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One Salt Sea Read Along {Week 1}


Week 1!

We’re starting our read along of the next book in the October Daye series: One Salt Sea! This week we’ve read up to chapter nine, so things are just starting to get intriguing. Spoilers below as usual!

1. First things first, the status quo in Toby’s life has been dramatically altered since the events of the previous book. Toby’s finally taking her knighthood seriously! What are your first impressions of this shift in the story?

I like how nicely we get a picture of what Toby’s day-to-day life looks like now without things dragging too much before the mystery starts in. It’s refreshing that Toby is training and generally recuperating, since that’s totally what I would do after what she’s been through!

2. In keeping with the dramatic differences, it’s the Luidaeg’s turn to come to Toby for a favour – and it’s no small thing. Do you think this is a personal matter for the Luidaeg, or is she merely acting in everyone’s best interests?

Definitely a personal matter. Given the Luidaeg’s ties to the sea, I suspect there is a lot going on that has to do with her past and she therefore needs to pull in all the favors she is owed to set things right.

3. Connor vs. Tybalt: the question of romance in the Tobyverse has come up many a time before, but now it seems to be taking more of the spotlight in the story. Both men clearly have a place in Toby’s life, though both relationships are perhaps not without their problematic aspects… How do you think Toby ought to handle this particular situation?

Tybalt x 100, though I appreciate that things aren’t really building with them currently. Connor is just so vanilla and too good for his own good and BORING. That being said, it’s good for her to be in a happy and solid relationship, I just thought that they would have gotten over each other by now. I’m hoping that she realizes that they just aren’t the perfect fit since they don’t seem to challenge each other.

4. Rayseline is apparently back and still up to no good. Assuming that it’s not a mistaken assumption, what do you think her apparent involvement in the kidnapping means for everyone else at this point?

I am not surprised to see Rayseline back since she did basically leave the previous book cackling that she’d get Toby and her little dog too ;-). I guess I didn’t think about it being a mistake, but I can’t think of anyone else it could really be. I wouldn’t put it past Rayseline to be orchestrating this whole thing just for the sake of hurting her family and Toby.

And with that, time to read the next section, so excited!

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