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Guide to Getting Approved on Edelweiss

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How to Get Approved on Edelweiss

I’ve had a couple of conversations collecting strategies and a couple conversations hearing that Edelweiss is impossible to get approved on. I figured that it might be helpful if I shared all the things I know of that might help your requests get accepted on Edelweiss (or help you get requesting on Edelweiss if you’re not sure how to use it!). Of course, there are still no guarantees that you’ll get approved since it depends on your blog, your stats, the lunar phase, and the publishers’  promotional goals. However, let’s increase your chances ;-).

Navigating Edelweiss

Let’s get this out of the way: Edelweiss is confusing and SLOOOOOOW. To get to the review copies section, you might need some patience, because each click could take a few seconds to load. Hopefully it’s worth it ;-). Oh, Edelweiss is also impossible to find, so click the link and bookmark it!

Now, when you first open the Edelweiss homepage, you’ll see a bunch of books and catalogue stuff. We’ll get back to this page, there is going to be a use to it, but for now click the Review Copies tab:

Edelweiss Review Copies

Yey, okay now you’re ready to start looking for some books to request. But, OMG, there are so many things to click. D: Honestly, I just check every day or so to see if there was anything added to the center column. However, when you first stop in, you might want to filter through all the random books you aren’t interested in. Let’s break this down:

Edelweiss Review Copies Page

1. This is where you can filter for whatever you want. Just click on the buttons for the thing you want to filter by and then the options will pop up. The numbers are how many books are in each category. You can continue to refine your search with terms and then the terms show up above the circled area with x’s that you can click to remove that filter. This works well enough when you first join and want to check out your favorite publisher or genre, but the genres aren’t perfect, so I do recommend checking all the new additions in the center once you start using Edelweiss more frequently.

2. The information included in the snippet is pretty good, but if you want more information on the book, just click the title.

3. This is how you request! (It’s also on the book page if you clicked the title.) This will pop up a request window with two parts. We’ll get back to what you might put in the request boxes in the later sections.

4. Finally, once you have submitted requests, these tabs are where you’ll find all the books that you can currently download (including auto-approvals!) and all requests you’ve ever made (and the responses to your requests).

All right, set with how to move around on Edelweiss? Now how do you get approved, right??

What to include in the book request fields

Once you click that blue request button, you have lots of decisions to make. This is the biggest difference between NetGalley and Edelweiss, in my opinion, when it comes to requesting books. Instead of just clicking a button and being done, you have to give a reason why you want to review the book and you have a chance to change your general information. Let’s start with what to put in your general information box.

General Request Information

1. Short intro (sentence or two) including your blog name, your name, your blog address and your blog’s general purpose. For example, I say that I run On Starships and Dragonwings, which is a sci-fi and fantasy focused book review blog.

2. Stats. Despite the fact that they aren’t the be-all and end-all of whether you get improved, publishers do want to see your statistics and the more you provide, generally the better. I can imagine you could go overboard, but I’ve found that more information is helpful. This is what you should definitely include:

  • Number of Unique visitors, visits, and pageviews for the last month (found using Google Analytics)
  • Total number of followers and then a breakdown of followers using different methods: “We have x blog followers (x email subscribers, x RSS subscribers, x BlogLovin’ subscribers, etc)”
  • Followers on other platforms: “x Facebook Likes, x Goodreads followers, x Twitter followers”
  • Total followers across all platforms: add all those previous numbers and date when you last updated these numbers
  • Average number of comments per week (I completely estimate this >.>)
  • Amazon reviewer rank if you review on Amazon

3. Links to all your profiles, including Goodreads, Facebook, and Twitter (if you’re on them)

4. Optional: Mailing address; I have no idea if this is useful, but I figure it can be helpful to get my mailing address onto publisher lists for those awesome surprise packages :D

Bam, there is your general section. This is saved and included in every request, so it might take a while, but it’s worth it! I’ve read that you should update your stats every month, which is what I aim for.

