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Feedburner Woes

Hi all, today I noticed that my Feedburner is reporting 0 followers, all of whom unsubscribed on the same day. This seems a bit suspicious to me (especially since I’m still subscribed to it….), so I’m assuming Feedburner is really starting to bite the dust. I have looked around and haven’t found a feed server service that works the way I want for free. I’m not a fan of the shortening that Feedcat uses, since I know a lot of people prefer to read entire posts in their feedreader. For now we’ll use the straight feed that WordPress provides until I can get something figured out (

Anyone have any recommendations of a feed server that is free but provides the full posts to the feedreader? Or is there a setting on Feedcat that I missed?

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  1. I didn’t like Feedburner and moved away from it when I moved to WordPress. I use FeedPress now and highly recommend it! It’s not free, but I think the price is pretty cheap. They have really good support too and analytics :)
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  2. My subscriber count is back on Feedburner! But I’m still not going back – I’m pretty worried that it’ll actually shut down, so I’d rather figure out the alternative now, heh.

    Anyway, re: Simple Feed Stats, it took about a day for SFS to start reflecting my actual stats. And I’m just looking at the SFS block you can put on your dashboard, showing current subscribers, which is pretty straightforward.

    I actually wasn’t aware that the /feed/ link took you to a “wall of xml”? When I click on anyone’s link like that, I get taken to a page that lets me subscribe in Google Reader or other options… maybe that’s just my Firefox… I’m so clueless! lol

    Yeah, from the emails I get from Jetpack, I’ve liked what I’m seeing, so I’ll probably stick with them for the foreseeable future. :)

    • Completely agreed, I’m not going back to Feedburner given that Google has given up on it, who knows what will happen with it in the next year!

      Sounds good, now that it’s been a couple of days, I am seeing what look like normal numbers, though I don’t really understand the “Referrer” section of the full FeedStats page >.> Oh well, I’ll just go with the numbers, haha

      So I think there is a Google Reader or other plugin for browsers that gives you that handy page for feeds, since when I click on my own I don’t get anything pretty now that I’ve turned off my Google Reader plug in. What do you get when you click on my RSS link in the flame if you don’t mind checking for me?

  3. Oh my gosh. Mine are all gone too. Dagnabit. Thanks for the heads up!

    • You’re welcome! Let me know what you end up going with, since I’ll need to update my subscribed feeds sometime too in case Google decides to just stop them all from working one day, ugh!

  4. I *just* noticed today that feedburner was marking as zero readers on both my blogs :S and yeah I am still subscribed too. grumbles. Anyways I removed the button from both blogs. I do have feedcat as well though for whoever doesn’t mind it. I hope they come up with better options soon o.O

    • Agreed! I just haven’t liked any of the options I’ve found while googling, everything is either wrong is some way or paid, ugh!

  5. A lot of people I know have been using MailChimp. I’ve looked into it, and use it for newsletters (though not posts yet). I haven’t studied it enough to know whether it will show the full post or not, but it’s free up to…I wanna say several thousand (can’t remember for sure) subscribers, so you might check into that one. :D

    • But that is just for feed to email right? I need something that works with feedreaders, since I know a lot of my readers (and me, haha) prefer to read posts that way :(

  6. Yep, my Feedburner stats reset to 0 around the 17th, and haven’t changed since, even though the feed itself seems to be working for my own subscription. I’ve reverted to just pointing my RSS link to [myurl]/feed/, and I’ve also installed the free “Simple Feed Stats” plugin so I can see how many subscribers I’ve got. That setup is actually working really well for me, and I might just stick with that rather than looking for another “feedburning” alternative… unless there are downsides I’m missing? I’m new to this, so… =S

    As for email, I’m using the Jetpack option, and it seems to be working fine.

    • I think that’s what I’m going to go with for now as well. I can’t quite understand what my Simple Feed Stats is telling me yet, but I’ll figure it out soon hopefully lol! I think the only thing I will miss is the interface when someone clicked on the feedburner link, since it let people just click buttons to subscribe to the major feedreaders instead of needing to copy the feed in themselves. I don’t like the huge wall of xml code that gets displayed ya know?

      I’ve been using the Jetpack email option for a while and people seem to like it :D

  7. I’ve noticed that Feedburner has my subscribers at 0 today too. Checking through the history I see it’s done it a few times. =(
    Ashley @ BookNook recently did a post about this exact thing! She checked out a few alternates to Feedburner. Check it out and see if there is something there you want to switch too. I have no idea otherwise on what is out there. =/

    • Yup, I noticed that too, boo! Thanks for the link! It looks like she is mostly focused on feed to email services, but since I like to use a feedreader, I want to make that option available as well :-/

  8. Hannah @ Once Upon A Time says:

    This is a longstanding issue with Feedburner. Has been happening to me for years. :)
    On the other hand, the way Google just shut down things without consideration purely to make more money at the moment, it’s probably smart to get a headstart.

    • Yeah, I noticed that there have been a couple other extreme dips, but they usually recovered after a day, haha. Exactly, I’ve lost my trust in google when it comes to blogging services…

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