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Infinite Harmony by Tammy Blackwell Cover Reveal + Sale!

Infinite Harmony by Tammy Blackwell Cover

 Infinite Harmony by Tammy Blackwell Cover!

My love for Tammy Blackwell’s books should be pretty well established at this point, but in case you need convincing, check out my reviews for the first in this series, Fragile Brilliance, and the first in her previous series, Destiny Binds, because I pretty much adore them both. I’m SO EXCITED for Infinite Harmony and you should be too because of this:

Ada Jessup lives for the moment, knowing the promise of tomorrow can be all too easily broken.

Joshua is an Immortal, a heavenly warrior who will still be fighting long after the rest of the Alpha Pack have turned to dust.

When a gunshot wound forces Joshua to tell Ada the truth of what he is, there is more at risk than the safety of the Alphas he’s sworn to protect. For Joshua, the real danger is the way he feels drawn to the human girl. After all, what can the future hold for a girl whose days are numbered and a boy whose life has no end?

Infinite Harmony by Tammy Blackwell Cover
Isn’t it so pretty????? :D Pre-Order on Amazon and just trust me that you want to order Fragile Brilliance (it has a matching awesome cover!) and catch up on the first series because it is on sale!
Timber Wolves by Tammy Blackwell SaleDooooooo iiiiiiiit *ahem*. But seriously, you know that I don’t do cover reveals very often (pretty much only for Tammy I think >.>) and I don’t read a lot of self-published authors anymore. Tammy Blackwell’s books are that much fun that I own all of them (some in multiple forms) and love pushing them on people (though not my precious signed copies >.>). I can’t recommend enough taking advantage of that sale ;-).

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