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How to get DRM-protected books on the Kobo Arc 7

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How to get your NetGalley and Edelweiss books on the Kobo Arc 7

In an effort to maybe save someone some tears and threats to customer service (of returning my device, not like violent threats or anything!) I must post a quick guide to how to get your DRM-protected review books on the Kobo Arc 7.

I specifically got this device in order to read books from MacMillan because they don’t like Kindle, so I was unbelievably angry when I wasn’t able to get books to open by following NetGalley’s guide, ADE’s guide, or talking to Kobo customer service. Fortunately I found this post on getting books onto the Kobo Vox and was able to finagle their tips into a solution for Kobo’s Arc 7.

  1. Download Aldiko through Google Play store on your Kobo Arc 7.
  2. Go to NetGalley or Edelweiss in your browser (on the Arc) and go to the book’s page to click Download. This will download the .acsm file to your device, but you can’t open it!
  3. To open the file, go to Aldiko, make sure to authorize Aldiko with Adobe by going to About, then go to Files->Download.
  4. There you should find your downloaded file, click the checkbox, click Import in upper right corner. Ta-da! You might have to wait a bit for it to import, but it does actually open the book, yay.

Sometimes Aldiko just stops working, but on the second try I can usually get it to download. Thrilled that this is what I have to do to read these books….

Anyone else have a Kobo Arc 7? If you are having troubles, just leave a comment and I’ll try to figure out how to help.

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings -Anya

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  1. I haven’t personally tried this app, but I know Bluefire Reader ( can also be authorized for DRM-protected books.

    • So I tried it, I authorized my account and everything, but every time I tried to open the file in Bluefire it said it just couldn’t be opened D:

  2. I have a Kobo Glo and I had the same troubles. I use Adobe Digital Editions on my computer. I download the epubs from Netgalley and then I drag the files to that program. When I open the map from Adobe I have epubs I can open on my Kobo :)
    Mel@thedailyprophecy recently posted…Review 216. Aimee Carter – Pawn.My Profile

    • Nice! Apparently the Arc isn’t compatible with ADE the way that the Glo is according to customer service since the Arc is an Android platform?? It’s all a bit crazy in my opinion, sigh.

      • Helen Powell says:

        Hi. Looks like I have fallen into the same trap as many in assuming that I could access public library books on my new Kobo Arc 7HD in the same way as with my Kobo Glo ie via ADE.
        I have looked at comments re Kobo VOX but please do you have any specific advice on how I might be able to do this on the Arc 7HD? I’m not very techie so it is all a bit of a mine field to me…..

        • Unfortunately I ended up returning my Kobo Arc since I just didn’t like it, so this was the only thing that I figured out how to do :-/

  3. So you went with the Kobo, huh? Interesting. I’ve never used one, but they say they’re designed with hardcore readers in mind. How are you liking yours so far? I mean, besides the trouble getting DRM formats to show.

    I’d have hoped by now the book industry would settle on one main file format that everyone supported. I have a Nook, but I mainly use it for public domain classics. (Found out after the fact, I tend to prefer physical books if given a choice.) Maybe one of these days I’ll break down and buy a phone or tablet and download all the apps for all the different booksellers, but too much screen time kills my eyes. Do you ever have that problem?

    Oh, and congratulations on overcoming the DRM bug! :)

    • Yes, in part, haha. I’m still asking for a Paperwhite for the holidays since I like having a dedicated reader with a backlight. I like it fine besides the file problems, haha! I haven’t honestly used it that much yet since I’ve been working through library books, but I will this week. Perhaps I’ll do a review of it after a week or two?

      Right?? Really it’s Amazon’s fault for deciding they want a proprietary format. I like my Kindle with e-Ink because of the screen eyes problem. I haven’t had any trouble reading my Kindle Touch since it’s so similar to reading a book page. I’m worried about the tablet’s screen, so we’ll have to see.

      Thanks! I feel quite accomplished, haha


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