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Let’s Talk About Commenting

I feel like I’ve REALLY sucked at commenting lately, both getting myself to respond to comments here and remembering to comment back and comment on new blogs. There is a fair amount of thought that commenting on other blogs is a good way to build up reliable and steady traffic to your blog, with the catch that you have to keep up with it otherwise others will forget about you. I’m not sure how much I agree with this school of thought, but I definitely think that commenting builds a wonderful community around your own blog and in the broader sense.

How I Comment

I really like reading other blogs, however I just can’t force myself to comment on a schedule. Instead, I just try to scan through the blogs I subscribe to and comment on posts that spark my interest. I keep meaning to start commenting on as many Sci-fi and Fantasy Friday links as I can, but every week the weekend comes and goes and I don’t do it. Responding to comments here is a high priority for me, so that happens about once a week (though I’m trying to do it more frequently!) and then I’m worn out and can’t think much more.

In the last month, though, I’ve really prioritized commenting back and that is currently my main focus when it comes to commenting efforts. However, there are times when I just can’t find anything to meaningfully comment on for a blog and am left leaving without having commented, which makes me pretty darn sad. Therefore:

Increasing Your Chances I Comment Back

  1. When I’m responding to comments here, I try to open the link to every blog that has left a comment. If you haven’t included your blog link when submitting a comment, there is really no way that I’ll remember your blog name well enough to go open it without a link. Please include a link if you’d like to stay in touch!
  2. That being said, there is such a thing as including too many links. When a commenter has included a link to their meme post as well as something else, as well as signing with their blog name linked AS WELL AS including the link in the link field, I just feel way too pressured to click through and respond back. I really don’t like feeling like the only reason you commented was to get me to comment back :(.
  3. Sometimes it just doesn’t matter as much what you do as how I feel when I’m trying to get caught up on comments. If I don’t respond to your comment or don’t comment back once, I’m really sorry and it really isn’t you. I just get so darn tired, ya know?
  4. Take advantage of CommentLuv! I purposely allow everybody to choose which of the last ten posts you want to be featured so that you can choose whatever you think will interest me and the other commenters most. Wrote a great discussion post a few days ago? What about a review of a book you think I’d really like to discuss? Choose that instead of the meme or unrelated review you posted today. It makes it much easier for me to find a post to comment back on, which is a win for everyone ;-). Perhaps also try to time your commenting sprees for days you have something exciting to share for those blogs that only allow the most recent post to be chosen?
  5. Blog design really does still matter for commenting. If I can barely read the post titles and text because of horrible color clashing or swirly font, I don’t feel bad about leaving without commenting :-/. I’ve got old and strained eyes and so do most readers; don’t make it hard for people to read your content!
  6. Ask questions at the end of your posts. If you’ve written a discussion that I really am interested in, I might skim parts, but I do want to talk with you about it. If you ask me a question at the end of the post, then I feel like I can easily comment answering that question even if I didn’t read the entire post word-for-word ;-). It really does help when your readers don’t feel like they have to say something deep to warrant commenting.
  7. If you blog about things that aren’t related to my interests, I’ll have a really darn hard time commenting back. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t comment on blogs that aren’t related to yours, but just please don’t get angry if they then don’t comment back (does anyone actually get angry about this? I don’t know! D:). This is where weekly life update type posts help a lot though, since I do care about how your week went even if you mostly blog about makeup (since I don’t wear makeup ;-) ). I’m happy commenting about how exciting it is that your kid did something cool or that I agree about autumn being fun.

Whew, I feel like I’ve gotten some weight off my chest admitting my commenting troubles to you! The truth is that when I’m sitting at my computer, I’m generally feeling a bit asocial. Therefore, commenting takes effort since it is pretty darn social. I hope that you can empathize with that feeling a bit since we’re all pretty bookish people, ha.

So tell me, do you feel the same frustration with commenting at times? What are your strategies for leaving quality comments even when life is wearing you out? Do you like commenting or is it effort for you?

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  1. Charlotte says:

    I sometimes feel like I’m forcing a comment because I feel like I need to leave one even if I have nothing to say. I definitely think having questions to make your posts more interactive is important. I dislike comments for the sake of it. I try to make sure I always reply to comments on my blog though, even if I don’t always make it over to the persons blog to write on theirs!

