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Pintrest for Book Bloggers!

So a while back Mulluane from Dragons, Heroes, and Wizards some how convinced me that Pintrest would be a good life choice. All I saw was the pretty pictures and a chance to collect more amusing GIFs because I’ve also started to get into using those here and there >.>

Pretty Pictures!

Pretty pictures on Pintrest :D

Please don’t judge me too much D:

I’ve been exploring Pintrest for a month or so now and have mostly settled on what I like to use it for. It doesn’t support animated GIFs as well as I had hoped, so I’m not collecting as many of those as I was planning. However, it is a great place to spot pretty book covers and save them… because I want to? And to look through funny cat pictures because I honestly can never have enough funny cat pictures. I don’t have a cat myself anymore so I must live vicariously through others.

Anyway! Enough about cats. Pintrest has proven a wonderful way to stalk book bloggers that do weekly cover posts and save all the pretty covers. It has also got me brainstorming about what bookshelves I want in my dream house. Here is a sample:


Click the picture for more from Book Riot :D

I don’t think I’ll ever be at the point where I have anything interesting to talk about finding every week, since I use Pintrest crazy sporadically (basically whenever Twitter is quiet and I remember I have the app on my phone >.>). However, I would really like to follow more book bloggers so if you are on Pintrest, comment with a link to your profile? :D

Do you use Pintrest? What do you tend to use it for? It seems like a tricky way to promote book blog content since we can really only pin the book cover with a link to the review, so I’m wondering if you have found better ways?

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings -Anya

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  1. I have a Pinterest! I don’t use it often, but it is for my book blog.
    My URL is:
    Nori @ ReadWriteLove28 recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday #9: Top Ten New Series I Want To Start!My Profile

  2. I use Pintrest as an image storage and filing cabinet for my other social media undertakings. I have three book blogs (YA/Adult, Middle Grade, Childrens), a personal blog, several groups on a Harry Potter social site, many Facebook pages I own (or admin), including a Harry Potter themed home and garden page, and a local history group. I do use it for personal inspiration, but very little in comparison to it being a very useful, free storage place.
    La La in the LiBrArY recently posted…I WON My FiRsT RAFFLECOPTER!!!!My Profile

    • Haha, I like that! I think I probably don’t have enough images to store and perhaps that’s why I just haven’t gotten in to using it.

  3. Couple of followup comments: (a couple? Really? Snorts.)

    Tip 1. I am a research fanatic and what I have read says make the description as interesting as the picture. Add a snippet but make it a short teaser. Entice them to click through to read more on your site. And please please please, tell me what genre the book is. Urban, paranormal, epic, historical, romance. It is so much easier to repin if I know what board to add it to. (Also makes it easier for fans of that genre to locate it in a search.)

    Tip 2. New and upcoming releases are very popular as are the classics. (anything Tolkien or Game of Thrones is HUGE) Those of you who are getting arcs, post them both before and after review. (Separate boards) I have a limited niche so I get very few arcs but I do pin new and upcoming books with links back to the publisher. As a result, in just the last week, Penguin US has been liking my pins of their books, giving me an added level of exposure.

    Tip 3. Look for and follow your local indie bookstores and libraries. They often have boards of their own and are likely to promote your pins if you bring yourself to their attention. Kind of a supporting one of their own philosophy.

    Tip 4. I am not a huge fan of google but it is a necessary evil. I use google calendar to remind me to do things like pin reviews. Set it to email you a reminder once a week, once a month, or however often you think is best for you. I swear I’d forget 1/2 of things I should be doing without it. I keep all of the new release info there too.

    Tip 5. Don’t discount the power of book humor and book quotes. Before I started on Pinterest I had no idea how wildly popular quotes were. Think of them as a gateway. Use the quotes to get attention. The curious folks will check your other boards, which leads to your reviews, which leads to your blogs.

    Tip 6. My last comments are a warning. We are extremely fortunate in that book covers may be the safest pinnable material out here outside of using our own photos. I take a huge risk whenever I repin fantasy art because I can’t swear I’m not violating somebody’s copyright.

