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Links Luau #1

There are so many cool posts around the book blogosphere and I just can’t help but gush about some of them sometimes, so here is a new feature where I send you to a few of my favorites that I’ve been collecting!

Guest Post by Moira J. Moore at Fantasy Cafe In this post Moore discusses the strategy that she used to write a story about a civilization that is truly gender equal and I absolutely loved how it highlighted the assumptions that go on in our society without people even meaning to be sexist.

J.K. Rowling has announced her new book for adults and April at Good Books and Good Wine posted about it, which was the first place that I saw it. I’m not sure how I feel about the book, but April always amuses me and this post is no exception.

Guest Post by Jessica from Sci-Fi Fan Letter at Fantasy Cafe is another awesome post from Fantasy Cafe’s Women in SF&F Month series. This one is about expanding your reading experience, and I especially liked the three short story suggestions at the bottom of the post because they are freely available so go read one now!

Jenni at Jenni Elyse’s Blog posted an old BBC Reading List from an old post of hers. Apparently most people will only have read 6 books on this list. I’ve read 11 and am now tempted to try to read more, you should go check it out and post here how many you’ve read!

What great posts this past month have I missed? Link me something awesome to read :D


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  1. Thanks so much for linking to my post. :) I know exactly what you mean about trying to read more on the list. I’d like to read most of them someday.


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