    • I definitely agree! I find it a lot easier to respond to comments on my blog generally anyway, so it’s nice that most people seem to want to see that more than anything ;-)

  2. Thanks for reminding me to try to stay on top of commenting. I’m wondering though how do you get commentluv option on your blog? Is is only for certain website hosts?
    Fida recently posted…OctPoWriMo Day 27My Profile

    • It is a self-hosted wordpress plugin so like all the awesome plugins, it is unfortunately only once you move to self-hosted wordpress :-/ But you can still take advantage of other people having it!

  3. I completely understand. I WANT to comment…but life. Yeah, that about sums that up. I have a giant backlog of blog posts sitting in my email right now, and while I want to comment on everything and seek out new blogs to comment on, there just isn’t the time/sanity. ;) I tend to respond to comments on my blog ASAP (so I don’t forget later), but reading other blogs takes time, so my method at this point is to sit down once or twice a week and go through a bunch of posts in one sitting.
    Kel @ Booked til Tuesday recently posted…Updates: Productivity and ProcrastinationMy Profile

    • LIFE! Gah! ;-) I also go through a bunch of posts in lumps, though I do it a few times a week and still end up just skimming over lots of stuff >.>

  4. Responding to comments is way more important to me than a blogger visiting my blog to comment. I know lots of people who would rather get that comment back, but for me, I’m not commenting to get visitors, I’m commenting to be a part of a conversation. I like to know that my comment is being read, and the best way to do that is to respond, even if it’s just something simple like “Thanks for stopping by!” (since I know not every comment lends itself to a response, just like every blog post doesn’t lend itself to getting comments).

    I have to admit, it is something I can get a little judgey about. I know everyone has different priorities, but if responding to comments isn’t one of them, then that’s probably not a blog I’m going to want to spend time on. I don’t mind when not every comment gets a reply, but when none of them do, that’s a red flag for me. Nothing personal, we’re just not compatible bloggers.

    Speaking of which, like you said, a lot of times I get comments from bloggers whose blogs I’m just not interested in. I’m not going to fake it, and I wouldn’t want anyone else to either. Much easier to keep an existing conversation going than to try to start a new one.
    Charleen recently posted…Fright Fest Week 2My Profile

    • Awesome to hear! How soon do you want to see a response, or do you just want to see one eventually?

      I hear you about a complete lack of responses. There are a couple of big blogs that I can think of that I’ve never seen any responses to comments on and it just makes me a little sad and feels like they’re too good for us lowly bloggers or something :(

      • I usually check back after about a week, and if there’s no response yet then I figure there won’t be one. There are some blogs I read despite the lack of interaction, so it’s not always a deal breaker. But the content would have to really grab me for me to want to stick around.
        Charleen recently posted…Review: Peter Pan Must DieMy Profile

        • A week definitely seems like a reasonable time span to wait, though there have been crazy months where I haven’t been able to get back to responding for more than that and always feel so bad D:

          I definitely will read lots of blogs even if they don’t respond to comments, but I’m much less inclined to actually bother to comment ya know?

  5. I agree that commenting is a great way to build a community aroudn your blog. I also found that once I started commenting more on other blogs, more bloggers came to my blog as well.

    I usually reply on a comment on my blog as soon as I see it, I have a plugin that sends me an e-mail for every new comment, so usually when I see that e-mail I go to the post ad reply. I try to do blog commenting every day or once every two days. I like blog commenting, although it can be hard to fidn somethign to say sometimes. It also really depends on my mood how easy it is to comment.

    There are some of my favourite blogs were commenting is easy, but on other blogs it can be struggle sometimes. And indeed asking questions in a post and having a ncie blog design can make me more likely to leave a comment aws well.
    Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #95My Profile

    • Commenting around definitely helps people know that your blog exists!

      I get those emails when there are new comments here as well, but since I’m normally at work when I get them, I delete them and figure I’ll get to it in the evening, then forget >.> I’ve been better the last couple of weeks though :D

  6. I have really let my own commenting really die off during this time.

    I liked that you included a question for a discussion post. I am going to have to incorporate that into my discussion posts. I use to do it with TTT, but I’ve become so lazy.