Specific Request Information

Now what about that specific for this request field?? Honesty time: it doesn’t seem like anyone knows. I know a lot of bloggers who get approved without putting much at all beyond “I’m excited for this one!” but perhaps this box will put you over the edge if you’re close. Here are my recommendations:

  • Is it a sequel? Have you read/reviewed/loved the previous book(s)? Include a link to those reviews or talk about why you liked them.
  • Have you reviewed other similar books FROM THIS PUBLISHER? Include links to those reviews, but make sure it’s from the same publisher.
  • What it is about the synopsis that made you want to request the book. Haven’t read the synopsis? Probably should do that ;-)
  • Whatever else is making you excited to read the book as long as it’s something more than free book ;-)

Get an extra edge

Here are the hidden secrets! These are mostly the tips I gleaned from conversations with bloggy friends from Scott Reads It, My Friends are Fiction, and Bibliopunkk.

There are two other awesome differences between NetGalley and Edelweiss: Edelweiss allows you to submit reviews for books you didn’t receive through Edelweiss and Edelweiss allows you to submit multiple review requests even after being declined.

Submit reviews for other books

This is where we get back to the general homepage for Edelweiss. Turns out, Edelweiss is not just a review request site. It’s a place where publishers put up their catalogues even if they aren’t offering eARCs. Those catalogues stay up after the book has come out, so from the homepage (not the review copies tab), you can search for nearly any book published by a major publisher. Start cross-posting every review you’ve written! I just started with my five star reviews because the idea of cross-posting the rest terrifies me. Then I cross-posted reviews that I thought might help me on specific requests. In any case, this is another way that you can show your track record to the publisher and they can get an idea of your reviews without having to go off of Edelweiss. I think this also is what helped me get auto-approved by HarperCollins since they could see that I had a lot of reviews written already, however I obviously don’t know for sure.

Request a book again

Don’t go too crazy with this please. I’ve never actually been successful with this strategy, only heard that it worked for other bloggers. However, once you are declined for a book, that blue request button is still there and you can submit another request. This is useful if you got declined early and your stats increase over a couple of months. Perhaps also try a different pitch in the specific book request box. I’m currently limiting myself to re-requesting once a month. I’m interested to hear if you do this and how it has worked for you!

Whew, that’s it folks! You’ve learned how to navigate Edelweiss, what to include in your book review requests, and a couple of ways to get an extra edge. Did I miss anything dear reader? Do you have questions? Was I confusing somewhere? Please ask and advise!

You might also be interested in learning more about NetGalley’s Feedback to Approval Ratio!

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings -Anya

© 2014 – 2016, Anya. All rights reserved.


  1. Thank you so much for this post, Anya! With your help, I’ve just requested my first book on Edelweiss. :-)

  2. jennifer k says:

    I love this blog post. Oh wow, I find it shocking that most people seem to find edelweiss hard to navigate. I absolutely love it. Bookmark the page and click on “REVIEW COPIES”. Done. My favorite feature on edelweiss is that you can say why you want to read a book. That is a deal-breaker for me.

    • Bookmarking review copies is definitely handy since then you don’t have to wait as long to start seeing what’s available haha. Yeah, saying why definitely helps me be sure I want to read the book!

  3. Question: I’ve been approved for a few titles in the past that I wasn’t able to get into, so therefore didn’t read/review them. I worry this affects my chances of getting approved in the future and I’m now even more stricter about the books I request because I hate not being to follow through and review. So…any suggestions on what to do about this? In the place of the review should I say I didn’t like it/was unable to read? Would very much appreciate your feedback!

    • Yeah, publishers always want to know why a book didn’t work for you so I always post my DNF thoughts if I’m not able to finish it. If you just completely lost interest and didn’t read it at all, I just leave it blank since I haven’t found it effects anything, but you could also give a specific reason and apologize just to have something there.

