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The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms Read Along {Week 3}

The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N.K. Jemisin Read-a-long

Week 3 of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms Read Along!

This week our host is Andrea at Little Red Reviewer :D. We’re getting close to the end here folks and it’s getting so exciting! Make sure to pop over to the Little Red Reviewer to check out everyone else’s answers!

1. T’vril takes Yeine to the servant’s party. What did you think of that party, and of Sieh’s part in it?

I loved this scene! It’s awesome that the servants have figured out these little ways to rebel and continue their own traditions and I applaud Sieh for helping them with it. He seemed rather sad during the scene though, which made me worry for him, but I’m willing to take his explanation that it takes a lot of power for him to do all that work. It was also interesting to see what his default form was closer to.

2. Yeine presents herself as such a nice, compassionate person. Did your feelings about her change after the meeting she and Nahadoth had with Gemd?

Honestly, I suspected she had it in her the whole time. She has always had a great determination to get revenge, and so I wasn’t surprised to see her get a bit crazy when it comes to defending her homeland. Of course, I don’t think she wanted to cause so much pain and death, that was Nahadoth getting away with things.

3. On page 230 we learn about the Darre concept of “esui”, of attraction to danger. Have you ever experienced Esui? Did it help you, or hurt you? Do you think it will help Yeine, or hurt her?

Haha, I’m a complete wuss, so I don’t think I’ve ever experienced that. Of course, I’ve had the crush on the bad boys in high school, but it was always in a “want to fix and help” kind of way ;-). I used to rock climb even though I’m afraid of heights, so maybe that counts? It’s a fun rush when you get up high :D. I was in a harness though, and that is definitely the only reason I was willing to climb high, haha. I think Yeine needs to avoid esui since it’s just going to get her into trouble with Nahadoth…. That is one bad boy that she shouldn’t try to fix!

4. What did you think of the reveal regarding Ygreth’s (Kinneth’s mother) death? Was it something you expected?  How does being forced to do something like that (or knowing you’ll be forced to) shape a person?

I thought that was an interesting part of the ceremony and does make some sense on a strange level: a ruler needs to be able to separate themselves from personal ties to make decisions for the good of the country. I think that it’s gotten twisted, however, since it’s led to such hateful people :(. I think a child knowing that they will have to do something similar would seriously warp them.

5. If I’m reading it correctly, the ceremony can require a human sacrifice (to show that the heir is strong enough to kill anyone, if asked).  Who might Scimina sacrifice? Who might Yeine sacrifice? 

I have a suspicion that Scimina is the way she is because she thinks she’ll have to sacrifice someone. At this point, it seems like she might be closest to her Grandfather, Relad, or even Nahadoth. Yeine would probably have to sacrifice someone from home since she’s worked so hard not to grow close to anyone at the palace….

6.The ball is only a few days away. What do you think will happen?

Haha, the ultimate question right?? I think that Yeine will go through with the gods’ plan but something will go wrong or not how they expect. That interruption will cause the limbo state that she is narrating from ;-). I of course hope there will be epic scheming and plot twists that I don’t expect!

Woot, time to finish this awesome book :D *runs off*.

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings -Anya

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  1. Yeah, Esui gets you into lots of trouble. . .. but it helps you do things you might not have otherwise done. Like rock climbing! or even talking to the bad boy in the first place.

    Esui never seems to work out for me. it usually just gets me into trouble. but then again, i’m not out there seducing enslaved gods who could kill me at any moment, so I guess whatever bits of trouble i get into couldn’t possibly be that bad!

  2. I was also thinking whatever happens at the ball gets her into this state.
    But it seems now while she’s remembering, the other soul has awakened and is talking to her.

  3. There were a lot of moments in this section where we realize just how powerless the Enefadeh are and how much it hurts them to see people suffer and not be able to do anything about it. The party is the one thing that it is in Sieh’s power to do, but I think he feels bad that he can’t do more. It seems to wear on Nahadoth too, and the scene at the oubliette was telling.

    • Exactly! *sniffles* Omg the oubliette scene D: I’m really glad she didn’t describe the guy more, gah, *scrubs brain* I’m not good with gore, haha.

      • Yes, and it was completely unexpected. I mean, we knew the Arameri were evil, but you didn’t expect anything like that to happen. And then knowing that Naha hears his prayers and is tortured by the knowledge that he can’t stop his pain or do anything to help… it’s insane.

  4. 2. I also see this as a combination of Yeine being necessarily ruthless and Nahadoth being excessively and uncontrollably cruel. It was a choice of all or nothing, but Yeine would have chosen a different method if she could.

    4. Yeah, the sacrifice makes sense in a messed up kind of way. On the other hand, it could also mean that heartless psychopaths are in charge…

    Hehe, I’m going to finish this one asap too! Normally I read it the day before we get the questions so it’s fresh in my mind, but since I’m doing the next set of questions I don’t need to wait :D

    • 2. Definitely agreed, I wish that Nahadoth wasn’t so evil sometimes, but then I love that he is such a complex character!

      I’ve been trying to balance reading the next section asap and not letting myself forget for the questions! It’s so hard D:


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