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My Actual Stats and Thoughts on Them

There is a lot of discussion around stats in the book blogging community (and blogging in general) since publishers indicate that they consider numbers when looking where to send books, plus it is just nice to think that you’re doing well in a quantifiable way. There is also a lot of discussion about how we shouldn’t care about stats as much as we do and I do find myself caring less as my time as a blogger has progressed, and therefore being less stressed. However, I can’t think of any discussion where actual numbers were reported. I’m pretty confident that I’m not just forgetting something because, especially a year or so ago, I really really wanted to know what actual numbers other blogs, both bigger and “my size” whatever that is, were getting to have some idea where my numbers fit in. I was also terrified to say what my numbers really were because I felt like I was behind where I “should have” been. Well, I’ve become much more comfortable with my stats and blog, so I now don’t mind telling you exactly what my numbers are and dissecting them. I hope that this proves interesting and useful to both newer bloggers and everyone since I think the best way to get over this potentially stressful obsession is to pull away the mystery surrounding it ;-).

Average Monthly Users for a Book Blog

Yup, that’s right, I’m generally hovering just under 2k unique monthly visitors these days with a couple of spikes around very popular giveaways (the big one in January is when Brandon Sanderson retweeted about a giveaway :D). I decided to start in October of 2012 because it would give me a nice clean two years to show you and I didn’t have Google Analytics on for the first yearish that I was blogging, so I don’t have much more to report anyway ;-).

A note on what you’re actually seeing up there: “users” is Google’s new term for unique monthly visitors (UMV) which is what publishers usually want to see to get an indication of your blog’s reach. I decided that showing the data by month instead of day/week would make it easier to see the larger trends and I find it keeps me from agonizing over day to day changes as well.

Some things that pop out right away:

  • My first year or two of blogging (I started seriously in May 2011) saw a pretty steady increase in monthly users.
  • April to August 2013 was a lull and I can’t think of any particular reason why that happened.
  • This past winter the blog was pretty popular, even ignoring the “Sanderson spike” of January.
  • July was apparently also a popular month for me, though I have no idea why and feel compelled to investigate >.>. *comes back* It was when I posted my “For Review vs. Review Consideration” post, which I thought was going to go fairly unnoticed, but which ended up super popular and Dear Author linked to it *fangirls*.
  • I haven’t really grown much in the past year.

That last point seems the one that I should be most horrified about (though fortunately I feel rather unmoved and calm, which I take as a healthy sign). Why do I think that is? Honestly, no clue, but maybe:

  • Summer and start of school are times people are less online? I personally seem to spend more time online during the summer since I hate the heat, but I hear from a lot of bloggers and readers that they want to spend more time out doing things during the summer, so it is a normal time for there to be a lull.
  • I go through commenting phases but I’m trying. I get the impression that I comment around a lot less than some bloggers and it makes a fair bit of sense that when you comment a lot (productively at least), you get more traffic because people click the link in your comment to check out your blog. I have been making conscious efforts to stay more engaged with all the blogs I love through commenting :).
  • I had less discussion writing inspiration. I’ll be honest, grad school has been pretty darn tough for me this past year, and therefore I have definitely not held to my goal of writing at least two discussion posts a month… >.>. Discussion posts definitely have the potential to get a lot more people stopping by to read and comment, so it makes sense to me that I’ve had slower months when I don’t have a discussion.
  • I had fewer giveaways for a while but that’s changing. This was another omg no energy thing and again, giveaways tend to lead to a healthy visitor spike, especially if the author retweets about it. As you may have noticed, I’m making sure that I turn this factor around and that will continue ;-).
  • The blogosphere is saturated with book review blogs? I’ve heard it mentioned plenty that the book blogging world has absolutely exploded in the last year or two (which certainly seems true), and that this means that there is just a limit on stats for hobby bloggers. I’m not entirely sure I buy it, since just because I like and visit these 100 blogs, doesn’t mean that I don’t also love finding new awesome blogs to follow. It is almost certainly true that it is a lot harder to stand out and become huge. I also suspect that we are all getting much less traffic from search engines than single book blogs used to be able to expect because of the number competing for page rank on every popular book. Also, this doesn’t mean at all that you shouldn’t start a book blog if you want to, you definitely should because stats are not in any way everything ;-).

