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General Review Policy

I am accepting sci-fi and fantasy books for review consideration currently (any sci-fi or fantasy subgenre is great). This includes age ranges from middle grade to YA to adult (but no erotica). I love short fiction as well, so all length stories are welcome.

  • To give you an idea of whether your book will be a good fit for my reading preferences and blog followers:
    • I am generally not interested in books with a focus on romance, including paranormal romance. I enjoy a plot that is focused on other things and happens to have a romance aspect, but not if the romance is the central focus. I am also not generally a fan of love triangles.
    • I’m not interested in primarily thrillers, contemporaries, historicals, or mysteries. All my review books need to have a significant speculative element, either through fantastical elements or futuristic/sci-fi elements. I find reading about purely our world boring, and so always look for books that have something that doesn’t actually exist in our world.
    • I am a complete wuss and will not read horror. I can handle some Lovecraftian elements, but I can’t even handle watching Supernatural alone and will DNF a book instantly if I get too scared! *hides with blankey*
    • I gravitate towards female main characters and really need at least some strong female secondary characters to be happy.
    • I crave unique and interesting perspectives, and so am actively seeking stories from marginalized voices. LGBT character? Non-white main character? Non-western setting? Main character with a disability? Sign me up and please highlight that in your email!
  • I am accepting review requests for independently published books under very particular conditions. I am going to be very picky when it comes to accepting indie books and you better have gotten a copyeditor. However, it has become clear to me that traditional publishing is not great at telling stories about marginalized voices, so I’m going to fight in the small way I can. If you are indie published and your story features marginalized perspectives, please reach out to me and make sure that is clear (as long as it is still speculative fiction of course).
  • I prefer to do guest posts for blog tours. I’m happy to also receive the book for review consideration without a specific review date. If you wish for a specific date, I am happy to schedule a Just Hatched post.
  • I generally do not participate in cover reveals, book spotlights, or any other promotional posts if I haven’t read the specific book or other work by that author. Please only email me regarding that type of promotion if I have reviewed your books previously and given one 3+ stars.
  • I can accept Mobi, physical books, or audiobooks (CD or digital). If you want me to review a new book in a series, please check my review archive to see if I’ve read the previous books. If it is a long series and I haven’t read the previous books, I probably won’t have time to catch up. If there are only a few previous books or I’ve read some of them, I might be able to catch up and please consider sending the previous books as well so that I don’t have to wait on library holds. If it is a series where I can jump in midstream, I’m happy to do that.
  • Please let me know  when you would like me to publish a review for an ARC if any time a month before publication date or after publication date won’t work.
  •  I don’t give DNF (Did Not Finish) notifications, though I do write DNF posts explaining what irked me and what I still found good about the book, in the hopes that my readers will be able to decide for themselves if the book is for them.

If you are interested in sending me a book, just drop me a line at anya(at)onstarshipsanddragonwings(dot)com with the subject line “Standard Review Request: Book Title” and I’ll email you back if I’m interested. I will IGNORE emails without this subject line.

Please do not email me multiple times. I am very good at responding to email so if I don’t respond, it is because I’m not currently interested in accepting your book. I might just be overwhelmed with books at the moment though so feel free to try again with your next book.