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Last Song Before Night Guest Post and Giveaway!

Last Song Before Night by Ilana C. Myer

Last Song Before Night by Ilana C. Myer

Today I’m thrilled to have Ilana C. Myer onto the blog to discuss the best safety practices when visiting Eivar in her new fantasy Last Song Before Night! I will definitely be taking these tips into account when I dive in to this beautiful book ;-). Last Song Before Night is out now (affiliate link), so go get yourself a copy and don’t miss the giveaway at the bottom!

Visiting Eivar for the Midsummer Fair? You’ll be rubbing shoulders with nobility, merchants, and entertainers from around the world. Perhaps the most important things to know are these: Songs must be approved by the Court Poet, on pain of mutilation or death. And you don’t want to be caught worshipping a false god. If you keep to these laws and adapt to local custom, the delights of the Fair, and especially its music, await you.

Here are more facts that are essential to your integration and enjoyment of your visit:

  • The poets of Eivar are the greatest in the world. This may seem a grandiose claim, but consider this: Only in Eivar did poets once possess enchantments. Anywhere else in the world, a word was a word, and no more. But in Eivar there was a time when poets might study to become Seers, and gain access to powerful magic.Today, graduates of the Academy are chiefly known for their art. Whatever magic they may have once possessed is gone. This doesn’t stop them from being celebrated wherever they go, welcomed at the firesides of nobility and in the throne rooms of foreign kings.
  • The Midsummer Fair is held in Tamryllin, the capital city. Tamryllin is the seat of royalty in Eivar and has been for centuries. On the initiative of the tireless Court Poet, Nickon Gerrard, Tamryllin is cleaner, more prosperous, and in greater accordance with the wishes of the Three than ever before. Court Poet Gerrard is known throughout Eivar as the king’s right hand, who gently guides his policies to the correct course of action.
  • The Midsummer Masque, to our dismay, is a night of debauchery. Even the Court Poet can only do so much to curb the licentiousness of the Masque, which has roots in ancient practices best forgotten. Today it is a rite fully dedicated to the Three, and the masks worn often pay homage to the gods. But it is inevitably a night of behavior of which the Crown disapproves, yet allows as a beneficent gift to the people.
  • Academy Isle is where young men study the art of poets for seven years. Once this term is complete, the new graduate receives the ring that will mark him a poet forever after. Some of the lost magic endures in this: the Archmasters by some unknown means determine the gemstone to be granted each poet. The most coveted, but also by far the most rare, is the moon opal. Only six poets in recorded history are known to have had the moon opal as their Academy ring.It is only with years of study, evidence of talent, and the approval of the Archmasters that a poet might become a Seer. How the mark of the Seer is made is a ritual left from the time of magic, and is forbidden knowledge.
  • Eivar worships the Three gods—Thalion, Kiara, and Estarre. Neither blasphemy nor heresy are permitted, though allowances may be granted to our trade partners from Kahishi, with whom we have longstanding agreements. Court Poet Gerrard has in recent years made a particular effort to root out the scourge of heresy, ensuring a renewed blessing upon the land and its harvest. The gods are just; we abide forever in their light.


Tor is providing me a copy of Last Song Before Night to giveaway to one of you! This giveaway will be open to North American residents as per Tor’s policy, the winner will have 48 hours to respond to my email, and I’ll be checking entries so please make sure the correct information is in the form!

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Remember, if you can’t wait, Last Song Before Night is out now!

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    Thanks for an absolutely lovely article on the poets of Eivar. I cannot wait to read this book.
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