So now that I’ve laid out my dirty laundry for everyone to see, I’m very curious to hear your thoughts! Do you think that I’m completely bonkers? Do you agree with some of my thoughts on why my stats are where they are these days? I’m almost too afraid to ask this but: are your own stats above, below, or at about the same spot?

And just because I think it is important to keep in mind: stats are definitely not everything, and seem to matter less and less these days anyway, so let’s all take a deep breath ;-).

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings

© 2014, Anya. All rights reserved.


  1. I’m with you on how I feel in regards to my stats. My mom will occasionally ask how many people follow my blog these days, and I’ll be like, IDK, somewhere in this ballpark. She can’t believe I don’t keep close track of it.

    To me, it’s more of an issue that nobody comments anymore. The stats are great because you can SEE that a thousand people hit the page, but not one reviewed. I’ll hear people mention later that my review helped them decide to buy a book, etc, but I’m not getting that connection on the page. I TRY to not let it bother me b/c I know comments aer down everywhere, but it DOES.
    Bonnie @ A Backwards Story recently posted…{Review + Event Giveaway} BEHIND THE SCENES by Dahlia AdlerMy Profile

    • Haha, I’m really glad my mom doesn’t ask me that, I think it would add to the pressure! Plus, it varies so much from month to month anyway D:

      Do you include questions at the end of posts? You could try that, since sometimes I find myself getting to the end of a post and they conclude and then I don’t really feel like I have any thoughts to write down

  2. Great post Anya :) I’m trying really hard not to look at our stats for Treetops lately because it has stayed the same for quite a while, but I think in general I feel like we’re doing “better” if we are getting comments rather than actual silent pageviews. Judging by the number of comments on this post, you’re doing brilliantly so stop looking at stats :D
    Angelya recently posted…Wonderfully Wicked Read-a-thon 2014 – GoalsMy Profile

  3. Ooh I have a post coming up which is sort of related to this topic! I’ve only been blogging a few months and I am quite pleased with how my blog is doing at the moment. It’s definitely a work in progress though and I don’t get a lot of time to work on it so any views at all will always be appreciated! I can’t believe that people would take time out of their day to read something I have posted!
    Charlotte @ Books and Baby etc. recently posted…BLOG TOUR // Dead Gorgeous // Elizabeth FlynnMy Profile

  4. Never hurts to ask, right? (Unless someone punches you based on the question alone…) But I can easily say my stats are WAY below that. And, for now especially, that’s okay with me. I’m still trying to make time to find more blogs I want to follow and find more people with whom I can comment back and forth; but I’m having fun, being productive (for a change ;) ), and with everything else in life (namely prepping for the LSAT), I think I’m in a good spot. I’ve definitely noticed that lots of giveaways and popular discussions tend to translate into lots of people. I hope that brings lots of people running over here to you because it’s a wonderful blog. Good luck, and thanks for sharing! :)
    Kel @ Booked til Tuesday recently posted…Updates: Productivity and ProcrastinationMy Profile

    • I’ve been blogging a lot longer though ;-) Not getting stressed over blogging is definitely the best goal though, especially since the LSAT sounds HORRIBLE D:

  5. Heck your stats look good to me. Thankfully I’ve calmed down a lot on caring about them as well. Which is surprising. I thought I would be way more obsessed with stats this year but luckily being pregnant and stressed at work has forced me to relax In Other areas.