  4. Thanks for this guide. I have only been on Netgalley and was planning to check out Edelweiss in 2015. Your tips are a great help for us newbies.
    MJ @Bloggeretterized recently posted…Bloggeretterized Bookish Bingo 2014 Holiday Edition Wrap-UpMy Profile

  5. Anya, I have a quick question. When you submit reviews for books that you’ve read before even if they weren’t the ones you requested in Edelweiss, do you check on the box that says ‘Submit to Publisher’ or not?
    Sarah @ Smitten over Books recently posted…Review: Something Strange and Deadly (Something Strange and Deadly #1) by Susan DennardMy Profile

    • It depends, if I’m waiting to hear about a request from that publisher and am submitting a positive review for another of their books, then yes, but in most cases no since I don’t want to pester the publicists for no reason :).

  6. How quickly does Edelweiss expect a turnaround for reviews? I have some books I’ve been approved for that don’t publish until 2015. Was wondering if it’d be poor form to put those off since I have other books publishing before then?

  7. Hi Anya,

    Brilliant blog post, really really useful. However, I am finding it hard to find the books I have not requested on edelweiss so I can put on my reviews, such as Marissa Meyer. Are you able to give me some advice.

    Thank you
    Kirsty (Amethyst Bookwyrm)

    • Thank you so much! All right, so you know on the main page before you click “Review Copies” there is a search box above the tabs and you just type whatever book name into that search box. Once it pops up, under the general info, there is a link for “Your Review” and you click that and a text box will pop up for you to paste/type your review into. Does that help? Let me know if that was confusing and I’ll put together an image :)

      • Anya,

        Thanks for helping, I have posted reviews but edelweiss is really not user friendly, but hopefully it helps me get some good ARCs.

        Thanks again
        Kirsty (Amethyst Bookwyrm)

        • So true! Unfortunately there are some publishers that only put eARCs on Edelweiss so it is a good resource once you get used to its tricks ;-)

  8. I’ve always been so intimidated with Edelweiss. I’ve requested some books but I only got approved for like two books. Haha. It stung and I really didn’t know what to do to increase my chances of approval. So thank you so much for this post. I also didn’t know you could upload your old reviews on Edelweiss. Thanks for the heads up! :)
    Sarah P. recently posted…I am back!My Profile

  9. I only recently joined Edelweiss (a few weeks ago). I do think that passionately explaining why you want to read a book does give you an edge. This is one thing I’ve always hated about netgalley. You can’t explain why you want to read the book.

    When I signed up for Edelweiss I requested 3 books that I was dying for (authors i love and whose other books i’ve read). I wrote brief but passionate pleas and got approved for all three.

    Occasionally i’ve seen a book that just sort of interests me. And i haven’t put anything as the explanation. And i’ve gotten rejected for all of them.

    • So true, now that I’m used to Edelweiss, I get annoyed when I can’t tell publishers why they should approve me on NG, haha.

  10. I LOVE Edelweiss! Much more than NetGalley that’s for sure. It may be slow but it is full of features NeGalley doesn’t offer such as Tags! I LOVE my tags! As well as easy access to the publisher catalogs.

    I would make one suggestion to your post though at number 2. To easily get more info on the title I simply click the drop down “Content” which opens the summary of the book, author info and a few other tidbits right there on the main screen. It can then be minimized.
    Jess (The Cozy Reader) recently posted…Review | Better Off Friends by Elizabeth EulbergMy Profile

    • So true! I’ve started getting into the catalogues and other useful sources of information, so nice.

      Thanks for the tip, I didn’t realize that :D

  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you for these tips! I’ve been declined many times and I never knew how to get approved. I had no idea you can back post your reviews! Thanks again Anya :D

  12. Anya, you have absolutely no idea how much this helped me out. Thank you times a million!! I’ve actually had my account for quite sometime, but never actually got the hang of it. I already knew how to navigate the site easy enough, it was just that little description/additional message box that was just taunting me. I’ve been breaking my head for so long trying to decide what to write in there. Rejection is not easy so I just kept on putting it off because of that reason lol! This post helped easy my mind so much. Thank you for taking the time to write this out. I’m sure I won’t be the last person to come stumbling along. :)
    Andy @ OABR recently posted…~ Book Review: Uninvited by Sophie Jordan ~My Profile