    • But look, you’re commenting now :D

      Thanks! I’ve gotten so used to including questions at the end of my posts that things feel kind of incomplete if I don’t have something there to end things with, the benefit of getting into the habit ;-)

  7. There is some great advice here! I agree, commenting can be a great way to build community, but it’s so hard if you feel like you haven’t got anything to say. Sometimes I feel like I make more friends by commenting on other peoples blogs rather than replying to comments on my own. But I think that’s just because I get to know them getter by reading blog posts than just the comments they leave (which are obviously shorter).
    Annie recently posted…Tattered Heart pronunciation guideMy Profile

    • Thanks! I definitely love the conversations that get started when I comment on other people’s posts, especially when they have a reply notification method so that I can know when they respond, haha!

  8. I’m just here to laugh because I was taking forever to reply to the comments on my post last week, and lo and behold, your comment was linked out to this. :)

    Smart topic! I pretty much agree with everything you said! Especially about the blog appearance. There is one blog in particular that I’ve ran into where it looks good on some screens, but on my other devices the font is so light that I can’t read anything. So clearly I don’t make the effort to comment on it (mostly because I can’t see what I’ve typed). Just bump up your font color! Grr.
    Anne @ Lovely Literature recently posted…Movie review: Gone GirlMy Profile

    • Haha, I totally didn’t mean to pressure you! ;-)

      Urgh, yeah that would drive me nuts. I really hate trying to read and comment on blogs on my phone, but I want to at least be able to tell if I’m interested in the post D:

  9. First of all, I feel like it says a lot that this post has a TON of comments. People like discussion!! Personally I really like commenting on other people’s blogs, because I think that’s the most concrete way you can let someone know that you read their blog, like their content, and appreciate their effort. It can definitely get draining if you follow a lot of blogs (I’ve cut back on the number of blogs I follow lately) so I try to go through and comment two or three times a week so the number of posts doesn’t become too unmanageable. And I agree, sometimes you just don’t have anything to say!
    Danya @ Fine Print recently posted…Review: Discount Armageddon by Seanan McGuireMy Profile

    • Hehe, excellent point! I definitely agree, I want people to know that I’m there and not just a lurker. I suppose that I should just accept that I’m not quite social enough to do three times a week, but I’ll aim for once a week at least ;-)

  10. When I started blogging, I used to spend so much time reading and commenting on blogs, but then life got busy and work got stressful and I didn’t have as much time as I used to. These days I have lists on Bloglovin where I’ve added separate lists for some of my favorites and broken them down by genre. If I get too stressed, I “Mark All As Read” and start over. I also try to time some of my blog reading for right after I’ve gotten paid, because I tend to impulse-buy books that look really good. :P
    Grace recently posted…New Acquisitions: 10/6/14My Profile

  11. This is great actually! Yes, there’s only so much time to respond to and return comments. I try to return every comment, but often times life gets in the way. I also struggle sometimes to find a post interesting to me that I have something to add in a comment if a blog doesn’t do any kind of non-review, tour, or meme post especially. I love posts like these because there’s always something to say :)
    Julie S. recently posted…Chat Between Chapters: Banned BooksMy Profile

    • Exactly, it’s those non-review, tour, or meme ones that are the easiest to actually respond to, though I can usual figure out something to say for meme posts as well as long as the blogger actually wrote something instead of just throwing up a book cover, haha

  12. I don’t know how you do it, honestly. This is why I don’t have my own blog, I’m way too lazy to comment back to everyone. Especially when you’re so popular. So completely understandable if you can’t go to 50+ blogs and comment each and every one of them.
    Kat Stark @ NotYetRead recently posted…Books and Body Exercise: Can they really coexist?My Profile

    • Haha, I don’t do much else in the evenings and weekends ;-). Things will definitely change when I’m moved in with the fiancee and starting on the family thing I’m sure :-P

  13. I procrastinate commenting all the time. I keep trying to tell myself that commenting would be easier for me if I just did a little bit of commenting each day, but I’m usually not in the mood for it. They usually end up stacking up and then I have to tackle them all at once :P I’m trying to get better at it too but I don’t think I’ll ever reach the level that some people are at :/
    Stephanie@ThesePaperHearts recently posted…Review: The Perilous SeaMy Profile

    • Haha EXACTLY! I’ve had times when I got completely overwhelmed for weeks and ended up needing to do a month’s worth >.> that took pretty much all day one weekend! You do what you can though, right? If you make yourself hate blogging, then you’ll burn out anyway D:

  14. great post! I really try to comment on blogs that take the time to read and respond to my posts, but it’s hard when their blogs are different than mine. I don’t want to leave meaningless comments, so I’ll leave without. Another thing I’m horrible about is checking blogs on a mobile device and don’t feel like typing a response on my phone and then forgetting to go back and comment when I have a keyboard. And some weeks I barely have time to keep up with my own blog :(
    Lisa (@TenaciousReader) recently posted…The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Claire NorthMy Profile

    • Omg yes that exactly! Sometimes I even wonder how they found me in the first place, ha, though I guess not everyone has as specific interests as I do ;-).

