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Last First Snow Read-Along {Week 1}

Last First Snow Read-Along

Week 1

Hello and welcome to the first week of our Last First Snow Read-Along! If you haven’t read previous Craft books, that is a-okay and you can still join us since this is actually the first chronologically ;-). This week we read up to Chapter 16 so there will be spoilers below for those chapters!

1) We have an impressive few recurring characters (though, are they recurring if this is a prequel…?) with Temoc, Elayne Kevarian and the Red King leading this story. Given what we’ve been shown of them before, what are your thoughts on them now, as they relate to this story so far?

I think they count as recurring from publishing order ;-). This definitely feels like the most epic book yet given how powerful we know each of these people/skeletons are! I’m really enjoying seeing them all before the events of the previous books, though they don’t really feel weak or anything since they all still have their epic power. It is pretty cute and heart-breaking seeing Temoc with Caleb though….

2) While we’re on the subject of characters, I’d like to give a nod to one new face – ‘the Major’, whom evidence so far suggests is a possible antagonist in this story. Do you agree with that, or might there be something more complicated in the works where he’s concerned?

It’s always more complicated isn’t it? ;-) I suspect the Major will be an antagonist, though it seems likely another conflict will show up as well. It also doesn’t seem like our three main characters will really all stay on the same page, so maybe they are their own antagonists?

3) … And speaking of complications, we also get some rather interesting scenes with Temoc’s family – his wife Mina, and a much younger Caleb than we met previously in Two Serpents Rise. How might their appearances lead to thickening the plot(s), do you think?

There’s obviously the difficulty of his family being a liability for Temoc given the position he’s put himself in, though Mina seems pretty darn tough. I’m likely the tension seen between Temoc’s desire to protect his family and his desire to help his people though. Despite Mina’s worrying, she still seems to support him and know that what he’s doing is important. I hope we see more of them since Caleb is so darn cute! I feel like I’m watching embarrassing baby videos, haha.

4) Lastly, we end this section of the book with a near-catastrophe of the Red King’s (accidental?) making, before their peace talks have even really begun. Add to this the fact that Ms Kevarian is not at all used to handling such matters from ground level, as it were… Do you think her efforts to negotiate peace without the use of force are going to pay off?

It seems likely that things are going to boil over and get dramatic at some point since that is what will make for the more interesting story. I’m hoping that this gets settled but some other mystical issue gets raised and that becomes the main plot ;-). It’s really interesting hearing about how a crowd’s directed beliefs could conflict with the Craft their casting and rip a whole in the universe though!

How are you liking the start of this book compared to the previous ones? Is it weird to see Temoc as the good guy? ;-)

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings -Anya

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  1. I finally got my first week’s answers posted, though I ended up putting in a lot of Two Serpents Rise spoilers about Temoc/Caleb (I have a warning at the top). All the books do stand alone, so far, but I think as we get further in the series the books benefit more and more from the reader having already read the previous ones.

    I was also getting an “awww” feeling whenever tiny Caleb shows up. It really is like Caleb’s childhood home movies sometimes :D. I was surprised that Temoc seems like a genuinely good guy, so far. I’m worried about what changes we’re going to see in his life.
    Allie recently posted…Read-Along: Last First Snow, Part 1My Profile

    • Agreed, this one especially could definitely be read solo but since we’ve seen all these characters before, it adds a lovely extra layer to know where things will go, or maybe not so lovely for Temoc and Caleb… D: I suspect this is going to be the story of how everything went wrong for him…

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