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Hexed by Michael Alan Nelson {Just Hatched}

Just Hatched Book Feature

Just Hatched is a feature where I share my first impressions of a book after the first chapter. Check out the announcement post for more information.

Hexed by Michael Alan Nelson is a YA urban fantasy with a snarky main character named Lucifer and a darn creepy witch being mean. Apparently Hexed is based on a comic by Nelson, and you can definitely tell with how vivid the writing is!

Note: I received an advanced copy of Hexed from the publisher. Some things may have changed in the final version.

Hexed by Michael Alan Nelson {Just Hatched}

Hexed by Michael Alan Nelson (The Sisters of Witchdown #1)
Published by Pyr on May 5th, 2015
Genres: Urban Fantasy, YA
Page Length: 290 pages
How I got my copy: Publisher
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Luci Jenifer Inacio das Neves, Lucifer for short, isn't your typical teenaged girl.  She's a thief who survives by stealing bad things from bad people in the magical and mystical underworld hidden beneath our own.  So when a policeman's daughter, Gina, is kidnapped by a force he can't explain, Lucifer is the only one who has a chance at getting his daughter back.

With the unsolicited help of Gina's friends, including Gina's boyfriend David, Lucifer's investigation leads to the unfortunate truth of the kidnapping.  Gina was taken to an otherworldly dimension by a creature of unspeakable evil: one of the Seven Sisters of Witchdown.  Against all odds, Lucifer must use every magical tool hidden in her trick bag to steal her way into the Shade and bring Gina back before the Sister sacrifices her for her own dark ends.  But the closer Lucifer gets to Gina, the closer she gets to David.  And David to her.  Lucifer must risk her life by confronting demons, witches, and the cruel demigoddess controlling her destiny - all to save the one girl who stands in the way of Lucifer finally finding love.

3 Stars

How is the writing style?

The writing is sharp and fast. I had a hard time putting down Hexed to sleep because it was so easy to get sucked into reading one more scene. The point of view is third person limited from Lucifer’s perspective with some entertaining internal dialogue when she is trying to hold her tongue ;-).

General tone of the beginning

Omg, I need a blankie! I really don’t do well with creepy things in mirrors (that episode of Supernatural TERRIFIED ME!) and Hexed starts off very spooky. Then there was a demon possession, which was less spooky than I was afraid it would be, but I will never look at toy bunny rabbits the same again *gulp*.

Also, Lucifer starts making eyes at a taken guy, so I’m really not sure how that romance is going to end well :-/.

Setting, genre, etc?

Hexed is pretty solidly YA urban fantasy it seems, with a dash of horror in the sense that the supernatural are pretty scary for a wuss like me. Hexed is set in the real world with all the muggles not realizing that there are witches and demons and things, but Lucifer doesn’t much care about them finding out it seems, ha.


  1. What are you talking about, I already finished it last night (~5 stars)
  2. Definitely going to be reading this next (~4 stars)
  3. Keeping and hoping to get back to (~3 stars)
  4. Probably not getting back to but someone else will like it (~2 stars)
  5. Don’t really want to push this copy on anyone else (~1 star)

I’m starting to think I need to re-evaluate this rating system! I’m giving Hexed 3 stars though I probably will never get back to it because it is too scary for me (nearly got nightmares from that witch!). But Hexed will probably be very fun if you are less of a scaredy-cat than I am and like YA with demons and things. Be warned that the romance looks like it will be angsty and possibly involve cheating.

Have you read this one yet? Are you inclined to check it out?

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings -Anya

Hexed by Michael Alan Nelson

© 2015, Anya. All rights reserved.


  1. I’ve been hearing a lot about Hexed this week. The character and humor sounds good, but the horror and potential angsty relationship not so much. I can’t watch Supernatural after dark, I’m a big wuss so I’ll put this one as side for a while.

    Rating is so hard! I’m way too nice most of the time haha! Good luck changing your system. I like the whole thought of how much you’d want to read it again.

    • I’m the same with supernatural! I had to watch between my fingers in a well lit room with twenty other people!

  2. Wow. I guess I should have expected that a book with the main character nicknamed Lucifer would be scary. This urban fantasy book sounds like more of a horror story book than anything.
    i’m curious about Hexed. I don’t know about the obvious cheating that is going to happen though.
    Adriana Garcia @BooksOnHerMind recently posted…Bout of Books #13: ChallengesMy Profile

  3. If the witches don’t scare you off, the romance will. Unless you really like romance. ;)
    Kel @ Booked til Tuesday recently posted…Discussion: Getting CraftyMy Profile

  4. Dragana says:

    I have never heard about Hexed before but now I am intrigued. Although, since I have a little kid, there are a lot of fluffy bunnies lying around, so I am not sure if I will dare. I already think that the yellow one is giving me an evil eye. :)
    Dragana recently posted…A Feast for a Bookworm: 3rd-9th May 2015My Profile

  5. I just read it and I LOVED it. But then again I adore horror, and you’re right, there is a lot of scary stuff in this book.
    Tammy @ Books, Bones & Buffy recently posted…Under Construction – Hard Hats Required – Pardon My Dust:-DMy Profile

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