      I hate when I even try to comment on my phone, but I can’t get whatever sign in system they have to let me login D:

      I feel like on those busy weeks, it’s totally fine to give yourself a break ;-). I definitely know that sometimes it seems like there isn’t any other kind of week though haha

  15. Commenting is something I REALLY need to work on. I do better with memes–commenting myself and commenting back–but I have not been doing that much lately. I think part of the problem is that I’m just not very good at commenting in general. And because I don’t do much commenting myself, I don’t get many comments myself on my blog. And I love getting comments, especially when it’s not on a weekly meme, because that typically means someone took the effort to come to my blog, read something, and tell me about it. Now that I’m in school this is going to be harder, but it’s definitely something that I want to work on. And I like what you said about leaving a link back; I don’t always do that because I feel like I’m saying, “HEY, COME COMMENT ON MY BLOG.” Good to know it may not always seems that way. Thanks for the info! It’s really helpful!
    Rachel Patrick recently posted…Blog Tour: Made for You by Melissa MarrMy Profile

    • I do like that memes have a common topic, so if I’ve done the same one, I’ve already been thinking about it, so I can comment on that and chat about it easily with commenters.

      You’re very welcome, I’m glad it was helpful :D. Yeah, including your site in the URL field is totally fine and not pushy at all, no worries ;-)

  16. I’ve been doing this book blog thing for about five years, and I still haven’t figured out the best way to comment/get comments! I try to include a question in meme posts, hoping that’ll get some conversation going. And I do try to return a commenter’s visit; it’s only polite to do so!
    La Coccinelle recently posted…Weekly Recap – September 28-October 4, 2014My Profile

  17. These are very good points! I’ve been awful at commenting for the past month (and at writing posts). I don’t have a schedule for commenting either. Basically, I comment when I have a few free minutes and that can mean reading a whole week worth of posts on the weekend sometimes. What I generally do is commenting first on the posts where I can easily find something to say. That way, I feel that I’ve accomplished something and have more energy to deal with the more difficult posts. If I can’t find anything to say other than “It’s great that you liked the book”, I don’t say anything at all. I don’t mind getting this kind of comments, but I know that some people don’t like them.
    Hellen recently posted…Review/Reseña – Engines of War – George MannMy Profile

    • I definitely find myself catching up with my reader on the weekends and skimming through the post titles for ones that I think I can actually comment on, ha. Sometimes I’m looking on my phone though and so can’t comment easily right away and then lose motivation by the time I’m home on the computer D:

  18. Great post, Anya! I really do enjoy hearing why other bloggers choose to comment or not. For me, it’s if I have something relevant to add to the discussion, or I really like what they had to say, or they reviewed a book I was curious about. I’m pretty bad about commenting on most meme posts (particularly Waiting on Wednesday and TTTs).
    Emma recently posted…When Life Plans ChangeMy Profile

    • Thanks :D It’s funny, I’ve been finding it easier to comment on TTT posts lately since I can generally say something about the topic, even if I haven’t read any of the books the blogger features, but yeah, WoW just doesn’t work for very meaningful comments usually D:

  19. I think it is fine that people do blogging in their own ways. Some are commenters and others are not. The only thing I remind people is if they are not commenters to keep their expectations in check because your traffic will ebb and flow. It is kind of like if your friends are constantly having to come to you have dinner together eventually that gets old and will end up being less occasional than in the beginning. I don’t care about my traffic so that never matters to me. I have a set schedule on when I am on blog duty and when I am not. (not counting social media because that is to my fancy). Part of my blog duty time is commenting but that is because I actually enjoy it. I am not that social in real life so commenting is my chance to be social. I do have as a rule skip book blasts and “look-a-like” posts because I don’t really have much to say on them. Also YA and NA reviews will mostly have me skipping commenting unless I really can see buying it as a gift or giving it a whirl myself. :)