    Makes me wonder where my blog will be at in a few years because yeah there are tons of book blogs.
    Tabitha @ not yet read recently posted…Review: Premonitions by Jamie SchultzMy Profile

    • Thanks! ;-) Hehe, I think grad school stress has done the same thing for me, I just can’t care that much about my hobby when I barely have any time to do anything!

  6. I was thinking about your post this morning and had another idea. I wonder if lower views over time aren’t because bloggers have less influence/impact, but rather that it’s more distributed. I mean, I know that many of us post our reviews on Goodreads, etc., so I wonder if a certain number of people are reading the same content from the same people but through other channels.
    Grace recently posted…Halloween Giveaway: “Jackaby” by William RitterMy Profile

    • That’s definitely something I’ve worried about/wondered about in the past as well. It’s part of the reason that I stopped posting my full review to Goodreads and instead just post a summary of my thoughts right after finishing a book and leave the full review to be just for the blog. I’ve never gotten any noticeable boost from Goodreads either, but I also don’t try to be super active on it *shrugs*

  7. hahaha my average unique viewers per month for the last year was 106. Which seems really pathetic compared to your blog, but I was ecstatic about when I found that out. I don’t pay attention to stats, except every month I update my NetGalley profile, so I get to read more books. I’m just happy that someone comes and likes or comments on a post. :)

    • Honestly I think posting every day and participating in a couple big community events regularly helps me a lot, and giveaways, those definitely help too. But you’re right, what really is the most fun is talking with people who like books :D

  8. I averaged about 120-130 page views a day back in 2011-2012, then took a blogging hiatus in early 2013. Ever since, it’s been more in the 80ish range (at least, until the new B.J. Novak book came out, which is sending me lots and lots of search engine views… I’ll be super curious to see if that lasts). I think a big part of the reason for fewer views than in the past is that I used to do a lot more readalongs. I don’t do as many of those anymore because real life has gotten so busy that I prefer to be able to schedule a few weeks in advance.

    • Hm, do you think that the change in the community/number of blogs has influenced that at all as well? I used to do more readalongs as well, though I can’t really remember how many hits they brought, since it was only the other participants that commented unless it was an already well-read/popular book, just because people don’t want to get spoiled. I hear you about real life and wanting to schedule far out though, I also like to read books in a week or stretch it out if life is crazy, so I don’t tend to like readalong structures these days, hehe

  9. Interesting! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone post their stats before, although like you I’ve seen lot of posts talking about how you shouldn’t stress out over your stats. (And others that say you should, and by the way this is how you build a readership, rah rah rah…) You seem to have a pretty healthy attitude to yours though!

    As a super-new blogger I am trying to pay no attention to mine :)
    Miriam @ Inky Realms recently posted…Book Review: Lagoon by Nnedi OkoraforMy Profile

    • Hehe, it definitely is less stressful if you ignore them mostly ;-). Though you will get to see lots of growth for a long while, so that’s exciting :D

  10. I think I have to agree with the hobby blogging – the field does seem very saturated at the moment. There are new bloggers coming in, and some of the older bloggers are changing their own space to try to keep up with the growing trend. However, the negative media attention would chase off some potential bloggers, so there is also that for consideration.

    I can’t really reflect on our own stats, because I stopped following up on them after my year came around. I was OBSESSED during my first year, but that seems to have died down a little. I think I always draw in the least viewers, which makes sense. I’m not as active as my cobloggers on Twitter because my full-time job eats up a lot of my time. I am also giving my novel a serious shot at the moment, and my blogging has suffered from this. I can’t seem to do it all.
    Lyn Kaye recently posted…Book Review: Perfectly Good White BoyMy Profile

    • I hope the negatives aren’t chasing off too many people D: But yeah, blogging has definitely become better known in the last few years I think so this is probably happening in a lot of niches :-/.

      Haha, I hear you about the obsession, it’s kind of a relief to not get such a strange panicky feeling in my chest these days ;-). What’s important is that you do what is fun though, so yey novel!