    Final tip. Don’t ever pin anything you found through a Google (or Bing or Yahoo) image search. It is next to impossible to confirm the original source. Fortunately using common sense will (mostly) keep you out of trouble. When possible, try to pin from original sources. If an artist for example, has a pinterest account or a tumblr account, they are encouraging sharing so repinning is safe. However, pinning from a portfolio where the artwork is being sold as prints, paintings, posters, etc. is a huge no-no. Once that art is plastered all over the internet it becomes worthless and the artist gets a tad upset, with lawyers in tow.

    Just another long winded 2 cents worth. I now return you to your regularly scheduled dragon riding……
    Mulluane recently posted…Dragon Rider (Prophecy of the Kings: Book 2)My Profile

    • :D <3 this comment!

      1. Agreed about the genre, I will have to keep that in mind!

      3. Oo, thanks for that tip, I hadn't thought of that! *goes to see if they have accounts*

      4. I use Todoist to keep track of all those sorts of things and really love that program, you should check it out:D

      *goes to ride dragons*

  4. I really only use it to collect bookish quotes, cool booky pictures and illustrations. I use it to find art doll pictures because I collect art dolls haha. I have only just started linking it to me reviews.
    Pabkins recently posted…Review: Masks by E.C. BlakeMy Profile

  5. I mainly use mine for links to my reviews, but occasionally I’ll find different quotes or pictures of bookshelves and libraries and pin those. I have a personal Pinterest (rarely used) for recipes and other things. I like to keep my blog separate from the rest of my online activities.
    Jenna recently posted…Clean Out Your E-reader ChallengeMy Profile

  6. I use Pinterest mostly for personal boards, but I do have a board for links to my 5 star reads, and a board for blog design inspiration.
    Sarah recently posted…Cover reveal: Elected + GiveawayMy Profile

  7. Jenn @ A Glo-Worm Reads says:

    I do use Pinterest, but mainly for keeping track of recipes and craft ideas. Occasionally, I’ll pin something bookish, but not

  8. I used to be obsessed with Pinterest, now I just use it every once in a while when I’m bored. I will admit, I never thought about using it to promote blogging or anything. I do have one book board, that I always forget to pin to. I do pin a lot of nerdy/fandom stuff tho. you can follow me if you want :)
    RachelMarie recently posted…Waiting on Wednesday: The Captive MaidenMy Profile

  9. This is going to be super short!
    Nope I don’t use Pintrest at all. Great discussion post.
    Em recently posted…Dream Slayer Book Blitz + GiveawayMy Profile

  10. I don’t use pinterest as much as I would like, but I do have a profile ( and would be happy to follow you too :)

  11. I’m on Pinterest as Bibliotropic, but I admit I don’t use it much for book stuff. I mostly use it to inspiration for craft ideas, since I’m a total craft geek and adore finding new things to make. Still, if you want to follow me, it might provide some good inspiration to use the site more. :p (I haven’t touched it in months!)

    • Actually, scratch that, I’m there as “jazriyah”. Thought I’d signed up under Bibliotropic. Apparently I didn’t. So yes, Jazriyah is my name there.

      • Okay, good to know, I will look for you! Hehe, I’m totally fine with non-bookish focus. I’m a fan of getting to know my blogging friends better through their boards :D

  12. I am about to pull my hair out because I cannot figure out why commentluv isn’t finding me!

    And crafting is easy if you have a little patience :)

    • Gah! I’m so sorry, it works on other sites?? I used to do book mark making when my friend with the supplies was still in town, but she moved *sigh* it’s mostly that all my free time is devoted to reading and blogging now.

  13. I discovered Pinterest about three days ago. I am in love with it. There are so many pretty things I can collect on there!
    I love finding pictures of books, but have created boards for all kinds of awesome non-book related things, too.

  14. I pin mostly yarn-related things (patterns mostly), food and health items, but I do try to pin my own book reviews. You can find me here: I’m bookmarking this post so I can come back and explore those links others have left.

    • Oo, pretty! I kind of wish I had hobbies outside of books and blogging now since I don’t have any sort of crafty things to pin anymore, haha.

  15. I use pinterest more for recipes and projects than book reviews, but I do have a Books Read board. It can be a great way to pass the time, but I need to actually start doing some of the projects/recipes instead of just pinning them! *L*
    Alexia561 recently posted…Book Review: Iron TraitorMy Profile

    • Hehe, I have a try someday board for just that reason! If someday I have all the time in the world and want to make a lampshade look like a starry sky, I have a pin for that!

