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New Blogging Platform: Medium

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Meet the New Blogging Platform: Medium

Hey all, exciting news! This week I was at a computing conference and heard about this awesome new blogging site called Medium. It’s still in beta, but you can read the content that is currently there and get excited about the release. To tide you over until Medium goes public, however, I was able to grab beta writing access to show you how it all works!

Medium works on the idea that you should be able to write blog posts that other people can find even if you don’t write super frequently. One of the biggest things we all struggle with is getting pageviews and followers right?? Well Medium is trying to take off that pressure if you aren’t interested in maintaining your own blog: they have Collections to which you can post your blog post (or cross-post!), so people can just follow the collections that they are interested in without having to worry about a blogroll or feed reader.

For example, I’ve made a collection called Book Talk, which I’m hoping will be a place for book bloggers to post or cross-post their reviews and discussions to, so that new book bloggers can get their ideas out there more easily and so that we can all find new book blogs more easily!

Medium has a pretty slick interface I must admit! To write a post, there is a nice clean white interface that you can easily copy and paste your review into (the formatting transferred perfectly for me!)

Medium Post Editing

You might also notice that there is a little Share Draft button up there. Medium has a cool feature where you can get feedback on your blog posts before you actually post them. You click Share Draft and it goes to a collection where people give you feedback, like so:

Medium Adding Notes

Of course we all love to have pictures in our posts, so you have a couple options! You’ll see in the first screenshot that you can add an image to be the header of the post. This doesn’t seem to work well with book cover sized images since it stretches them instead of shrinking, I’m hoping this changes or becomes customizable! I don’t want pixelated icky book cover pieces as my headers D: But! You can also add images between any of your paragraphs in your blog post:

Medium Adding Image

Allegiant’s cover was totally necessary to include >.>. But look! You can include a caption for the images easily right along the side there. Currently it looks like you can only add images between paragraphs, not on the left or right of the text like a lot of us like to do :(.

Finally, there might come a time when you want to start your own collection! The collections are REALLY easy to set up, with another pretty and sleek interface, and they are pretty easy to run. You can choose to have a private collections that is just for your friends, or you can have a public one. You don’t have to approve posts going in to the collection, but if someone posts something wacky, you can remove it from the collection as the collection owner! You also get to choose if you want posts to just appear with more recently posted first, or if you want posts with the most recommendations to show up first!

Medium Adding Collection

I’m thinking sub-collections could be a cool thing to add, so that we can have genre collections of reviews within the larger book collections. Thoughts?

Anyway, I know it’s read-only right now, but I’ll post as soon as Medium opens up to the public so that you can get your book reviews up! I’m really excited about this new blogging platform since it seems perfect for discovering new book blogs and for any of those other random posts you want to put out on the Internet but not necessarily on your blog ;-).

What do you think? Is this a platform you can see yourself using to post or cross-post book reviews and discussions to?

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings -Anya

© 2013, Anya. All rights reserved.


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Anya! It sounds like an interesting idea, but I can see problems both personally and with the platform. Personally — I just don’t have time to take on another thing; it’s all I can do to keep up with my blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and trying to read at least SOME of the posts by bloggers I follow. And platform — it could be really hard to sort out what’s good from what’s mediocre or bad. But it will be interesting to see what happens with Medium!
    Lark of the Bookwyrm’s Hoard recently posted…Sunday Post – 10/13/13My Profile

    • Yeah, the posts get ranked based on the number of favorites, so there will be at least some mechanism for having the good stuff float to the top. It’ll be interesting to see what other features they add!

  2. This sounds awesome! The downside to that is – what if you follow a collection but it starts getting blasted with garbage posts? No offense but I’m selective about the bloggers that I follow and actually read their content (as I’m sure you are too). There are way too many bloggers out there that in my opinion just write things that I don’t care about, or I feel they don’t write well. So I stay far away. So are the collections going to be moderated by the person that first launches the collection? I am excited about this – I just hope that its done well so we can use it and enjoy it instead of filtering through garbage.
    Pabkins recently posted…Review: The Scroll of Years by Chris WillrichMy Profile

    • Yup, that would definitely be a problem. The owner can delete ones that aren’t relevant, but it’ll be interesting to see how well quality factors in. You can set it up so posts that have the most favorites or whatever are at the top, so that will be one way to keep the focus on the quality posts. Yeah, the person who starts the collection moderates it, so I can delete anything that is submitted to Book Talk that I don’t think fits. It seems likely that moderation skill and choice will become the factor as to which collections you follow, since it’ll be all about how much time the person puts in to making sure crap is deleted and how picky the person is with what is submitted

  3. Asti (A Bookish Heart) says:

    Huh, this sounds very interesting. Part of me is curious to check it out once it goes live, but the other part of me says stay away because I already have enough things distracting me as it is! lol. But I do like the fact that it sort of takes the emphasis off of the date of the post and switches it to the content. Interesting. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!
    Asti (A Bookish Heart) recently posted…Bookish Parade: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s (or Philosopher’s) StoneMy Profile

    • Haha, I hear ya! I agree about the emphasis on content, especially because the number of followers won’t factor in anymore since everyone submits to the same collections. Could be a great way for awesome content to get noticed more than it otherwise would!

  4. Sounds pretty cool. I do like the idea of the collections for different types/genres of posts. I’ll have to keep my eye out for it. Thanks for sharing it. :D
    Liesel Hill recently posted…Book Review: Girl of NightmaresMy Profile

  5. This does look very interesting. My problem is I could see myself spending a lot of time randomly reading lots of collections and posts (which can be good), but is a huge time sink (as I also find Pinterest)! Then I’m not reading or writing on my own blog. Or doing my real world stuff!

    However, I did find lots of interesting articles that resonated with me and I wouldn’t have found otherwise. And people who don’t want to maintain a blog could certainly use this.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It will be interesting how it develops.

    • Haha, I know the feeling! It won’t be too bad for me until a lot of book collections develop, then I’ll get lost ;-)

  6. This sounds interesting, especially for people that don’t like the pressure of maintaining an entire blog, but that do like to write posts. I don’t think I’d cross-post myself, I prefer to keep my writings “my own”. Looking forward to see how they develop!

    • Yup, it sounds like that is the goal and they’ve had some cool success stories of blog posts that would otherwise have gone unnoticed getting lots of attention (including one about a health problem caused by some training thing that apparently made national news *shrugs*). Interesting, I hadn’t though of that reason for not cross-posting, good to keep in mind!


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