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Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff Audiobook {4.5 Stars}

Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff Audiobook {4.5 Stars}

Gemina by Amie Kaufman, Jay Kristoff
Narrated by Carla Corvo, full cast, P.J. Ochlan, Steve West
(The Illuminae Files #2)
Published by Random House, Random House Audio on Oct. 18th, 2016
Genres: Sci-fi, YA
Page Length: 608 pages
Audio Length: 12 hrs and 34 mins
How I got my copy: Publisher
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Moving to a space station at the edge of the galaxy was always going to be the death of Hanna’s social life. Nobody said it might actually get her killed.

The sci-fi saga that began with the breakout bestseller Illuminae continues on board the Jump Station Heimdall, where two new characters will confront the next wave of the BeiTech assault.

Hanna is the station captain’s pampered daughter; Nik the reluctant member of a notorious crime family. But while the pair are struggling with the realities of life aboard the galaxy's most boring space station, little do they know that Kady Grant and the Hypatia are headed right toward Heimdall, carrying news of the Kerenza invasion.

When an elite BeiTech strike team invades the station, Hanna and Nik are thrown together to defend their home. But alien predators are picking off the station residents one by one, and a malfunction in the station's wormhole means the space-time continuum might be ripped in two before dinner. Soon Hanna and Nik aren’t just fighting for their own survival; the fate of everyone on the Hypatia—and possibly the known universe—is in their hands.

But relax. They've totally got this. They hope.

Once again told through a compelling dossier of emails, IMs, classified files, transcripts, and schematics, Gemina raises the stakes of the Illuminae Files, hurling readers into an enthralling new story that will leave them breathless.

4.5 Stars

Note: I received an advanced copy of Gemina from the publisher. Some things may have changed in the final version.

This is another bares-bones, just-my-notes book chat since I read Gemina back in November and can’t remember much beyond the notes I wrote then!

Also, it’s my birthday :D! I’m 27, whaaaaaaaat???


  • Unique and captivating sci-fi story. I wasn’t all that interested in the plot of the first book since it seemed very over done in adult sci-fi. I’m very happy to say that Gemina did not suffer the same problem!
  • Super creepy alien creatures. Seriously, so so so creepy and they can climb in the vents so they could be anywhere!
  • Romance I could dig with physical interactions to build it. In the first book, the romantic interactions were mostly via chat and it just didn’t work for me. I was much more attached to and convinced by this romance since there was actual physical interaction. A soft touch on the shoulder is important to me!
  • Plot twists I didn’t see coming. Seriously, whoa.
  • Audio effects! I listened to Gemina on audiobook because I was REALLY curious how they would recreate the amazing artistic effects of the text version. They did a great job with a lot of sound effects.
  • Narration was solid. It was full-cast narration because there are a lot of characters and the sexy male British narrator was definitely my favorite, whew!


  • Didn’t love the ending, character deaths handled in a way that annoys me greatly. I haaaaaate the coming back when you thought they were dead trope. Hate it. Not telling you who it applies to or when!
  • Feel like I’m missing some visual effects still and some things were hard to follow. I almost would have loved to page through a physical copy while listening to get the full immersive effect!

Also holy cow, this has a 4.61 on Goodreads??? I’ve never seen that for something with so many ratings, wow!

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings

Have you read this one? What did you think? Are you excited for it if you haven’t gotten to it yet?
– Anya


 Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

© 2017, Anya. All rights reserved.


  1. I love sci-fi, and I love the British accent =>> This sounds like a must-have to me!
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  2. I LOVED Gemina!! So many twists and crazy plot lines. I did read the physical copy and now I want to listen to the audiobooks for the series because, like you, I’m super interested in seeing how they do the effects and big cast and music and stuff.
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  3. I loved this even more than the first book.
    Laura Thomas recently posted…The Kid’s Korner #4 ~ Jolly Jingrel Christmas and A Bear Of A ChristmasMy Profile

  4. I loved this too, and you’re the first reviewer I’ve seen mention the “dead/not dead” trope! Ha ha I hate that too. BUT I can’t wait for book 3:-)
    Tammy @Books, Bones & Buffy recently posted…Waiting on Wednesday [237] – A MAN OF SHADOWS by Jeff NoonMy Profile

  5. I need to get on this series! I haven’t read it yet but I own it. But this is encouraging and will kick me into action.

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