  11. My stats are depressingly low compared to yours. I’ve never really worried about stats though, because it’s just too stressful and I don’t request any physical ARCs anyway. I find it intersting to look at them and see when I get the highest number of visitors and try to figure out reasons for it. So far, I’ve noticed that the number of visitors was higher when I used twitter hashtags related to the post (I mean something less general than “review”). It might have just been a coincidence though.
    Hellen recently posted…Review/Reseña – La conquista de Oxit – Carlos González SosaMy Profile

    • I think you’re right on when it comes to hashtags, it makes it a lot easier for people to find your tweets about posts through searching on Twitter!

  12. I’ve only been doing this just shy of a month. So it’s great to see what kind of stats others are getting. 2 days ago I had 271 unique hits, almost all of them on the same post. I can honestly say I took one look and was like “Why?… How? I didn’t expect this many for months yet!” Including that day, I’ve had 770 visits since my first post.

    I’m not really paying any attention to visits or views, since I’m barely starting out any at all are good. I’m just keeping track of how many people are actually following me as I figure that’s more important. Especially as I have no idea why I got that random spike in visits!
    Silvara recently posted…Steal The Dragon by Patricia Briggs (review)My Profile

    • That’s another nice thing about analytics though, since it’ll tell you if someone linked to your post or something and help you figure out where those extra hits came from ;-). As far as publishers are concerned, visitors matter more than followers since bloggers can require people to follow multiple ways for giveaways etc so follower count is less reliable in some ways. That’s really exciting that you got that spike though! Means you’re doing something right :D

      • It was all from StumbleUpon, which still kind of boggles me. I’ve used it in the past for other things and other sties and never gotten that kind of traffic, and haven’t gotten that kind of traffic even from StumbleUpon since that one random day.

        And yay for doing something right! *laughs* I started doing reviews because I realized I had nearly a thousand books on my Kindle that I hadn’t read yet, not including my shelf of actual books that I need to read. And being laid off for 6 weeks, I figured as long as I was going to go through and read a bunch of them I might as well blog about it too! Didn’t expect to get 15 followers in just under a month either, so I guess it’s the Universe’s way of telling me this was a good idea.
        Silvara recently posted…Wish by Alexandra Bullen (review)My Profile

        • I guess the StumbleUpon gods decided to put a post in a high spot ;-). I tried using SU for a bit before but quickly forgot to keep including mine and others’ posts so I just gave up haha.

          Book blogging is of course a good idea :D

  13. this is such an interesting discussion thank for outlook g th wool off and letting up take a peaksy. I am the opposite of most people commenting right now as I am trying to grow my blog and I have been doing okay so far I think. Sometimes I get those arcs I request sometime I don’t im still at the border of ok and no way. I still love it and I never take on too much so it doesn’t feel stressful but that also could be since I’m a stay at mommy and have the time right now. I’m sure once I return to the work force In the next year things will change but I’d like to be established (whatever that means) by then. How did you get your stats to show the google analitycs version you see? I currently use just the stats page in blogger and I don’t think it’s very accurate.
    Brittany t recently posted…♡Souls *Grimnirs Book 2* Review♡My Profile

  14. Good discussion question, and thank you for posting real numbers! Also congratulations on getting linked to Dear Author! I actually don’t know my recent stats, because I switched from Blogger to a self-hosted site in late September and haven’t added any stat counters yet. I’m still trying to decide which one(s) to use. Back when I was on Blogger, though, my stats seemed to level off after a period of growth. I think some of your ideas about why that happens are probably correct: more book bloggers means each of us gets a smaller piece of the “pie”; the amount I comment definitely affects the number of comments and visits I get; and a good discussion post can drive traffic up – but so can a well-written review of a popular forthcoming book, if you happen to be one of the early posters. I don’t actually find that giveaways boost my stats much; I do think that being on other social media helps a little. (I’m on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.)

