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One Salt Sea Read Along {Week 4}


We’re done! And what an ending that was! Below are spoilers for all of this book :).

1. We find out a few tidbits about the Luidaeg’s abilities in this section, including a limit to her power when fighting Raysel. What do you think of these developments? Makes sense or an easy way of keeping Luidaeg out of some battles?

I have to admit that I was a bit annoyed at how convenient it was that the Luidaeg was prevented from fighting. I like the revelation that there are some limits and they are specific, but I wish there had been more foreshadowing about that to make it seem less forced.

2. Gillian has to make the Changeling’s Choice. What did you think she would choose and how do you think her choice will affect the future books? Do you think we’ll see anymore of her?

I was pretty certain she would choose Fae because it would make for a more interesting continuation of the series, but I guess it is realistic that a scared kid would just want to go home to the parent she actually knows. I had really been hoping that we would get to know Gillian well in a future book, but it doesn’t seem like she’ll be coming back.

3. Connor :(. How do you feel about the conclusion to his life and what this means for Toby’s life going forward?

I was really excited about the idea of Connor sleeping for a hundred years and the moral difficulties that would cause for Toby: stay loyal and wait or move on. I feel bad for the pain Toby is going through, but I have to admit that I was never really excited about their relationship and figure this is a pretty clear indication that she has another *coughTybaltcough* relationship in her future.

4. There are a lot of questions that Toby lists are the end: “What was the shallowing in Muir Woods? What did the Luidaeg mean when she told Elizabeth the bill was almost due? Who was Arden, and why would a shallowing care if she was alive?” Any ideas for any of them?

I liked these questions since they brought up all the little details that I hadn’t paid a lot of attention to because I figured it was normal for Toby’s world. I was so excited to get to the big confrontation, that I didn’t notice the Luidaeg’s odd behavior with the shallowing and I hope that means that we’ll find out a lot more about the Luidaeg’s past in the next book! I’m pretty sure the bill coming due means that the Luidaeg will have enough power to bring the Roane back to life from their skins and so the Selkies will lose their power.

Are you excited for the next book?? :D

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