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Late Eclipses Read Along {Week 4}

Late Eclipses by Seanan McGuire Read Along

Week 4!

Wow, what an ending! We have finished the fourth book in the Toby Daye series and it definitely just keeps getting better :D. Spoilers below obviously ;-).

1. If May is no longer Toby’s Fetch – what is she? Any thoughts as to what possible role or direction May might take?

Best friends forever!!!!! Does she really need a label though? She’s probably the only former Fetch in existence and so I guess that just makes her a pureblood Dochas Sidhe maybe? I hope she continues to live with Toby and stay close, though maybe she should go off and live her own life for a bit first.

2. If all Fae lines (Daoine Sidhe, Hob, Tylwyth Teg etc) have a purpose as is suggested this week. What are your thoughts on the revelation that Toby is actually Dochas Sidhe? What would such a Fae bring to Faerie’s delicate power balance?

I really have no idea about this one. I’m not completely convinced things are that neat, though I guess since all the lines were created by Oberon and the Queens, it could be. Maybe Dochas Sidhe are supposed to be the investigators of the Fae, ha!

3. Connor is once again a free and single man. So, age old question – Connor or Tybalt?

Can I pick neither? It’s not that I don’t like them, it’s that I like Toby single. If I had to choose/predict, I think Tybalt since Connor is sort of the childhood crush that Toby seems to have rather outgrown.

4. When/Will Toby remind Dugan about her promise? Surely that poor shmuck is already regretting his behavior?

Ummm next book perhaps?

5. Where next for the Tobyverse? Hopes? Predictions? Wishful thinking?

I feel like something needs to happen more with Toby being the Countess now since that didn’t get dealt with all that much. Things with the Queen seem to the building to a head, so that could certainly be the plot of the next book. I have no idea though, and that’s what I love about this series!

What did you think of this book and how it compared with the previous ones? I have to admit I liked the plot of this one way more than book three, excited to see what happens next!

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