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GenCon Authors of Awesome!

GenCon Authors!

I’ll let you in on a secret: I’m a little obsessed with books. I went to GenCon last weekend and instead of walking around and demoing games, I ended up in the Author’s Alley. Oops. I think I also ended up boring my walking around partner because I spent too much time talking to awesome GenCon authors. But, I met some really nice authors, got some books, and must tell you about the books and people I saw! Now, I unfortunately didn’t get to meet all the GenCon authors that were there, but here are the ones I did and their books.

GenCon Author: Tammy Blackwell
Book: Destiny Binds (Timberwolves #1)

Tammy Blackwell is the author of the Timberwolves series, the first of which is Destiny Binds. I have a review coming later in the week for this awesome book.



GenCon Author: J. T. Hartke

Book: A Balance Broken (The Dragonsoul Saga #1)

Many of the GenCon authors are indie authors, but J. T. Hartke was lucky enough to get a whole GenCon double punch going and is not an indie author. His gooooooorgeous cover art is also from a GenCon artist, yey! And omg it’s soooo pretty! This is totally on my wishlist.


 GenCon Author: L. Douglas Rudder, Jr.
Book: Tolkien: Roncevaux, Ethandune, and Middle-Earth

Have a bookish friend who has everything? I bet they don’t have this! Rudder turned a thesis into a book, and that is what you can do with a doctorate in English.
As I said above, there are definitely authors that I missed since I didn’t find time to go back into the exhibit hall, so if anyone else was at GenCon (and we didn’t meet up D:) and met some awesome GenCon authors, let me know!


GenCon Author: Gary Vanucci
Book: Wothlondia Rising: The Anthology (Beginnings #1)

Gary was another awesome GenCon author that I got to stand and chat with for a bit and he’s so nice! His books look to be a wonderful combination of gaming plots turned into epic stories and would be perfect for any tabletop gamer or lover of new worlds full of adventurers.


Little Guardians Fantasy Webcomic – Finally, I met the artist of Little Guardians, which looks like a gorgeous webcomic. If you like fantasy adventure webcomics, go there now!

Aren’t conventions fun to meet people at :D. Any of these books on your to-read list?

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-AAnya from About The Story

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  1. you picked up some great finds! and aren’t Cons the best?

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