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Look What I Got!

I got a Kindle Touch for graduation and I’m very excited!

I am especially excited because I still have an Amazon Prime subscription from the college email address promotion they had a while back, and apparently Amazon Prime + Kindle = Lending Library. No kidding! You can temporarily download a book a month free on your Kindle! And they have best-sellers! :D.

I will have to be good though, because I also got some new books for review and from the library that I still want to finish! Here’s what I got in the past couple of weeks that I still need to read:


And from the library!


Though I’ve gotten half way through Warbreaker and Beggars and Choosers but I’m determined to read them all before leaving the state (since I will obviously have to return them all then :( ). I’m also going on a plane ride next week, so hopefully I’ll be able to get a fair chunk out of this reading pile then :).

Anyone have any Kindle Touch tips for me? I’m so excited but slightly overwhelmed at all the possibilities xD.

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  1. Congratulations! I am waiting for my old Kindle keyboard to die so I can get a Touch. I love the feel and form factor. The Lending Library is great but also check your local library as many now carry ebooks that you can check out and send straight to your Kindle. Here is the link for more information about the Overdrive service,

    I actually read more on my Kindle and now prefer it to physical books. If you have a smart phone, load the app and you can synch books between devices. It is perfect for standing in line at the grocery when you might not have your Kindle with you.


    • Yeah, that is the next thing on my list to check out, since I’m a fan of libraries. They just give away books for FREE??? Crazy concept ;-)

      I’ve had the Kindle app on my phone for a while now, but the screen is too small and the back lighting gives me eye strain since I spend a lot of hours looking at screens already and I have insomnia so reading is a big thing to help me sleep, which doesn’t work on a back lit screen. Hence, the new Kindle! :D And I haven’t tested it yet, but I think it fits perfectly in my purse >.>

      Do you have any cover recommendations for it? I definitely have to get a sturdy case and probably a cool book like cover as well, since I’m rather clumsy :(

      • I agree about the back-lighting problem, I work in IT and stare at a screen all day long. The e-Ink technology of the new e-readers is perfect for 4 hour reading sessions at night. :-)

        This is my favorite case, I bought one for my wife and she loves it because of the ability to hold it securely one handed.

        What will you first Kindle book be?


        • Exactly, I’m a computer science grad student so there is a lot of screen time in my day already….

          I got a case similar to that, also the leather book style, but I got a model that comes in purple :D I’m quite excited since I wanted something solid enough to protect my device but also nice looking :)

          Well, I had the kindle app before, so I synced that right away, so I already have books on it :) I also just transferred a few review books that I had sitting in my email waiting for the kindle to arrive and have started on Moa by Tricia Shiu, so maybe that counts as my first Kindle book since it’s the first one I’ve been reading on the new device?


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