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Last Eclipses Read Along {Week 1}

Late Eclipses by Seanan McGuire Read Along

We’re starting our next book for the great October Daye read along! Book four is Late Eclipses and I think I’m loving it already :D. We’ve read chapters 1-9 this week, spoilers below!

Where Toby goes, trouble soon follows… Lily’s fallen ill, and a blast from Toby’s past might be making an impact if signs are pointing where they appear to be. Do you think this is really Oleander’s work?

I really hope it is Oleander’s work because I want Toby to get even finally and maybe figured out what the heck was up with that whole fish situation! I feel really sad for Lily though, she better make it.

If one unpleasant surprise wasn’t enough, Toby has two to deal with thanks to the Queen making her the Countess of Goldengreen. Given the timing, do you think this is a coincidence? What might the Queen be up to?

That was crazy! I was so surprised and now really curious what the Queen’s motivations are. I could see it being somewhat related, but I’m really not sure how the logic connects the two, quite curious to find out :D.

Speaking of possible coincidences, this might be the first time Toby’s turned to the Luidaeg only to find her unavailable. What do you think Toby’s chances are of getting through whatever’s coming without her, for once?

I can’t say I’m surprised that the Luidaeg isn’t always available to help Toby out. I’m curious what was that noise in the background, but it seems like it could easily just have been something trivial that the Luidaeg preferred to do over helping Toby, she is kind of like that.

We get a look at Toby’s past, quite literally, as Karen visits her in a dream. Apparently Toby’s history with Oleander goes back further than she realises. What was your take on the ‘remembered’ encounter between Oleander and Amandine?

It seems like Amandine was more protective of Toby than Toby ever realized, which is kind of sweet. I also suspect that we’ll find out Toby has more power than she realizes and that Amandine was trying to protect her from.

Time for tidbits! Did anything else about the events in this section stand out to you? Do you have any predictions at this point for what might happen from here?

I’m gushing over Tybalt and Toby’s continued awkward attempts to not like each other, too cute. I’m glad that Toby doesn’t angst the way that some heroines do during this stage of the romantic development though. She just sort of seems to be trying to ignore everything, since that always turns out well!

How are you liking the premise of this one compared to the previous books? I think I’m going to like this one the best so far :D.

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