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Makeover Before and After!

The blog makeover is finally (mostly) done and I wanted to remember how it looked before for the memories ;-). Also, I’ve redone and updated the Reviews page so if you want to look at covers or find a new book, check it out!




Do you like the new look? Am I missing anything useful on the sidebar or pages? Let me know!

Anya from About The Story


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  1. You did a great job and the background and dragon you chose are perfect!

    • Thanks! I spent a lot of time on istockphoto, but they have a very good selection! Laura from LikelyLola did a really awesome job putting everything together and she made the scrolls and stars herself! It was so much fun seeing the idea I had in my head come to life!

  2. The dragon is so cute!

    • :D ThankyouThankyouThankyou! I might have gone through the entire iStock collection of dragons to find the perfect ones >.> Her name is Midnyght and she is my favorite, lol! The good news is that the set that she came with included a number of other poses and the designer is going to hold onto them for making feature headers and buttons in the future :D

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