    • Oh definitely! It just pains me sometimes when I see people on twitter wondering why they don’t get more comments and I don’t feel like I know them well enough to tell them how hard it is to read their blog or something D:

      Commenting definitely helps traffic stay higher, which is why I think I want to keep getting better at leaving lots of good comments, haha. I’m such a “when I want to feel productive I do bloggy stuff” person >.>. I try to do a bit each night but it just really depends on my mood since I do this mostly to give my brain a break from grad school ;-)

  20. Ugh, I know your feels re: not having anything meaningful to say in a comment. It’s really upsetting because I really do want to comment but I don’t just want to endlessly repeat variations of “nice post”. That’s boring and doesn’t create any real interaction. Ahhh why must commenting be so hard, I just want to glomp people and tell them they’re awesome! (But then I also don’t do that because I am trying very hard not to act like the creep that I am.)
    Isa recently posted…Pick-For-Me • OctoberMy Profile

    • That’s it exactly! Though I really think most of us would be fine with you posting “I love this post and just want to hug you because you’re awesome” ;-) That would honestly make my day!

  21. Great post Anya :) This is something I think about quite often too. Every now and then I try to set aside some time for commenting on other blogs. I don’t make a schedule per se, but I sometimes write out a list of favourite and notable blogs with the intention of leaving at least one comment a month. But I want to leave meaningful comments (not just “great post!”), so I focus on posts that really interest me. I don’t expect anyone to comment back just because I left a comment, but it is appreciated. And if people regularly comment on my blog I’m more likely to check out theirs. However, there are some blogs that I visit/comment on occasionally to build a sense of community rather than because the content interests me. If those bloggers never respond or comment on my blog, I stop bothering.
    Lauren (Violin in a Void) recently posted…War Stories edited by Andrew Liptak and Jaym GatesMy Profile

    • I like that! I would worry that I’d forget a friend’s blog because my memory is the worst, but that’s what my feed reader is for I guess :D

      There are definitely a number of blogs that I mostly visit because they comment here and so I click through to chat with them. I should really just subscribe to them all at this point, but as long as we keep commenting back and forth, that works too, haha.

  22. Ugh, YES. I agree with everything in this post. You give some really good tips, too, on giving things to comment *on.* Sometimes it’s really hard to find anything to comment on, and I hate just saying “good review!”

    I have been absolute **** at commenting lately, and I’m only starting to get back into it. I just wasn’t feeling social for months, and I still don’t feel very social. But I do feel bad that I’m not commenting at least a little bit, because I miss interaction with other bloggers. But sometimes, Twitter/IG is so much easier.

    Also, sometimes it’s a real PITA to comment. I hate captchas (so hard to read them on blogger), and blogs I have to use my Twitter sign in because that’s easiest to log in.

    Great post :P
    Leeanna @ recently posted…Book Review: The Thickety: A Path Begins by J.A. WhiteMy Profile

    • Yey! Exactly, I really do love commenting and talking with people, but if I know nothing about anything they blog about, I feel a bit lost D:

      I hear ya, when I was traveling over the summer and everything, I just had absolutely no motivation to comment since I was already super over socialized with airports, planes, hotels, etc, ugh. Twitter is great for chit chat, I just get annoyed with 140 characters sometimes too ;-)

      I’m glad that I have an old account that I stay logged into and that kind of eventually links back to this blog since I never realized how much of a pain commenting is!

  23. Yay! I made the short list =)
    Nathan (@reviewbarn) recently posted…Rebuilding the Blog: My Plugin ListMy Profile

  24. My biggest mistake is forgetting to check the notify button. I remember commenting. I know I asked/answered a question. But for the life of me I can’t remember where I left the comment.

