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Full Fathom Five Read-Along {Part 2}

Full Fathom Five by Max Gladstone Read-Along

Part Two!

Welcome back to another week of the Full Fathom Five read-along :D. If you haven’t started reading the Craft Sequence, be sure to check it out for an awesome mash-up of court-room/police drama and unique fantasy! There are spoilers below up through Chapter 32 of Full Fathom Five ;-). And don’t forget to join our SF/F Read-Along group to suggest books and join in!

1) So Margot too is hoping that Izza can lead him to the Blue Lady. What do you make of his vision? Especially in relation to the nightmares that Kai is having. Do you think they’re related?

It definitely sounds like this Blue Lady is related to/is Seven Alpha and that she isn’t as gone as people thought or wasn’t as lacking consciousness as people thought! Kai’s nightmare was freaking creepy though and I’m not sure how that ties in other than something trying to really freak her out, haha.

2) Teo! Did anyone expect to see Teo? What role do you think she’ll play in the rest of the story?

TEO :D. I didn’t expect her though I was hoping since we’ve seen cameos from the first book too. I’m loving her more active role and she is so freaking cute! Her quest to decide whether they want to invest in an idol intrigues me and I wonder how she is going to end up being involved with the larger plot since I assume she is ;-).

3) Kai is worried that Mara has set her up. Do you think it likely?

It’s starting to look suspicious, though I’m wondering if Mara had no other way of tipping her off and so snuck the notebook in her bag and is trying to get her to help Mara without saying it. It seems like Mara could have been bought off with the promotion and is being blackmailed to keep her silence ya know?

4) It seems everyone is having discussions of faith with one another. That’s not particularly surprising given the tenor of the books, I know, but still. How does what we’ve learned from Cat and Margot in these chapters affect your feelings on the idea of gods, Craft or Idols that Allie asked?

Well, it certainly seems like idols are more than everyone is saying. And Cat’s withdrawal from her goddess didn’t look all that pleasant either, nor did Margot’s experience to get connected with the idol. Can I choose none of the above? I don’t really want to turn into a skeleton either….

5) We’re getting a better idea of what Penitence means for the people of Kavekana. What do you think of their idea of punishment now that you have a better idea of how it works?

*hides* It sounds rather unpleasant eh? I suspect we still don’t have a full idea of what it involves, but a whole lot of pain and voices in your head that only stop when you give up your sense of self sounds rather unpleasant. It also doesn’t sound like you have to do much wrong in order to get grabbed…..

6) Kai has built up an idea of what’s going on, but what do you think happened? Did Margot really steal soul without realising it or is there something else going on?

I think that the Blue Lady/Seven Alpha was more conscious than everyone thinks and therefore reached out to Margot and decided to give him soul, so it wasn’t really stealing. I also think that more people know that Seven Alpha was conscious than are letting on and they are trying to cover it up, dun dun dunnnnnnn ;-).

What did you think of this week’s reading?

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  1. Aww, but those skeletons sure look like they’re having fun. I mean…sorta…?
    I’ll give this to Gladstone, he keeps uping the creep factor with each new aspect of this world he reveals.
    Heather recently posted…Full Fathom Five Read Along: Week TwoMy Profile

    • As much as skeletons can have fun? ;-)

      And it’s just the right kind of creep so that I am intrigued but not completely horrified and have to stop reading haha

  2. I definitely think more people knew about Seven Alpha’s sentience than are letting on! That makes Kai the perfect scapegoat.
    Wendy B recently posted…Full Fathom Five Read-A-Long Week No.2My Profile

  3. I thought the same about Mara and the notebook! If it is from her, maybe Mara is trying to help Kai rather than frame her. It’s an interesting theory.
    Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum recently posted…Full Fathom Five Read-A-Long Week No.2My Profile

  4. More Teo can only ever be a good thing. XD

    How about a statue? Craftspeople could also be statues, I think? Though personally I have shifted to the “Nope nope nope” mobile as well. It’s really interesting. I’ve seen plenty of magic systems in my reading, some undoubtedly worse than this one, and yet in this book the magic is hitting all my “Nope, do not want” buttons. :/
    Lynn E. O’Connacht recently posted…Full Fathom Five Readalong Week 2My Profile

    • She’s so great!

      Hehe yeah normally I’m all for wanting to get to use magic from fantasy worlds, but this one I think I’d be very much happy to be boring ;-)

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