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Last First Snow Read-Along {Week 3}

Last First Snow Read-Along

Week 3!

We’re getting so close to the end!!!! This week I’m hosting again and you are welcome to play along if you’ve read the book already but please be sure not to spoil the end for me ;-). This week is up to page 303, so there will be spoilers up to that point below!

1. Turns out the Major is more noble than we initially thought! What do you think of his character arc and the big reveals during his sacrifice? (I assume he preferred male pronouns since he was presenting male and it wasn’t otherwise specified.)

So I’m assuming that the Major was transgender, not just cross-dressing? Since women are accepted in the rebellion, it doesn’t seem like the Major would need to cross-dress just to join in. Therefore, it seems like the best explanation is that he identified as male, but wasn’t as lucky as previous characters to get to completely transform his body :(. Anyway, apart from that big reveal, I guess the Major is a good guy after all! I was a bit squeamish about Temoc going through with a blood sacrifice after how hard he’s worked to change his practices, but I guess he did need the power for the upcoming epic battle D:.

2. There seems to be a lot of sneakiness going on between the fires being set in Skittersill, someone following Temoc and then Mina and the initial assassination attempt that set everything off. Any ideas what is going on? Do you think they are all coincidences or related?

I’m quite convinced all these incidents are related because it’s Gladstone ;-). I don’t believe Elayne that we’ll never know who tried to assassinate Batac since I think it’ll all come together in a big reveal at the end! I have no idea who is responsible though and I suspect that’s how it’s supposed to be, ha.

3. We get a lot of details from the King in Red about how he turned into a skeleton! After so much build-up to that particular oddity of Craft, what do you think? Would you do it if you were a Craftsman or Craftswoman?

I’m not the only one who was super geeked about this right?? I’ve wondered for so long why how Craftspeople become skeletons and now we know! I had wondered if there was a zombie stage where half your flesh is falling off, but it sounds like they pre-empt that by taking it all off in one go?

4. At the very end of this section, there is a discussion about Tan Batac getting the Skittersill insured long before that was decided on. What do you think that means? Was anyone else a bit confused on the finer points of the insurance contract?

Yeah, I was pretty confused. Admittedly, I don’t try super hard to understand the finer points of their legal system ever because I don’t have a brain for that, but seriously what is going on? It sounds like Batac insured the Skittersill before the negotiations settled on that so perhaps he’s somehow involved in all the sneakiness and a master plan?? Can anyone explain this to meeeeee?

Are you excited for the final section? How have your predictions been working out so far?

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings -Anya

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  1. I still am not particularly sympathetic to the Major, because it is still at least partially his fault that this even ended up as an epic battle instead of a peaceful compromise.

    One thing I’m still curious about with the switching to skeleton; what exactly do pre-mortem exercises consist of? I can’t think of anything that would prepare someone for that kind of change!

    I think Tan Batac is behind everything right now, though I may be misunderstanding the terms of the contract myself. I think that by having the Skittersill residences destroyed during a lapse in insurance, he can buy the land up for cheap and start developing. Still, that is a shockingly risky gambit, since he could easily have died without Elayne’s help, from the shooting. It may be more complicated than I’m imagining, though!
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