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Late Eclipses Read Along {Week 3}

Late Eclipses by Seanan McGuire Read Along

Don’t mind me just not getting to the questions last week, just wasn’t feeling up to it, but I did keep up with reading :D. And now I have built up feelings! This week we’ve read up to chapter 27 and wow are things crazy!

1. We get to meet a new character in the form of Walter, who’s got a rather unusual special skill among the Fae… What are your first impressions of our first faerie scientist in the Tobyverse?

I love it! As a scientist of course I love seeing how science can work with Fae magic, and Walter is such a fun character. I really want to learn more about how he combines his scientific knowledge with his power and how taking a chemistry class from him is like!

2. “I choose the evil I know.”

We finally get to meet Amandine (sort of) in the flesh, and she’s got one hell of a bombshell to drop… How surprised were you by the revelation of Toby’s bloodline, and by her second Choice?

So I was suspicious about Toby’s heritage ever since the first chapter and therefore wasn’t all that surprised about this revelation, I just didn’t know exactly what it was going to end up. I guess I’m also not surprised that Toby chose Faerie again, since it would be a pretty dull series if she died or turned human ;-). I thought it was interesting how Amandine said that very few get this choice and am curious what Toby has in common with those other situations.

3. Rayseline’s reasons for hating Toby come out in the open, though that doesn’t put a stop to her efforts to have Toby removed from her position… Do you think she deserves more or less sympathy now, after their confrontation(s)?

We always knew that something horrible had happened to Raysel while she was captive though it definitely hurts that Luna had such faith that Toby would come rescue them and kept telling Raysel that. I still think it’s completely unfair for Raysel to blame Toby obviously, though I’m glad they had that moment of honesty so that maybe it starts breaking down the wall between them? Sort of?

4. “We were peaceful while you were gone.”

Speaking of scheming to remove Toby, the Queen is handed a chance to lock her up and takes it – and she doesn’t waste much time or show much mercy. What do you make of her reasons for what she’s done? Is that all that’s driving her or do you think there might be something deeper and darker behind it?

Why does the Queen hate Toby so much again? Because Toby figured something out that she wanted her people to get credit for? Seems kind of trivial to me…. I suspect that Oleander and/or Raysel are pulling strings to get Toby killed through official channels. Or they are all being influenced by someone even scarier.

5. And what about Oleander? It seems she isn’t a figment of Toby’s imagination after all – but how is she managing to stay so close without being found? Any guesses/theories/suspicions?

I never doubted Toby! Maybe her power is being boosted by the person actually behind the scenes? Or there is some connection between her and Toby that she is using to increase her influence over Toby.

I’m really excited to find out what is really going on :D.

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