    As for the importance of stats, I’m sure they help in getting ARCs, but I’m trying not to sweat over them. If the people who come to the blog enjoy my reviews and posts, and comment, and I can build a relationship with them – make friends – well, that plus a place to talk about the books I love are what really matters. It’s hard not to get discouraged when I don’t see growth, but I knew going in that I wasn’t going to be the most popular blog on the blog, and that’s not why I started. So numbers… are just numbers, and don’t matter that much. If I never got another ARC, I would still love to read, still find good books to read, still buy books and borrow them from the library, and still talk and write about them.
    Lark @ The Bookwyrm’s Hoard recently posted…News & Notes – 10/11/14My Profile

  15. Hmm…this is a really interesting discussion! :D I hardly look at my stats anymore either, because I feel it’s just too much pressure, you know? I want to blog for fun and because I love to read; and I don’t want my hobby to become a constant chore with checking and rechecking stats all the time. I know some people are very goal-oriented and like checking their stats, but I’m just not one of those people.

    Thanks for sharing and, as always, FABULOUS discussion topic! <3
    Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf recently posted…Don’t TouchMy Profile

    • I definitely hear you about it being too much pressure! I tend to prefer ignoring my stats and haven’t even felt like requesting ARCs recently much because I just don’t want to think about updating my stats to send in request emails, haha. Thanks!

  16. I rarely look at my stats anymore, partly because there was a large time period where they broke and didn’t record properly, and partly because my stats now are way lower than they were. I’ve had the blog since Feb 2011, and had good numbers in 2011 and 2012. In 2013 I started to see lower numbers as I did less giveaways and kept with lots of reviews. This year, I’m averaging only 500 UMV, and I’m sure it’s because I rarely do giveaways and a do mainly reviews and very few discussion posts. It seems like book blogs have gotten away from reviews, and since I insist on postly mostly them, my stats are way lower. As a result, I tend to stress to publishers my longevity, and not so much my monthly stats. It looks better for me then.
    Sarah recently posted…Discussion: Wishlist tagMy Profile

    • Were you doing similar things when you first started blogging and just the community’s apparent preferences have changed, or no? I can’t honestly remember how things looked in 2012 even since I paid much less attention to the larger community at that point in time, hehe.

      Do you find the longevity argument working with publishers? I had always gotten the impression they cared less about how long you’ve been blogging than how your doing right now, but I’d very much like it to be the opposite ;-)

      • I’ve been doing the same thing all along, although I did have more author features and more of a focus on self-published books at one time.

        I don’t contact many publishers, but I don’t often get turned down when I do. I usually include a “daily posting since Feb 2011 with 125+ reviews a year” line in lieu of current stats, and never had anyone question or ask for more information. I do have my full stats in me Netgalley profile, but that’s my first line there too.
        Sarah recently posted…Week in review Oct 12My Profile

        • Awesome! I might have to try that too, since I feel like my emphasis on posting daily should pay off somewhere ;-)

  17. I think my blog is pretty low-traffic but still seems to be growing a bit (around 1500-2000 pageviews per month for the second half of this year, according to blogger. I don’t have the unique visitor number, but I expect that would be a fair bit lower). I like looking at the stats, but I am not too stressed about them. Mostly I just look to see which posts were the most popular. I’m pretty happy with where my blog is for the moment, though I am quite behind on writing my reviews (I keep expecting life to get easier, so I’ll have more time…).

    In general, I read other peoples’ blogs far more often than I comment on them, so that probably hurts my blog’s popularity, too. Anyway, it’s always fun to discover new blogs written by people who have some overlap with me in their interests, and I don’t think the blogosphere is yet over-saturated in that area :).
    Allie recently posted…Review: A Stranger in Olondria by Sofia SamatarMy Profile

    • That’s awesome to hear! Haha, yeah, life has a serious tendency to get in the way of blogging fun times ;-).

