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October Daye Reread Blog Tour! + Huge Giveaway!


Late Eclipses Favorites

Hello everyone! I’m excited to join the blog tour celebrating the latest addition to the October Daye series: Once Broken Faith. There are two giveaways to enter, one for a copy of Late Eclipses (book four!) and one for the whole kit and caboodle :D. Today I want to take the opportunity to discuss my favorite parts of Late Eclipses from the read along we recently had since this is my favorite of the Toby books so far!

There will be spoilers for Late Eclipses below!!

Late Eclipses

  1. Real consequences – While Toby’s life has never been easy, this was the first book where a secondary character whom I had grown exceedingly attached to was lost. Too often series have characters that are clearly safe because the author can’t bring themselves to kill them off. Lily’s death makes it clear that no favorites are safe, which ups the tension for the rest of the series.
  2. Adorableness – Tybalt and Toby finally start having to deal more seriously with their feelings for each other but the way that they do it makes me like them even more since they aren’t being annoying about it, haha.
  3. There is a whole lot more to Toby – This is the book where we find out that Toby is from a Fae bloodline that no one knows anything about and where her mother changes her so that she is much more Fae than human. To me at least, all of these events make it feel like this is the start of Toby’s real story.
  4. Story structure – I have to admit that I didn’t particularly like book three’s story structure since it didn’t rely much on a mystery and more just action. Therefore, I was quite happy that Late Eclipses was all mystery and discovery about the world. That’s my favorite thing about urban fantasy :).

What is your favorite book so far?


Penguin is so awesome that they’ve provided TWO giveaways for me to share! First is an exclusive for the blog of two copies of Late Eclipses for those of you that want to continue with the series or reread it yourself! The second is a tour-wide giveaway for the whole set so far and all SIGNED :D.

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As per Penguin’s policy, only US/Canada addresses are eligible, the winner will need to respond to my email within 48 hours and I’ll be checking entries.

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Good luck!
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  1. Amber Terry says:

    I’ve had the October Daye books on my wishlist for a while so thank you for the chance to win!!!

  2. Dan Denman says:

    I like the book cover. I am new to the series. These are now on my “to be read” list!

  3. Thanks so much!! Would love to read this sereis.

  4. What an awesome giveaway! I look forward to re-reading!

  5. Mia Hartman says:

    I love this series! Seanan McGuire is the best. So excited to reread the series and see her at ICON41!!!

  6. C.N. Rowen says:

    Oh man, this is an excellent write up for one of my most favorite series! =D

  7. Just started the series.

    So far it’s not that bad.

    Definitely going to read next book.

  8. Ever since I started the series I can’t stop reading and the waiting is so painful for the next novel.

  9. I’ve been reading the series since it started and would be super excited to have some more delightful books on my shelf!

  10. Good timing! I just started reading these books and absolutely love them.

  11. Karla Moon says:

    There are all fantastic books! Please enter me into the giveaway, that would let me pass on my old copies to some of my friends:D

  12. alexseanchai says:

    SIGNED? Entering! :-D

  13. I loved Every Heart a Doorway & am looking forward to reading Seanan’s other work!

  14. I love this series, and I can’t wait for the next one!

  15. Jessie Johnston says:

    I have fallen seriously behind on this series so really need to catch up – thanks for the opportunity to do so.

  16. Penny Olson says:

    Thanks for the intro to this series. These books look really good!

  17. I’ve really enjoyed the first 3 books. Mary Robinette Kowal has done a great job with the audio versions.

  18. Stephanie F. says:

    I really need to get caught up on the series. I’ve loved the ones I read and am eager to get back into it.

  19. Janie McGaugh says:

    I have not read any of Seanan’s books but have wanted to.

  20. l’m really excited about beginning this series. I always enjoy your reviews. Thank you for the opportunity to win the entire series.

  21. Looks like a great series! Defenetly adding these to my ever growing TBR!

  22. Seanan McGuire has been on my to-read list for a while, including the October Daye series. So this is a perfect opportunity to make good on that promise.

    Though I just realized… Is the second giveaway for all 10 books in the series so far?? :o
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  23. I’m really looking forward to starting this series soon, it sounds like it has an awesome urban fantasy setting :)

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