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Last First Snow Read-Along {Week 2}

Last First Snow Read-Along

Hello and welcome to week two of our Last First Snow read-along! As usual, since we’re discussing the book there will be spoilers below up to page 202 so you’ve been warned ;-). If, however, you’ve already read the book and want to chuckle at those of us only halfway through, feel free :D.

1. We’ve gotten glimpses of the two sides to the Skittersill situation. Gladstone is once again using his fantasy world to discuss interesting social issues. What do you think of the arguments on each side and the solution they came to?

You’d think that a plot revolving around a land-use discussion couldn’t be that interesting, but Gladstone is doing a great job of balancing details about the arguments with summary to avoid things slowing down too much. I really liked the spider metaphor and feel like that cleared things up a lot. I was feeling the frustration of the Red King in not understanding what the rebels really wanted, but I feel like they came to a pretty good resolution! Too bad it didn’t work out….

2. Temoc is experiencing a lot of conflict over his roles of father/husband and leader of the rebellion. Do you think he’s making the right decisions? What do you think you’d do in his place?

I’m really liking this human side of Temoc that we get to see in Last First Snow after seeing who he becomes in the previous books! I love his relationship with Mina and Caleb and feel his conflict though I don’t have kids yet. I honestly don’t know what I would do in his position. In hindsight, obviously he probably shouldn’t have brought them to the contract signing, though Mina isn’t a woman who likes to be protected I’m guessing, ha. At the end of this section when he is about to just leave with his family, I was really concerned. I understand that impulse academically obviously, but I’m still at the stage in my life where working for a good cause seems the nobler thing to do. I suspect this will change when I have a child to protect!

3. Who do you think tried to assassinate Tan Batac? Any theories as to their purpose or affiliation?

I have no idea! I’m guessing someone sent by Alaxic I guess since he has already been trying to bend the rebellion to his own uses? Though it seemed like things were resolved there after Temoc spoke to him so I’m not sure. Maybe it was just some angry person?? We better find out is all I’m saying!

4. What do you think Elayne’s going to do next to try to fix this quickly snow-balling situation?

She seems to have a plan though I admit I have no idea what it could be (and hence why I decided to ask this question, hehe). I’m hoping she has a way of using Craft to stop the bloodshed instead of the King in Red’s villainous approach though D:.

How are you liking Last First Snow now that we’re halfway through? It seems like it is a bit less action and mystery than previous books, though maybe that’ll change in the second half. I really didn’t think I’d be enjoying this plot line as much as I am though and continue to be impressed at Gladstone’s ability to weave political drama in with fantasy so compellingly!

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  1. I’m enjoying the book so far! I feel like we’ve just now gotten into the action-oriented part.

    Alaxic was the one my mind went to for the assassination, too, but it might just be for the lack of better suspects. He is definitely trying to play some kind of game with Temoc, and I think his end goal is to bring back blood sacrifice worship.
    Allie recently posted…Read-Along: Last First Snow, Part 2My Profile

    • This section definitely felt like the start of the action! I didn’t mind the build-up, but it’s nice for some violence to happen too haha ;-)

      I still think Alaxic is involved somehow, I hope I’m right :D

  2. I’m so sad that my schedule is preventing me from participating in these questions each week, but I am keeping up with the actual reading and I am checking out the responses from all readalong folks. It’s killing me that I don’t know who was behind the assassination attempt. Finding the one (or ones) responsible really should be the key, but that has pretty much faded into the background with all the things going on, hasn’t it?!
    Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum recently posted…Book Review: The Bloodforged by Erin LindseyMy Profile

    • Having fun is the main goal :D. I’m really really hoping that the assassination attempt comes back, otherwise I’ll be disappointed about loose threads

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