  16. I (as Anya thoughtfully mentioned) crosspost all of my book reviews to Pinterest. I also pin others’ reviews, cover reveals, upcoming books, new releases, fantasy art (omg I love fantasy art) and 3 author quotes per day that I pretty up on Powerpoint first.

    Reviews lag behind cover reveals, and new releases but still get pinned to “books I’ve read” boards. It is a slow process, like starting a FB page. I’ve seen a single pin go from 1 repin to 100 but it took a couple of months. One thing I have noticed is hashtags definitely help, as does a short snippet of the blurb or review. People like star ratings too. The picture draws attention but the description keeps it for an extra minute or two and is more likely to lead to a click through.

    If you think about it, there is an even bigger bonus. If you are like me, you wonder how much promotion of a blog post is too much. Pinterest (and tumblr too) can be connected to FB and Twitter so when you crosspost, messages get sent to both. Upside is that the promotion is in a completely different format so it tends to look less spammy.

    Also, if you are techy, you can pretty up pins from your blogs by switching to a business account (its free) and getting “rich” pins approved. Think Twitter cards only for pinterest. Check my Epic Fantasy board to see what rich pins look like.

    Anyway. My boards are here if anybody is still awake after that diatribe :>)
    Here is a random mix of boards to get you started: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    And thank you Anya!

    • Oo, thank you for the tip about hashtags and star ratings. Now I just have to remember to pin reviews again, gah.

      I have been enjoying tweeting my pins, it starts fun conversations too!

      I am now going to go investigate rich pins!

      Omg all the boards! *comes back three hours later*

  17. I have many thoughts about Pinterest, but I will be concise because I don’t want to rant in your comments…

    I used it for a variety of things: collecting pretty art/images that I don’t want to (or can’t) fave elsewhere; bookmarking things I want to save for later — especially wishlist items (it’s so much easier to recognize things I WANT by looking at pictures instead of text links/bookmarks); and daydreaming about things like my future home and bookshelves and stuff. I’ve also used to it for inspiration boards, like when I was planning my new shaved hairstyle.

    Oh, and you can find me here: :)
    Kelley (Another Novel Read) recently posted…The Lumatere Chronicles – When You Just Don’t Get ItMy Profile

    • Oh no, that sounds like there are negative thoughts! Feel free to rant in my comments, I am now very curious as to what you want to rant about, ahah

      • lol! Ah, well… It’s a weird complaint/rant, which is why I didn’t want to do it in your comments. It’s just that when Pinterest first came out, I approached it as — and expected it to be — a site to collect imagery, basically (kinda like you said — pretty pictures!). I liked it as a means of collecting imagery, for inspiration, for planning, whatever. The point is: VISUAL. APPEALING. IMAGERY.

        But then this whole OTHER section of people began using it completely differently — as a means of collecting crafty DIY tutorials and stuff. So it just got flooded with stuff I wasn’t expecting or wanting. And I realized that the site has many possible uses, and that the more uses people find for it, the better it is for Pinterest… but it just irritated me, because I thought it was going to be a site for artists, but it turned into this site for housewives to collect recipes and tips for cleaning crayon off their walls and dumb tutorials for things that seem cool but don’t actually work in practice.

        Anyway… Final verdict: I’m a snob. :P
        Kelley (Another Novel Read) recently posted…The Lumatere Chronicles – When You Just Don’t Get ItMy Profile

        • That definitely makes sense. So you ended up following people who put up stuff you weren’t interested in? Or when you were looking through general stuff? I only ever look through what I follow since I rarely like the general community stuff, haha

          • A combination of both. Because, you know how if you follow someone, it makes you follow ALL their boards, including every new one they create. Like, I followed some authors who were pinning all kinds of cool stuff that went with their books or was inspiration for whatever they were writing… but then I started seeing all this OTHER CRAP, you know? SIGH.
            Kelley (Another Novel Read) recently posted…Things I Think About – Part V: Special Editions of BooksMy Profile

          • But now you can just follow specific boards ya?

          • Yes, you can just follow specific boards. I’m just saying, it’s so annoying because it’s so much easier to just follow my friend. But if I don’t want to see ALL the stuff they pin that I might not be interested in, I have to sift through ALL your boards and just follow the ones I AM interested in. And then if I do that, I won’t know when you create NEW boards that I might actually want to follow!

