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One Salt Sea Read Along {Week 3}


We’re on to week three of our One Salt Sea read along! Things are getting pretty darn intense, we’re pretty much already into the ending, so there will be major spoilers below :).

Firstly, I’m curious as to why Rayseline would want a war – any thoughts on this at all – is there something else at stake?

I was honestly just assuming she wanted a war in order to hurt her family and the other Fae, or she had been manipulated again by someone promising her what she wants. That’s probably too simple though, but I don’t really see how the war helps her beyond causing pain to her father. I’m excited to find out though!

We got another visit from the night haunts – they seemed almost incredibly helpful and didn’t seem to require anything from Toby – do you think they’d be that helpful to just everyone or is Toby getting special treatment?

Toby is definitely getting special treatment and I suspect the Luidaeg has something to do with it since I seem to recall a remark from the night haunts that they were helping her out. It does seem that Toby has managed to ally herself with them though, hopefully they aren’t expecting anything in the future for that. Maybe it’s her tie to May that is making them nicer?

All sorts of strange prophecies from the Roane – any light to cast on what they all mean?

I love Roane’s prophecies! They are just vague enough that they could go a few ways, but they definitely give insight into Toby’s future and inherent nature it seems like. I’m hoping that Toby comes back to those in the future and tries to see how they could be relevant.

Raj is playing more of a role – are we going to have two squires as oppose to one do you think?

I hope so, he’d make a great unofficial squire! Though I suspect that he will in fact just keep following Tybalt around and help Toby when instructed even though he does like hanging around Toby.

The Luidaeg – always seems to know more than she lets on and only helps when circumstances are dire – any thoughts about why that is?

I understand her not wanting to interfere too much in every day things in Fairy since that could get messy given her power. I bet she’s only survived as long as she has because she hasn’t gotten into direct confrontation with other Firstborn and that necessitates keeping out of things most of the time until she can’t resist interfering.

Looking forward to finishing the book this week!

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