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Thank you so much for your interest in Books on Dragonwings! I’m really excited for you to join our club of nerdy book lovers. There are a number of options for getting boxes, including discounted recurring subscriptions, just the items, and one time boxes. Let me know if there is an option you’d like that isn’t listed!

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Pre-orders are open for the December box, Irish Mermaids featuring Merrow, and will close Nov. 30th! 

Recurring Subscriptions

Books on Dragonwings Full Box
Books on Dragonwings Demo BoxThis is the full Books on Dragonwings experience. You’ll get the book of the quarter, 1-2 high quality items themed after the book, and a recommendation list for after you finish this quarter’s book. You’ll also get access to the members’ group to discuss future boxes, the current book, and anything else sci-fi/fantasy book related. You will be billed on the 30th of the month before the book releases and can cancel up to that point. You get the box for $30/quarter, saving $3! Buy here.

Books on Dragonwings Just the Items

If you are interested only in the items and recommendation list, you are welcome to subscribe to get those goodies delivered to your door and you can get your copy of the book however your prefer. It is $20/quarter including US shipping for a recurring plan. Buy here. International shipping is a flat $35 and can be purchased here.

One-time purchase

Books on Dragonwings Full Box

If you aren’t sure you’ll want every box, you are welcome to order just one at a time. You’ll still get everything and access to the members’ group, just not the discount, leading to $33 for a one-time box. Pre-orders for a box close on the 30th of the month before the book releases, so be sure to get your order in! Buy here!

Books on Dragonwings Just the Items

Similarly, you are welcome to get just the items for a single cost of $23 (including US shipping). Pre-orders still close on the 30th of the month before the book releases! Buy here! International shipping is a flat $35 available here.

Note on e-books: I’ve decided it makes more sense to offer the Just the Items box option if you prefer reading e-books or audiobooks so that you can purchase the book however makes sense for you.

I’m working with a new payment portal, so please let me know if anything goes wonky (anya (at) booksondragonwings (dot) com).

If there is an option you’d like that isn’t listed, please feel free to email me at anya (at) booksondragonwings (dot) com! Please note for international subscribers that you are responsible for any import fees and taxes, which can be another $20 for the whole box. I’m sorry that it’s so expensive to ship things around the world :(. Consider doing just the items and getting your country’s edition of the book to reduce shipping and customs costs.

Quarter Schedule

Since I’ve decided to keep Books on Dragonwings to a quarterly schedule, I wanted to make it easy for you to know when the dates for ordering cut-offs will be:

Aug. 30th – The Reader pre-orders close and subscribers are billed

Nov. 30th – December box cutoff

Feb 28th – March box cutoff

May 30th – June box cutoff