    Bless you for having yours checked by default :>)
    Mulluane recently posted…Create Your Own Fantasy Being For The Epic Fantasy Theme Park! | Fun Friday #25My Profile

  25. Once I get to know the people I like commenting on their posts, but it’s hard making those first few comments, because I’m really shy and I always worry I sound stupid. If someone never comments on my posts then I usually don’t visit their blog as often, because it’s not as fun if it only goes one way. Nice post. :) I’ve been thinking about this for some time.
    Molly Mortensen recently posted…What Kind of Books Do I Like to Read?My Profile

    • Definitely a great point! I love it when someone has commented back and forth with me enough that I feel like we’ve moved from strangers on the internet to at least acquaintances ;-)

  26. I can absolutely relate to this. I love comments, but in all truth it’s hard for me to do it, because most of the time I feel like I don’t have something meaningful to say. I’ve been doing the effort lately, because I do want to connect with the community out there, but it definitely requires some practice I think. I still only comment on posts I feel I have something to share, though, otherwise it’s too hard!
    Valeria @ A Touch of Book Madness recently posted…Bookish Truths: The Dilemma of DNFMy Profile

    • More and more I’m trying to keep in mind that just being authentically friendly and letting a blogger know that you appreciate their effort is meaningful even if you don’t feel like you have a point to add to the discussion. I certainly love comments that are honest about not having much to add but just wanting to tell me they liked what I wrote :)

  27. I definitely browse and comment on a handful of blogs I really enjoy reading, and if I have time I try and comment on some random ones I’m following too. I definitely agree about weird font and colors making it hard to read and comment, and also WordPress makes it really hard to comment if you don’t also have a wordpress account. I mostly use twitter for that, but sometimes I write this big comment and then wordpress eats it because I haven’t signed in. I don’t bother retyping – too much effort :|
    Kritika recently posted…Review: Written in RedMy Profile

    • I’m glad I have a wordpress account then since I only get annoyed dealing with Blogger these days. Ugh yes, there was a blog that kept refreshing just as I had written most of my comment because of weird load times and I lost comments multiple times D:

  28. I am so bad at commenting too. This is literally the first time in months that I’ve sat down to just go through my feed and visit blogs. School just sucks the life out of me, it’s like when I get home I don’t want to do anything. But often I do read blog posts, I just don’t feel like commenting/don’t know what to say.
    RachelMarie recently posted…Books to Movies Giveaway Hop!My Profile

    • Exactly! I’m really lucky if I have the energy to write a review or tweet a bit before collapsing on the couch with a book, haha. Yup, that too, I’ll read posts frequently when I’m just waiting in line or something, but that means that I need to be even more motivated to remember to comment when I’m at my computer! Thanks for stopping by here on your first commenting spree back :D

  29. Commenting can be a frustrating element to blogging for sure! I’m already so busy with real life stuff and then keeping my blog active (oh, and trying to squeeze in reading too lol), that sometimes I just don’t have time to comment. I do try to keep up on it though, and use weekends as my commenting time (I don’t do anything else on my blog during this time). Sometimes I get caught up, other times, not so much :P

    And yeah, sometimes I visit a blog and I just don’t have anything to say, so I slink quietly back out lol. I do feel a bit bad about doing this, but not every post on every blog is going to be something I’m interested in, and that’s ok! Heck, there’s posts that I do on my own blog that afterwards I look back and go, what was I thinking?!? lol.
    Finley Jayne recently posted…{Friday Edition} Sunday Post & Blog Ahead Sign Up Post!My Profile

    • Reading, what is this reading? You mean reading blog comments right?

      Yup, as you can probably see, I catch up on commenting on the weekends as well. Every week I tell myself that I’ll respond to comments throughout the week, but then I don’t :-/ Haha, I’ve also started to not really mind if posts on my blog get fewer comments sometimes since it means a bit less stress for me and sometimes I like writing posts just to get my thoughts down, not necessarily to attract lots of commenters ya know?

  30. This is all great advice! I’m always surprised at how many people don’t take advantage of CommentLuv when they comment on my blog. And I definitely do try to make an effort to go out and comment on other people’s blogs on days when I’ve posted something especially interesting (of course, all of my posts are incredibly interesting ;-)
    Nicole Hewitt recently posted…September Wrap-Up & Best of the BunchMy Profile

    • Thanks :D Yeah, I have to scratch my head at people I know are bloggers but don’t put in their url or pick something interesting. Sometimes I don’t bother putting in my url because I’m just commenting as a friend, but that’s only on the blogs of people I know irl usually, haha.