  13. This is a fantastic tutorial! I just wanted to let you know I’m sending people your way from a post I did for Bloggiesta on using Edelweiss – I didn’t have enough space to include all the details about requesting (and you had already done it so much better!).
    Shannon @ River City Reading recently posted…Bloggiesta Mini Challenge: Facing Your Edelweiss FearsMy Profile

  14. Great post! Like several other commenters, I didn’t know I could submit reviews for books I didn’t get through Edelweiss. That’s awesome. I’m definitely going to do that to increase my chances of getting specific books.
    Lark @ The Bookwyrm’s Hoard recently posted…Sunday Post – 1/19/14My Profile

  15. Thanks for the tips!
    Missie recently posted…Week RecapMy Profile

  16. Braine Talk Supe says:

    Thanks for the tips! I gave up requesting on EW & would just hit my auto-approve filter.
    Braine Talk Supe recently posted…Bought Borrowed & Bagged #84My Profile

  17. I use Edelweiss A LOT. I avoid all the confusion of their website by bookmarking right at that second screen shot above, and then I only deal with the “Titles,” “Downloads,” and “Requests” buttons. I rarely go anywhere else. Another big difference with Edelweiss is that you WILL NOT get an email notification about whether your request was approved or not. So you do have to keep checking under the “Request” tab to see if you’ve receive a green check mark (!!) or a red X :( Also, some publishers put their titles on both Edelweiss and NetGalley, so if you get denied on one, you can always try re-requesting on the other site. Awesome post! (Sorry if I repeated other comments, I didn’t read them all!)

    • Some publishers do actually send emails now, which just makes it more confusing since I never know if I’ll get an email or not, haha

  18. Great post! I find Edelweiss far more confusing than netgalley and while I’m starting to get the hang of it, there are definitely helpful things I didn’t know before your post. Thanks Anya :)

  19. I have to admit I’ve never tried Edelweiss before. It looked so complicated and I really love Netgalley. I don’t really need more ARCs, but I’ll keep your tutorial in mind if I ever decide to try it.
    Sarah recently posted…Martin Reviews: The Land AcrossMy Profile

    • Haha, fair enough! Sometimes stuff gets posted there that isn’t on NetGalley, so it might be worth checking ;-)

  20. I kind of gave up on Edelweiss because I just couldn’t get used the layout and how to request books. I also find that writing a pitch for each book was a bit time consuming compared to NetGalley’s request system. I seem to be getting approved for almost all of the books that I request on NetGalley at the moment so I’ve not quite felt the need to battle Edelweiss again. If I do ever decide to though, I know where to come for tips! :)
    Charlotte @ Lit Addicted Brit recently posted…Review: ‘Storm Front’ by Jim ButcherMy Profile

    • I hear ya! I rarely put that much in the specific box honestly, though I almost like that extra step since it keeps me from going crazy with requests >.>

  21. Thanks for this post. I didn’t know you could post reviews even for books you didn’t request there. I don’t use Edelweiss much, but these are good tips. I’ve only requested there 3 times: one approval, one denial, and one’s been in limbo for over a month.
    Jenna recently posted…Waiting on Wednesday: Fire & FloodMy Profile

  22. Very, very, cool post. Sometimes Edelweiss is wonky! An author got denied for her book! I read that on twitter one day and laughed so hard. lolz.
    They have some of the best especially in the harper category so I always try with fingers crossed.
    I love the review books already read. Awesome tip :)

  23. I don’t have very much luck on Edelweiss, but hopefully this guide will change that! Thank you so much for putting it together, Anya. :) That second specific paragraph is always a challenge but your guide has made it a little clearer.
    Nikki @ The Paper Sea recently posted…Waiting on…Uninvited by Sophie JordanMy Profile

  24. Fascinating, and very useful. I’ve avoided Edelweiss in the past for the most part, because I had plenty of books through NetGalley that would keep me more than busy enough to not need another source of review copies. But knowing that I can post reviews there for books that I’ve gotten by other means makes me think twice; maybe I should start making better use of the site. Thanks for all the info!

