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Guest Post: Four Stars Time Mends by Tammy Blackwell

As promised, Stochastic is back for a guest post on Time Mends, the sequel to Destiny Binds that he reviewed for us earlier in the week! Reminder, since this is a review for the second in a series, there are major spoilers for the first book!

Stochastic: Another great first sentence introduces Tammy Blackwell’s Time Mends, the second in the  Timber Wolves series: “Tony Stark over Bruce Wayne, but Batman trumps Iron Man.” I disagree: Bruce Wayne out-of-costume is secretly badass, whereas Stark is just a smartass, and the hi-tech talking weaponized armored rocket suit beats nearly every bat thingy except the Tumbler, which got squished. But I digress. But not much.

Those who’ve read Blackwell’s well-crafted Timber Wolves novel, Destiny Binds, will recall a young-adult urban-fantasy romance, but it is also a prelude and a hook to draw the reader into a far more ambitious and gripping storyline spanning three novels. Time Mends is a very different beast to the first novel. Time Mends is no romance, but rather a harrowing story of conflict in which our protagonist, Scout Donovan, and her closest friends must evolve into true badasses with attitudes. Remarkably, looking back to Destiny Binds we can see early signs of this evolution. And now… well, step aside, Stark and Wayne, this teenage girl may someday take you down.

Time Mends by Tammy Blackwell
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Time Mends (Timber Wolves 2)
Author: Tammy Blackwell
Pages: 190 (Kindle)
Genre-ish: Young-adult urban fantasy
Rating: ★★★– Fast-paced story, maybe too fast
Setting:  Rural American high-school and adjacent small towns and woods, and a hidden culture of Shifters, including werewolves, and of Seers possessed of a variety of psychic talents.
Premise:  Scout Donovan, whose universe was once normal-ish and sans supernatural, is now in recovery from a recent accidental mauling by her werecoyote brother, Jase. She has forgiven neither her brother nor his best friend, cousin, and fellow Shifter, Charlie, for her recent injuries. Nor has she forgiven them for killing her boyfriend, Alex, who turned out to be a werewolf. In the previous Timber Wolves novel, Destiny Binds, nobody close to Scout was what they appeared. In  Time Mends, in a fascinating symmetry, it is Scout who is not whom she appears to be, to her own surprise and consternation, and to that of everyone around her. She and everyone close to her must quickly adapt or be trampled.


  •  The unexpected twists will take you by surprise. Stay on your toes and pay attention. Happily, this will be easy. In fact, you won’t be able to put the book down. I couldn’t. I read Time Mends cover-to-cover in a single marathon session ending at 4 a.m.
  • Blackwell knows how to write action scenes in such a way that the action happens too fast to follow until after the action has ended, and you, the reader, have had a moment to breathe and collect yourself, to back away from the edge of your seat, to mentally review what you witnessed, and to reconstruct events, and then to try but fail to anticipate whatever might happen next. This is a neat trick. Only really good writers can pull it off.
  •  Interspersed among the gripping scenes of Time Mends are moments, many of which are tender, that give you a little time to breathe.


  • The book is too short. Well, no, it isn’t, I just really really need to get the next book in the series. Right now. Sadly, I must wait until the eleventh of September.
  •  As things get worse and worse, Scout and her companions must struggle to rise to meet each new challenge. And things go so badly so quickly that the characters may evolve too much, too fast. Time Mends is almost, but not quite, too fast-paced for its length.

Time Mends is a very good read, gripping, fast-paced, and hard to put down.  Because it ends with a strong cliffhanger, you’ll be anxious for the final installment of the trilogy, Fate Succumbs, whose release date is September 11, 2012 (about a week after the writing of this review; A- But now you can go buy it!!). With the Timber Wolves series, Tammy Blackwell shows herself to be a gifted writer. I can’t wait to see what she’s going to write next.

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Time Mends by Tammy Blackwell

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