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One Salt Sea Read Along {Week 2}


We’re back with another week of One Salt Sea discussion! And what a week it is! We’ve reached about halfway, up through chapter 18, and there are major spoilers below.

We get to meet Dianda Lorden, the Duchess of Saltmist, and Toby takes her first (somewhat unconventional) trip to the Undersea. What are your first impressions of Dianda and her realm?

Yey Undersea! I’m surprised that Toby didn’t completely lose it sometime while in the Undersea, but I guess that would have been hard to fit into the plot along with everything else. I definitely enjoyed seeing the water realm and all the water fairies! I’m happy that there are whale mermaids, haha.

Rocks and hard places: we find out that Rayseline is the one who took the boys, but that she must have had help… Any ideas about who could be working with her?

I’ve got no real ideas on that one, since Oleander is definitely dead, though maybe Sylvester’s brother is going to pop up again? Simon was his name? I’m happy from a series plot perspective that Raysel is back right away to keep the momentum going with her.

Toby’s daughter is kidnapped, and thus the plot thickens – right along with the romantic drama! Any theories about where the story might go from here?

Whaaaaaaaaaaat??? I suppose I should have guessed this would happen as soon as Toby thought to herself what she would do if it was Gilly kidnapped, but gah! Also I’m soooo mad at Cliff and his new wife, Toby has a right to be worried about her daughter even though she has been respecting Gilly’s wishes to stay away! I’m assuming that Toby is now going to boldly rescue all the kids and save the day hopefully? And Tybalt better not be dead!

If you’ll excuse me, I need to read the next section now.

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