      Commenting does seem to be a big thing for getting more eyes checking out your own blog, but I obviously feel your pain for not feeling like commenting sometimes, hehe. I agree, more spec fic blogs!

  18. My monthly unique visit or are about 1.5k. I am honestly surprised, I thought that your number would be much greater since lately I did not put much effort into my blog. I really don’t care about stats since they do not mean anything to me. I live in small European non-english-speaking country and for most off the publishers the price is too high to send paper books or they do not have the rights…
    As for what’s good for stats. They were the best when I participated in armchair bea. Also giveaway hops make an evident spike in a number of visits.
    Dragana recently posted…Platamonas, or There and Back AgainMy Profile

    • Haha, just shows how much we love your blog even if you don’t post as frequently ;-). Have you tried talking to local publishers at all? Only if you actually want to obviously, I’m just curious :D

  19. This post has taught me one thing. I’m never going to check my stats again… it is depressing :>P

    I’m a sporadic blogger. Trying to post everyday or even every week is stressful. I don’t run giveaways either though I do have a page/pinterest board showcasing other’s. I do this “hobby” for fun so I decided cut out the stress and post whenever the spirit takes me. And my lack of numbers shows that.

    Nobody’s fault but my own but schedules just don’t work for me :>)
    Mulluane recently posted…Weekly Quote #22 ~ Edwin C. RanckMy Profile

    • Hehe, I feel like I promise myself that every couple of months and then get curious and depressed again D:

      Exactly, you should only write content that you enjoy writing when you enjoy writing it! I get a little obsessive about any hobby I take on and that’s the only reason I’m as frequent of a poster ;)

  20. Yeah….wooo stats. To be honest I don’t really track my improvement only because the months that are the lowest are usually the months I’m super busy with school. So yeah. ALSO CONGRATS on getting your post linked at Dear Author! That’s awesome! Anyways. yeah numbers. It definitely helps to comment on other blogs so that people know you exist, and that definitely helps your stats. To be honest, I think it’s how much you comment, and not how much you post that helps with traffic (unless you have some loyal followers, cough me cough just kidding I just like commenting I’m not a stalker). I haven’t had the guts to request a print ARC, which I probably won’t have any chance with until I hit my first blogoversary at least.

    Thanks Anya for the discussion post! Discussion posts definitely help with stats and getting linked up with other bloggers’ Sunday Posts and weekly updates too. I should probably come up with one but I am just way too lazy blargh,
    Valerie recently posted…Stacking the Shelves #12My Profile

    • I feel your pain! Thanks :D

      Pfft, you are welcome to be a loyal follower if you want to ;-) Just no real life stalking and I’ll let it slide :-P

      You never know when it comes to requesting print ARCs, six months is usually the minimum I hear, but it doesn’t generally hurt to let a publishers know when you’re excited to read something anyway!

  21. I don’t know, I’m not too bothered about my follower counts or page views. I have my blog because I like talking about books with people, and even if it’s just a handful of people, I love talking with them! I feel like it’s more fun to just look at stats and see what posts are the most popular or which genres of books you’ve read the most and things like that.
    Kritika recently posted…Book Talk: AudiobooksMy Profile

    • I definitely love talking with all of you so much, and can’t honestly decide if I like writing posts, reading books, or reading comments most! I also will analyze and try to figure out which posts are most popular, though it tends to be just what you’d expect: giveaways and discussions are most popular, memes next, and reviews last *sigh*. My aim for this post’s analysis was more from the stats given to publishers side of things ;-)

  22. Since I don’t have Google analytics, it’s hard to compare my stats with yours. I only have these really “raw” stats from the peoples that host my blog, which will be much higher than Google’s. My blog has been constant, barely growing anythign at all, for the last two years. I tend to get around 3500 unique visitors every month. I’ve noticed that in months I blog more (just quantity, not necessarily quality post), I get a lot more visitors. Great post Anya, I feel like sharing concrete numbers is such taboo in the blogging community, and it shouldn’t be (:
    Celine recently posted…Review: Grave Secret by Charlaine HarrisMy Profile