    • For sure! Some of the same and some different books get posted there, so it’s probably worth at least poking around :)

  25. I think it’s also worth noting that some rejections happen because some publishers do not approve ANY bloggers on Edelweiss.

    For example, Penguin accepts requests from bloggers on Netgalley, but they do not accept any from bloggers on Edelweiss (that’s just how they roll). That’s why you’ll always get a “we’ve met our quota for this title” message… Because their blogger quota is zero!

    So different publishers use these sites in different ways, and sometimes it’s not YOU doing something wrong, it’s just something with them!
    Ashley recently posted…My Old Website Designs (feel free to laugh—I did!)My Profile

    • Interesting, so you mean Penguin Young Readers? I’ve gotten approved for adult Penguin titles recently but was sad when I couldn’t get approved for Control, haha. But it’s good to keep in mind that publishers accept or reject for lots of reasons, it’s not me it’s them ;-)

  26. This is a great post, Edelweis has always been a mystery to me!

  27. Kim @ The Nomadic Book Hoarder says:

    Thank you for making this guide! It’s really helpful, because I had no idea how to use Edelweiss. Although right now my blog is too young for review copies, I will definitely be bookmarking this page for help if I want to request a review copy in the future.
    Kim @ The Nomadic Book Hoarder recently posted…Ten 2014 Debuts I’m Looking Forward ToMy Profile

    • Yey! There are read now copies on Edelweiss too, so you could download and review those to get started if you want ;-)

  28. Thank you SO MUCH for this! One of my big resolutions for 2014 was to finally set up accounts on Edelweiss and NetGalley, but due to the fact that I’m a total idiot I wasn’t sure how things would work out… now I’m positive I can get at least one of those things checked off my list! :) Hooray!
    Savannah Fry recently posted…What I’ve Learned from Organizing my Review LibraryMy Profile

  29. Great Post!! I sounds like a lot of work to get a book from them. It would take a while to fill all that out for one book. Do you have a template somewhere and use it over and over again?
    Angie recently posted…Blogger Horror Stories!My Profile

    • Your stats are saved for you and show up in the box for every request so you only have to fill them out once :) They’re just like your NetGalley Bio

  30. This is so useful! I tried Edelweiss a while ago, but was so confused by it that I set it aside for another day, then never came back to it. I think I’ll try again now, especially since there are so many good books coming out this year. Thanks!

  31. Thank you so much for this Anya! Edelweiss has always scared me so this was so useful. I’ve always preferred NetGalley over Edelweiss but with this, I think I might start using it! And haha, you’re SO right about it being impossible to find. I don’t know if I still have the bookmark saved so that might be a bit of a problem… I didn’t know that cross posting was a thing you could do! That’s such a great idea! Lovely post! This helped me tons! :)
    Annie recently posted…Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult & Samantha Van LeerMy Profile

    • Yey, I’m so glad! Haha, yeah, when I first was trying to find it I had to find a blog post talking about it to finally get the right site ;-)

  32. I crossed-posted a lot of reviews a while back, I think I need to do that again. I love the fact that you are able to post reviews for books you haven’t been approved of :) It’s a good way to show publishers that you are writing them and if they like the style.
    Mel@thedailyprophecy recently posted…Top 10 Tuesday 30.My Profile

    • Haha, same here. I keep putting it off *fail* I really love that too, I kind of wish I could do that for NetGalley now!

  33. I’ve never been approved for anything on Edelweiss except Harper titles(and am pre-approved), even though I get approved for some books on netgalley for books by major publishers, and I never know what to put in the “Why this book” line! I do a lot of these already(like submitting reviews for non-review copy books), but this definitely gives me some tips about what I can put about the specific title box!

  34. Bec @ Ransom Reads says:

    I haven’t used Edewieiss much yet but these tips are great! They’re easy to follow and just what I needed to know to settle that anxiety I have when it comes to requesting things :) I also didn’t know you could submit reviews for non-Edelweiss books! Might have to start crossposting… :D
    Bec @ Ransom Reads recently posted…Wanted Dead or Alive #3My Profile

  35. Jessica @ a GREAT read says:

    OOoh nice! I suck at getting approved at Edelweiss. Maybe I’ll throw in my blog stats on my profile thingy! Thanks for the tips!!

