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Links Luau #5

Aw man, I haven’t done a Links Luau in way too long! Time for more links love, and this one is gonna be bigger than usual xD


Ever want to find lots of indie books? Look no further than Awesome Indies, a whole site devoted to finding indie books :D

As a book reviewer, I do from time to time have to give negative reviews, which makes me cringe, and so this post about how authors should respond to negative reviews made me feel much better. There are people out there who hate puppies and chocolate, much worse than disliking a book!

I love this post at Coffee, Cookies and Chilli Peppers of Sue’s favorite books in the past 12 months since it has so many books that are to-read for me!

I didn’t attend the BEA Book Blogger Con this year, but it sounded like an overall bad experience, and I thought this post did a good job of gathering together a lot of people’s opinions on the matter from Read, React and Review.


I will be writing a post about my transition to wordpress self-hosted, but until then, check out this delicious list of wordpress plug-ins if you’ve recently moved!

SEO is scary, but backlinks are really important, and I liked the new ideas that I read about in 10 No-Nonsense ways to build backlinks

I realized that getting a new design for the site is going to take a while, and so at least picked out a pretty background, and found Subtle Patterns, site with lots of pretty background patterns for free :D

Again, I’ve been doing some research to figure out this whole wordpress self-hosting thing, and another great article I found on it is here at Problogger, all about WordPress :D

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