            Sigh. I am so picky.
            Kelley (Another Novel Read) recently posted…I Like Science Fiction! Do YOU Like Science Fiction?My Profile

          • So true! Especially when someone has a lot of boards that aren’t interesting, I’m like gah, does this never end?! If someone has boards for each years books (especially publishers) I want to be able to follow their 2014 boards as soon as they pop up, but there is no way I’ll remember to go do that, ahha. We need board categories that we can follow for a specific user, more organization! >.>

  18. I was just talked into getting a Pinterest last week! I haven’t been on much, but I like their neat craft/DIY ideas, though I wish it supported gifs better! Here’s mine, I’d love to follow more book bloggers too:

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

    • Yey! Join the crazy train :D I completely agree about the gifs, I was sad when I realized that I couldn’t save all my gifs that way :(

      • I’ve never used a gif on a post, so where do you find them and how do you use them?

        • I read a couple of tumblr blogs that are purely gif blogs (one makes fun of graduate school and one is for my alma mater), so I just save those in a folder when I like them! I try to find ones that are cute or expressing an emotion that I think the gif shows better than my words could :)

  19. I love Pinterest! I used to lollygag on Facebook…until I discovered Pinterest. Now it’s where I spend all my time when I’m supposed to be reading/writing/blogging. I do pin reviews there, though I’ve only just started doing that, so I don’t have many. I also pin my blog posts. I have boards for my dystopian posts, my crime posts, my historical posts, and my writing how-to posts. I don’t pay enough attention to analytics to know if this significantly increases traffic to my site. On the day I actually post, I don’t think it does. But I see pinterest notifications all the time that say someone pinned one of my blog posts, especially the writing how-tos, so in the long run, I think it does increase my exposure, even if only by a small margin. Beyond that, I use it for tons of stuff. I’m a big baker/cooker, so I pin TONS of recipes, and I keep them all organized on boards. I also have geek boards, a wheel of time board, a game of thrones board. And your dream bookshelves? I pin entire dream houses–bathrooms, kitchens, and yes, book nooks. At this point, my dream house is probably in the millions of dollars. :D But hey, that’s what dreams are for, right? Anyway, I’m always looking for new people to follow to change up what shows up in my feed, so I’ll follow you. I’m at Just know if you follow all my boards, you’ll get a lot of recipes and non-bookish stuff. If that doesn’t interest you, just follow the individual boards you’re interested in. :D
    Liesel Hill recently posted…Review Day: Dracula by Bram Stoker + Dracula Film VersionsMy Profile

    • I just found your boards today and it was so fun going through to follow them :D For the recipes, do you copy the recipe into the comment box or just make sure that the original site is pinned so you can find it again?

      • The latter. I don’t pin just by picture. I actually look at the recipe to see if it’s something I want to experiment later, so the entire recipe must be pinned somewhere. Then I’ll pin it. Sometimes when I’ve gone back after a lot of time has passed, it will have been removed, but even then I can just search the recipe on Pinterest and find it elsewhere. :D
        Liesel Hill recently posted…Thoughts for Thursday: HalloweenMy Profile

  20. kelpeterson says:

    I don’t actually have a book blog (yet–beginning the process of building one), but I do use Pinterest quite a bit here and there, mostly for HGTV-like things with a side of Geekery and Motivation for writing. However, I do have a pretty awesome “Home Library” Board filled with tons of cool spaces and bookshelves. :)

  21. I don’t use pinterest for my blog at all! It is all about FOOD! Seriously, I am a food recipe hoarder LOL
    Felicia The Geeky Blogger recently posted…Discussion: Allegiant by Veronica RothMy Profile

  22. I don’t use Pinterest for my blog at all. I use it to keep track of interesting, funny, or pretty things that I find on the internet. And I MAY be doing NaNo this year, so I have a secret board just for my inspiration pins as well. :)
    Shae/Shelver @ Shae Has Left The Room recently posted…Wishlist Wednesday #39My Profile

  23. I use it for random things I find that I like, but mostly to get ideas or plan things. I still have some reviews on there but I found it didn’t help too much for promoting.

    • Yup, that’s what it seems like. I like seeing book covers of upcoming books on there, so I totally stalk all the cover reveal boards, but I’m starting to try out this recipe pinning thing :D


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