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Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet Read-Along {Week 4}

The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet Read-Along

Week 4!

Hey everyone! The holiday has seriously cut into my posting groove, so I’m a bit late with the final wrap-up for this read-along, but the long and short of it is: omg this book rocks, go read it now! ;-) And now, spoilers below for the last section of The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet!

1. Let’s start with the Toremi, since we’ve waited this long to get to them! As we’ve been discussing for a while, we do get to learn more about the Toremi, about their culture and how they think and behave. In light of what happens when the Wayfarer reaches Hedra Ka, what’s your take on the Toremi now? Are the GC right to abandon their negotiations or could there have been a chance to make something of it?

Uh, yeah, I think there is too much difference between the general working principles of these cultures for the GC to safely engage with them. I was fascinated to try to figure them out, but if you can get killed just for disagreeing with them… that’s going to be a problem. Maybe only distant communication interaction? They need to just sort out this major change in their culture I think. But I want to know more about the New Mothers, gah!

2. A visit to a Solitary Sianat colony in “Heresy” provides a potential cure for Ohan’s illness, but they make it fairly clear they don’t want it – though there may be some debate about whether or not Ohan is in their right mind… Corbin takes matters into his own hands in that respect, and he does it in a crucial moment following the attack on the Wayfarer. Do you think Corbin did the right thing?

Omg I love this section soooooooo much! I definitely think that Ohan’s parasite was altering his mind and making him think that he wanted to be part of the Pair when it actually wasn’t good for him. Like I said the first week, there are a number of parasites that are known to change their hosts’ neurological functions to aid the parasite! I was really glad that Corbin realized that he was in the best position to save Ohan since he didn’t have anything to lose really. And it’s pretty clear that Ohan forgives him and probably is thankful to him, so everyone else should accept that.

3. Ohan survives the attack on the ship, but Lovey (as we know her) doesn’t. Were you at all prepared for what happened to the AI? And in light of all that, do you think Pepper’s offered solution was the right one?

*sobs in a corner* I really thought that things were going to work out, but I guess something sad has to happen at the end of a story, sigh. I like Pepper’s solution a lot. I appreciate that Pepper stuck to her morals about AI even when that AI was only a few hours old and therefore basically just the base programming. I wonder at the money that Jenks shelled out for that body though since he didn’t really get a say in how it was ultimately used….

4. This one is less of a “thinky” question and more of a “wrap up” one, but I’m curious for your answers – now that we’ve finished the story, what scenes/moments do you remember best as your favourites, if any?

I have to choose???? I think the various scenes that develop Sissix’s character are still my favorite. She is my favorite character, so I guess that makes sense :). I loved her interactions with Ashby and them reaffirming their familial status, so cute.

This was such a fun read-along and thank you so much for Lisa for suggesting it! Check out our Read-along group for our next upcoming reads in the new year!

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  1. I’m so conflicted about the whole Ohan and the Cure thing. On the one hand, yeah, Ohan was likely under the influence of the Whisperer. On the other hand, Ohan thinks of the Whisperer as part of who he is – so curing him would kind of mean lobotomizing him…but it all worked out in the end and Ohan certainly looks a lot happier, so that’s all we can ask for!
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    • yeah, we’d need to ask him if in hindsight he felt like the Whisperer was taking over him or not, but it seemed like that was what was hinted at?

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