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It’s Summer, Time to Look Pretty!

It’s Summer, Time to Look Pretty!

As you might have noticed, there have been some small changes going on (and not so small!), so I’d love your opinion on the blogs new features. I’ve moved some things around and hopefully made it nicer to read on the main page. More importantly, there have been some behind the scenes additions that will let me further improve the navigation of the blog (keep a look out for more submenus :D).

My friend Krys over at Bibliopunkk Reads is going through a similar process and actually lost her domain and got a new one. If Bibliopunkk sound familiar but you lost track of it, here is your reminder to check out that awesome blog (full of lots of ARC giveaways btw!).

Happy Reading this summer!


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  1. Jenn @ A Glo-Worm Reads says:

    I like the changes so far! I pretty much love the little dragon, so was excited to see the rating system with him added in!

    • Yey, thank you :D Hehe, I did kind of sneak the dragon in didn’t I ;-) I was just too excited to wait until everything else was done *hops around*

  2. Everything looks really brilliant Anya (then again it always did to me) but it’s obvious that you’ve been working hard :) I’m digging the slideshow and I remember ‘oooh-ing’ when I first saw your new rating system a while back ♥ Oh and I’ll have to update your blog button on my blogroll soon!!

  3. Awww your new blog button is so cute! I’m updating my links page. :D

  4. Every time I try to do some redesign and cleanup on my blog I just end up getting bored and the project ends up half-finished. I think I’m just leaving it with an “If it isn’t broke” attitude. It works, it doesn’t look hideous, and that’s enough for me. :p The only thing I’d like to change is getting my old domain name back, but since I could afford to renew it, it lapsed and now somebody else has taken over it. Oh well. Maybe they’ll let it lapse and I can nab it back after a while, when I can afford it again.

    • Hehe, that’s definitely why I paid someone, also because I don’t know how to do enough of the coding >.>

  5. I’ve always loved your blog design, and it still looks great to me! =D *pets the dragon*

  6. LOoking very nice! I hope you’re enjoying the summer :) It’s freezing here!

  7. Looks great to me. I really like how your changing book banner is bigger. :D

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