      Well yes of course, but the MOST interesting of the very interesting posts ;-)

  31. Commenting does take up a lot of time and I never expect a comment back when I leave one. I’ve never liked the “I’ll leave a comment for you if you leave a comment for me” type thing. I only comment if I feel like there is something I want to say, or if I can add something to the conversation. On the other side, I only want comments on my blog from people who want to, not because they need to or just want a comment back for their own blog.
    Kriston Johnson recently posted…The Scandinavian Santa Book Blitz Sign-UpMy Profile

    • Exactly! I don’t want to see nothing but “I had to think of something to say in response” type of comments on my blog, so I hope that bloggers don’t mind when I don’t comment on their contemporary reviews since I would have nothing to say haha

  32. Commenting does take up a decent amount of time, especially since I usually try to comment on everything that interests me. Though truthfully, I never comment back to people that comment on my posts, only because I’m usually the one that comments first! So it would just be a neverending cycle. I just comment on what’s interesting, and that’s that! I don’t care if no one comments back, but it’s still awesome when people do! I’ve made a lot of new friends this way though!

    So yeah, moral of the story: Commenting on posts you like and have something to say is a good way to go. Commenting just because you want a comment back (like those comments that are like “Nice post! Here’s mine!”) make me sad :P
    Valerie recently posted…The Gif TagMy Profile

    • Yeah, I feel awesome when I was the one that started the commenting back and forth thing, though it’s also kind of fun when you keep going back and forth. Sometimes this is how I find new blogs I like since often I’m too scatter brained to subscribe the very first time I come to a blog!

      I get so annoyed with “Here’s mine” comments, gah! It just is very transparent about what their motivations are….

  33. You make several good points here, Anya, especially Reason #3. We shouldn’t take it personally if someone doesn’t respond to our comment or comment on our own blogs. It’s something all bloggers and blog-commenters (sp?) should remember. Reason #7 makes sense, too. Sometimes you just don’t have much to say, even if you like a particular posting. That happens to me, too. Sometimes I try to “like” the article or link it out on Twitter or someone to share it with others if that’s the case. But blogging and responding takes energy, and you already put in a lot of energy for the blog, reading, school, and other things. Just do what you can do, and we’ll keep coming back. :)
    Sara L. recently posted…Recent Reads: “Radiant” by Karina Sumner-SmithMy Profile

    • I really hope no one takes it too personally, but there are times when I over hear conversations that make me worry D:

      Haha, yeah, sometimes I wish there was just a “Like” button on blog posts, though probably most bloggers wouldn’t mind you commenting “I don’t have much to add, but I really enjoyed reading this, thanks for writing it” or something. At least I wouldn’t mind :D

      Awwwwwww *hugs* thanks!

  34. I’ve actually been thinking about writing a post on this very subject, LOL! I am very casual when it comes to commenting. The biggest chore for me is commenting back when I have absolutely nothing to say. Plus many bloggers who leave comments will never know that I commented back. I do try though, but life and work get in the way and sometimes I just don’t do it.

    As far as commenting on other blogs, I mostly comment on blogs I subscribe to, but I don’t comment unless I have something to say. It just feels hollow if I’m commenting for the sake of commenting. And I NEVER keep track of whether or not someone returns the favor and comments back. Do people really do that??
    Tammy @ Books Bones & Buffy recently posted…What’s On My Plate – October 2014My Profile

    • Great minds think alike :D Oh do you mean when you respond to comments on your own blog? Yeah, I always feel a little sad when I ask a question or something in response and they never come back to answer, but I also often comment a week later soooo…. I can’t feel too bad ;-)

      I don’t keep track either but I’ve definitely heard of people referring to this as a thing so I was worried I was missing something ;-). I do sometimes notice though if I comment a bunch at a blog that isn’t super huge and they never stop by EVER but what are you gonna do?

  35. You’ve really hit on something here. Sometimes I really want to comment on a blog and I sit there staring at the comment box not really knowing what to say. I agree with pretty much everything you’ve said. :)
    Erin BookNut recently posted…10 Awesome YA Reads for HalloweenMy Profile

    • Thanks :D Right?? I don’t want to just leave a random comment either, so sometimes it just seems best not to say anything :-/

  36. It’s hard to comment back consistently. But because of that I really don’t mind if people don’t comment back to me either (: I completely agree with all the things you listed – especially on having a hard time finding a post I feel like I have something meaningful to say about.
    Celine recently posted…Epic Recs: October 2014My Profile

    • Whew, I think I’ll feel less guilty if I know that people don’t hate me when I don’t feel like commenting haha


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