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Four Stars: Merciful Flush by Lance Manion

Merciful Flush is a collection of posts from Lance Manion’s blog, which range from disturbing to hilarious and back again over and over. Read at your own risk, you might get grossed out, you might get offended or you might have a cool idea and a laugh.

I first off need to say thank you so much to Lance Manion for sending me a copy of Merciful Flush for review. Merciful Flush is my first unsolicited review copy and it was quite exciting for an ickle fledgling like me! It was also highly entertaining :).

 Merciful Flush
Authors: Lance Manion
Pages: 199 (e-copy)
Genre-ish: Adult Humor (think South Park)
Rating: ★★★★ – Fairly entertaining, offensive to some I’m sure
Setting: Mostly the real world, though there are a few stories that definitely didn’t happen in this world (I hope….) or stray pretty far into someone’s imagination ;-).
Premise: As I said, this is a collection of blog posts that are each a stand alone short story. And honestly, this guy has one of the craziest imaginations I’ve run across in the last week, maybe the last month. Some examples that I can recall off the top of my head: an airplane window turning into a touch pad on the descent, taking a shower so hot your skin melts off, what starfish think to themselves.


  • Entertaining and compulsive writing, very easy to get sucked into “just one more”
  • Very very very very imaginative, I can’t believe what is now in my mind that wasn’t there before….
  • Fairly entertaining in spots, depending on your humor style, as a fan of puns, I was delighted :) Even if you don’t like puns, the dry delivery is sure to draw a chuckle


  • Just as imagination can be a strength, there are times that I was wholly disturbed by what came out of this guy’s head, read some of these stories at your own risk….
  • As can be expected from a blog to book transition, there were a few glaring typos and tripping sentences that could have been brushed up by another set of eyes
  • Swearing here and there so definitely not safe for the young ‘uns
  • Not as many laughable moments as I’d hoped for, but still more than I expected (since I don’t tend to laugh easily at the humor genre)

Summary: An easy and compulsive read, Merciful Flush by Lance Manion is a blogging success story and definitely worth picking up for any travel reading. If you are sensitive to normal adult humor offenses, you might not enjoy the book, but fans of South Park and modern comedians will probably really enjoy Merciful Flush.

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