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Meet Our New Mascot: Midnyght!

So this past weekend (Labor Day) was my anniversary (love you hunny!) and we went to the Renaissance Festival because we’re cool like that. At the Ren Fest, we came across this booth with dragons, and I spotted a black and purple dragon with adorable purple armor plates and I was in love. I have a hard time buying cute things for myself, however, and so my wonderful boyfriend bought her for me for my anniversary gift and so now I would like to present to you all Midnyght, who is the physical incarnation of the adorable little dragon at the top of the page :). And yes this means that my dragon collection is growing at an alarming rate >.>.


Isn’t she adorable??? Here’s the website if you want your own awesome dragon: Dragon Pets

Midnyght commands you to subscribe for weekly reviews of awesome books or else >.> <.<



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