your excuse? Use sticky notes so then you can say it’d be better with real paper? That’d def be my excuse ;) ) Either way! Cute drawings – they always make me smile when I see them on IG! :P
    Asti recently posted…Bookish Games: Death Note Edition Day FiveMy Profile

    • Oh I’m so purposely limiting myself to a post it since then I can blame it ;-). You don’t have to stick to a post it, I just find that easiest when I’m hurriedly sketching something on break at work when I realize it’s Thursday again, it keeps sneaking up on me! You should join in, it’s so much fun! :D

  2. I’ve been enjoying your stick figure doodles! Besides, sometimes a good stick figure is better than a bad “drawing.” ;) Keep up the good work!
    Kel (Booked til Tuesday) recently posted…Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop (4 stars)My Profile

    • HAHA, I’m not sure where my stick figures rank in stick figure art though ;-) It’s just fun thinking up scenes anyway, and maybe I’ll get better if I keep at it??

  3. This is so fun and cute. I think my art talent is about equal to yours. Go stick men!
    Sarah recently posted…July 2014 in reviewMy Profile

  4. SO adorable! These would make some CUTE covers!
    Lyn Kaye recently posted…Book Review: The Fever by Megan AbbottMy Profile

    • Haha, oh I fear the marketing team that decided to use stick figures on a cover ;-). I do like covers with scenes from the book instead of random models are better though so I agree on that :D

  5. I just read Storm Siren. I liked it for the most part. (One of those hard to review without spoilers books) Nice drawings. :)

    • Haha, definitely, especially depending on how you define a spoiler. I just went with “if it happens in the first half I’m good” model ;-)

  6. What are you talking about? Those are works or art compared to my doodles! =)
    I’ve always thought this feature looked fun and I really love the idea of saving them up and posting once a month.

    • HAHA thanks!! I post them to Instagram since it’s just easier for me to do when I’m on the move and can’t make a blog post on the fly ;-)

  7. I’m so glad you decided to participate and in such a fun quick way! Post it Note fanart for the win!
    Tabitha (Not Yet Read) recently posted…Fan Art Up! (16) – Everness, airships and a dragon doodleMy Profile

    • It was like the perfect solution for me! I am already addicted to post it notes after all ;-). Joe’s mom works for 3M and he’s told her about my need for post its and mailing tape so she keeps me well supplied, haha!

  8. Oh my, I should totally do this! I’m a terrible artist (well, at least with pen and paper, anyway), but it might be fun to doodle something about what I’m reading! :D

  9. I’ve been meaning to try! Maybe today… I like your doodles btw. :)
    Kristen recently posted…Book Review: Mortal DangerMy Profile

  10. Oh! Sounds like fun! It combines art and reading – a perfect combo :)

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