  36. I never realised you could submit reviews for books not obtained from Edelweiss. I think this is possibly the greatest tip in getting approvals, but my god all that crossposting >..<
    Debbie @ Snuggling on the Sofa recently posted…Top Ten: 2014 Debut DazzlersMy Profile

  37. Omg I had no idea that you could submit reviews for books you didn’t get from them! What a great feature – I might just do that and rerequest this 1 book I’ve been dying for. I have never been approved there, but I’ve only requested twice so I can’t complain lol! Awesome post – so much I didn’t know!
    Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun recently posted…Top off Tuesday | Kissed by a Dark Prince by Felicity HeatonMy Profile

  38. Seriously, thank you for this. I had no idea you could submit reviews for other titles on EW. I’ve been having a heck of a time getting approved, particularly for titles that are high demand, and I think this will really help.
    Danielle recently posted…Review: Alienated by Melissa LandersMy Profile

  39. Awesome tutorial!
    Scott Pilgrim recently posted…Stacking The Shelves #34My Profile

  40. And drat, ran into a (probably stupid) question … already. Fail. When submitting reviews on EW, it has “Your Review,” “Would you recommend it,” and “Why” on the left and “Your Profile” on the right. In which section/box should I put the links to the review, or is something else supposed to go in the blank box under “Review made as a: Blogger”?
    Kel recently posted…Top Ten 2014 Debuts I’m Excited ForMy Profile

  41. This is such an invaluable tutorial, Anya. I remember my first time trying to look for Edelweiss, and it was a disaster, considering how all these legit sounding pages weren’t the one I’m looking for. And turns out it was the site that I was absolutely believing to be a page for some hotel or another institution like that called “Above the Treeline.”

    And the layout! Figuring out how to request and where to request was a total headache. I think it took me the course of a year to work up the courage to figure it out.

    Anyway, since I quit ARCs, I’m glad I don’t have a reminder of my stats or dealing with rejection a lot. But still, I guess I miss getting approved.

    So all in all, great post, Anya! I wish I had come across this when I was still a total noob.

    • Haha, that is such a problem too! I can’t believe how hard it is to find the site to begin with, craziness.

      Thanks! Sorry I didn’t write it sooner D:

  42. Those darn lunar phases get you every time! But yeah, I’ve noticed the slow loads (and impossible to find feature). The good/bad news is I haven’t worried about requesting anything on either EW or NetGalley yet, just download now/read now copies, so no pressure/frustration/crying. ;) But definitely a good guide/tutorial and one I hope to make use of in the future. (Or possibly a bit sooner with the uploading old reviews bit.)
    Kel recently posted…Top Ten 2014 Debuts I’m Excited ForMy Profile

    • So true! But seriously, sometimes I think they do influence things >.> But now you’re all prepared for when you start to request :D

  43. I have never actually gone to Edelweiss. So, thanks for this, I guess I will now have to check it out.
    Nathan (@reviewbarn) recently posted…Fantasy Review: ‘Malice’ by John GwynneMy Profile

  44. I love Edelweiss far more than NetGalley–easier to navigate, easier to submit reviews, and the ability to submit reviews for all the books I read takes the thinking out of it :) I think this is a great guide for people who haven’t quite embraced Edelweiss yet!
    Felicia The Geeky Blogger recently posted…Review: Reaver by Larissa IoneMy Profile

    • Hehe, I think you might be in the minority, but that’s okay ;-) I just wish it wasn’t so slow loading and I would be happy!

  45. Amazing post! I’ve found that more recently, I was being accepted for more books on Edelweiss than on NetGalley and I’m not entirely sure why. Perhaps it’s because I put genuine passion and say what intrigues me about the book in the extra field? That’s my method, at least. So there’s my tip! :)
    Hannah recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten 2014 Debuts I’m Excited For.My Profile

    • Yey, that’s good to hear! I think the longer a blogger is around, the more publishers trust that they’ll actually review the books too, so that probably helps :D


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