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Now with NetworkedBlogs and Linky!

Update: Thanks to Hannah at Once Upon A Time, I have Linky Followers figured out as well!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have finally gotten around to including a NetworkedBlogs widget on the sidebar. If you prefer to follow using that, please feel free to subscribe!


To set this up, I followed this handy-dandy guide: How to Add NetworkedBlogs to Your WordPress Blog.

Also, when you first start you probably won’t have many followers, and the widget takes up a lot of space, so check out how to resize NetworkedBlogs widget. It looks like it’s aimed at Blogger people, but if you go to Appearance->Widgets->the widget code instead, it should be clear. Feel free to ask for help!

Linky Followers

Linky Followers is another site aimed at providing a way for people to gather all of their blogs into one place, so adding this widget to your site is a good idea, and once you find the site, it’s pretty straightforward and I didn’t have any trouble figuring it out. Feel free to ask questions if you need!

I’m worried that since GFC isn’t available, some people aren’t able to subscribe in the way that they find easiest, so I’m trying to make every option possible available. Is there any other subscription method that you all would like to see? I obviously don’t want to stand in the way of you subscribing ;-).

On a similar note, do you subscribe to blogs at all, or do you just remember which ones you like and stop by them once in a while? If you subscribe to some blogs, but not this one, would you mind sharing why not? I’d love your feedback!

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