    • What makes you suspect that your host’s stats will show too high out of curiosity? Posting more content definitely has the likely result of increasing visitor counts since I feel like it makes it more likely someone will find something they want to read more about or comment :)

      • Mainly because when I switched to self-hosted, the stats seemed to be higher immediately, which I thought was a bit unlikely. But I don’t know, the only way to know for sure would be to install Analytics and compare, but somehow I haven’t managed to get it to work properly

        And good reasoning on the posting more content! We always hear quality over quantity, but we shouldn’t forget the upsides of quantity either ^^
        Celine recently posted…The Sunday Post #4My Profile

  23. I did a post about stats a few weeks ago, and I talked about how stats don’t really matter to hobby bloggers, as long as they’re enjoying their blog :) I touched briefly on my own stats, which are 15-40 hits a day usually. That’s pretty low next to a lot of other bloggers out there, but I don’t do ARCs so I’m not giving my stats to publishers and such. With my lower hits I’m still getting everything that I want to get out of my blog-a creative outlet for me to talk about bookish and life topics, I get to interact with other awesome people who have similar interests, and I also get to meet people from all over the world :) That’s what matters to me in blogging, and I can do all of that with the stats I currently have :)
    Finley Jayne recently posted…{Halloween Special} Black Cat CookiesMy Profile

    • Yeah I remember reading it :D. It is definitely most fun to focus on just enjoying writing and discussing content, it’s just as soon as you want to send out an ARC request that the stats come hammering down on your head :(. I’m glad you’ve figured how enjoyable blogging works for you :D

    • That is such a sane and healthy way of looking at blogging! I think sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in the stats and forget why we started this in the first place. :-)
      Lark @ The Bookwyrm’s Hoard recently posted…News & Notes – 10/11/14My Profile

  24. Hmm. I have stat counter vs Google Analytics and not sure if they track the same kind of things. I get to see Pageviews and Unique monthly visits. Which sounds similar but I am not sure visits is the same as visitors. Still I never mind sharing because I never figured out why it needs to be hidden (there are sites that can give a person a general feel for websites traffic out there after all).

    My pageviews for the year average 4500 a month, with unique visits sitting at 2824 a month. The second half of the year is stronger than the first but I do seem to be at my peak– Last quarter I saw 5500 page view/month with 3662 Unique visits/month and every month looks almost the same; no more growth.

    Strangely enough I get a good share of traffic from Search engines, which is good and bad. Average of 800 hits a month come from searches, which means my actually follower count is not so great.
    Nathan (@reviewbarn) recently posted…Fantasy Review: ‘The Young Elites’ by Marie LuMy Profile

    • Yeah, visitors is unique IP addresses, whereas visits counts repeat visitors, which is also a nice thing to know about ;-). Yeah, I’ve never really gotten the secrecy, and I don’t think anyone has ever SAID it should be secret, actual numbers just aren’t really discussed for some reason and it almost seems rude to “spy” on another blog, hehe.

      I also get a lot of my hits from search engines, though now that we can’t see what the actual searches are, it is so hard to do anything productive with those hits, haha.

  25. I go in phases about caring about stats. I don’t check them unless I’m sending in a request so I don’t think about them until then. I get sad when I notice things have decreased or I’ve not grown. There was such steady growth that first year it’s a bit hard to see it level out in year two. To be fair, I do WAY less blog giveaways and I’ve not been posting some of my most popular features. It’s been harder to juggle real life and blogging life. Great post Anya!
    Kristen@My Friends Are Fiction recently posted…Stacking the ShelvesMy Profile

    • Haha, yeah, I do the same thing. I’ll be so good about ignoring everything for a while and then will feel like requesting something again and blah D: Real life does take priority though, so go you for priorities ;-)


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