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Pirate’s Alley by Suzanne Johnson {4.5 Stars}

Pirate’s Alley by Suzanne Johnson is the fourth in a kick butt urban fantasy series staring a wizard heroine, a sexy pirate ghost (sorry, privateer!), a human best friend, and a whole cast of supernatural allies and enemies battling it out in New Orleans. If you are a fan of excellent urban fantasy series such as Mercedes Thompson or Kate Daniels, you need to check out The Sentinels of New Orleans stat! There will definitely be spoilers below for the previous books, so check out my review of book one, Royal Street, instead to be safe with the knowledge that the series just gets better ;-).

Note: I received an advanced copy of Pirate’s Alley from the publisher. 

Pirate’s Alley by Suzanne Johnson {4.5 Stars}

Pirate's Alley by Suzanne Johnson (The Sentinels of New Orleans #4)
Published by Tor Books on April 21st, 2015
Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy
Page Length: 352 pages
How I got my copy: Publisher
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Wizard sentinel DJ Jaco thought she had gotten used to the chaos of her life in post-Katrina New Orleans, but a new threat is looming, one that will test every relationship she holds dear.

Caught in the middle of a rising struggle between the major powers in the supernatural world—the Wizards, Elves, Vampires and the Fae—DJ finds her loyalties torn and her mettle tested in matters both professional and personal.

Her relationship with enforcer Alex Warin is shaky, her non-husband, Quince Randolph, is growing more powerful, and her best friend, Eugenie, has a bombshell that could blow everything to Elfheim and back. And that's before the French pirate, Jean Lafitte, newly revived from his latest "death," returns to New Orleans with vengeance on his mind. DJ's assignment? Keep the sexy leader of the historical undead out of trouble. Good luck with that.

Duty clashes with love, loyalty with deception, and friendship with responsibility as DJ navigates passion and politics in the murky waters of a New Orleans caught in the grips of a brutal winter that might have nothing to do with Mother Nature.

War could be brewing, and DJ will be forced to take a stand. But choosing sides won't be that easy.

4.5 Stars


  • I was nervous about diving into Pirate’s Alley after a year of not reading in this world, but I had no trouble getting right back into the thick of things with DJ and company. Don’t worry about trying to reread the previous books if you don’t have time, Pirate’s Alley has plenty of reminders.
  • The pacing of Pirate’s Alley is breakneck, just how I like my urban fantasy! I feel a bit bad for DJ since she didn’t sleep much, but it made for an addictive reading experience :D.
  • Friendships are really emphasized in Pirate’s Alley and it was nice to see. DJ has to make some serious decisions when it comes to her best friend Eugenie’s safety and involvement with the supernatural world, and I loved how their bond grew stronger.
  • Urban fantasy and paranormal romance have a tendency to have really unrealistic relationships, so I was impressed with how Pirate’s Alley portrayed DJ’s current romantic relationship. Things are very much not perfect for her, but she defaults to knowing they need to talk things through and work to have a healthy and adult relationship, shocker!
  • The previous point just is one example of how great of a protagonist DJ is! I just love how she handles stressful situations, how loyal she is, and how determined she is to do the right thing, even if it means difficult decisions for her. She also doesn’t angst about things not working out for her, she evaluates and moves on <3.
  • The fae have only been briefly mentioned in previous books of The Sentinels of New Orleans, but they finally make an appearance in Pirate’s Alley and are much more interesting than fae I’ve encountered in other fantasy worlds. I’m so intrigued to see what happens next!


  • There are a lot of secondary characters hovering around DJ these days and it was a bit of a challenge for me to keep all of them straight. I could have used a summary of what happened previously with each of them, haha.
  • Pirate’s Alley focuses on an unexpected and inconvenient pregnancy, so I anticipate it being a difficult topic for some readers. I found that how it was discussed made me happy since the mother’s health and happiness were emphasized, but it doesn’t change the fact that some people involved don’t want the baby to be born….
  • I prefer urban fantasy plots when they are focused on a supernatural mystery, and Pirate’s Alley really wasn’t. DJ deals with a lot of politics and keeping people safe, but there is nothing that she needs to figure out really beyond how to keep war from happening.


Pirate’s Alley is a fantastic installment to The Sentinels of New Orleans and cemented this series as the next that I recommend after people have read Kate Daniels and Mercedes Thompson. I hope we don’t have to wait quite so long for book five because I’m now dying to know what happens next!! If you like urban fantasy, do yourself a favor and read this series :D.

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings

Have you read this one? What did you think? Are you excited for it if you haven’t gotten to it yet?
– Anya


 Pirate’s Alley by Suzanne Johnson

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  1. I HAVE been looking for another good urban fantasy series to start–despite my library still not having more of the Kate Daniels series. :( And there are so many fun things to do with a New Orleans setting!
    Kel @ Booked til Tuesday recently posted…The Dragons of Dorcastle by Jack Campbell (3 stars)My Profile

  2. “Privateers? I thought we were pirates.”
    “Nah, they hangs pirates.”

    (Sorry, that always comes to mind when pirates/privateers comes up.)
    Rindis recently posted…Stolen SongbirdMy Profile

  3. Thank you a lot for your review of this book! The sentinels of new orlmeans definitively deserves more coverage as it’s really a excellent series i absolutely LOVE it so i recommend it without a doubt. Fortunately Belle Chasse is scheduled for 2016 because yes this series is addictive!
    miki recently posted…Free Agent ( Grimm Agency 1) by J. C. NelsonMy Profile

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