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Planning to Pillage – Recent Acquisitions

Planning to Pillage

Planning to Pillage is my way of showcasing books that I’m excited about for one reason or another. They may have recently shown up in my mail (ala Stacking the Shelves), they may have just gotten a cover, I may have recently requested them. No matter the case, they are books I think you should have on your radar too!

It’s been a while since I posted about books I’m looking forward to reading, so how about a run down of books I’ve put on my pillaging platter recently? :D

(Covers link to Goodreads so you can add these too!)

Dawn of the Flame Sea

Dawn of the Flame Sea
(Expected publication: April 19th 2016 by InterMix ) This cover has me a bit dubious, but I have to admit I’m intrigued. I love the idea of fallible gods, so it sounds like this might hit that topic nicely.

The first in a new fantasy series from the national bestselling author of the Sons of Destiny novels.

They call themselves the Fae Rii, or Fair Traders. Elfin-like beings capable of wielding sophisticated forms of magic, they travel between universes exploring new worlds and establishing settlements for their people to live peacefully among the locals.

The humans of the White Sands tribe, refugees fleeing from powerful enemies, see the Fae as potential invaders stealing their newfound natural resources. Jintaya, the leader of the Fae travelers, manages to forge an alliance, promising to trade skills and knowledge—magical and otherwise—to build a lasting community.

But the Circle Fire Tribe has no desire to share those rich valleys and ravines with the people they’ve hunted to near extinction—or the supposed deities they worship…

The Demon Girl’s Song

The Demon Girl's Song
(Expected publication: September 25th 2016 by Dreaming Robot Press) I was so excited when I got an email about The Demon Girl’s Song. It has a queer heroine apparently :D.

More than anything, Andín dal Rovi wants to escape her small town life, helping her father in the store, watching her younger brother prepare to take the place at University she’d longed for.
Instead of escape, she gets a thousand-year-old demon stuck in her head, and she loses everything – her home, her family and her country.
In the quest to regain her identity, she finds herself racing against time to uncover the secrets of her world – and save it from utter annihilation.


(Published September 2nd 2015 by Another email that I was ecstatic to get! M/M romantic sci-fi, I’m so so so there :D.

Kato Ozark, crown prince and soldier, has just been chosen to pilot his family’s queenship. He’s trained his entire life for this honor, but it comes with a catch. It seems that First Engineer Mas’ud Tavana has also been chosen as the queen’s pilot. Mas’ud has no formal training, and they both believe a mistake has been made. But when an attack on a distant Ozark queen forces them to work together, it’s clear their minds are better as one than apart.

They might even go on a proper date. Through mission briefings and politically required offspring, the mental link their queenship forges between them only grows stronger. Within this bond they find strength in each other. Then a rogue AI attacks their ship, ripping the queen open to the core. The two pilots feel it all; the assault destroys their connection and tears them adrift into open space.

Kato and Mas’ud wake up in the medical bay of a rival family with no memory of their queenship or each other. Hailed as a war hero, Kato retrains as a kingship pilot, preparing to defend Earth against the AI. Mas’ud, dismissed as permanently broken, struggles to rediscover his own truth.

Their queenship is out there, waiting for her pilots to come home. The future of their family depends on it.

Moving Forward

Moving Forward
(Published March 1st 2016 by Jamie Lackey) Another awesome email to get! I love the idea of what happens after the zombie apocalypse and that the star is an older black woman.

Corinne survived the zombie apocalypse 30 years ago. After the dust settled, she got married, had kids, built a life. All of that is gone in an instant when a zombie attacks a city park. Corinne manages to protect her family, but the zombie bites her before it is taken down. She wakes up in one of the infected sanctuaries, where she’ll have to build her life over again, knowing that at any moment she, or anyone around her, could become a monster.


(Expected publication: June 14th 2016 by Tor Teen) Gaaaaaah, thank youuuuuuuuuu Tor Teen! So excited when this showed up in the mail :D. South African setting?? Girl mechanic kicking butt?? Yesssss!

Seventeen-year-old Anglet Sutonga, Ang for short, repairs the chimneys, towers, and spires of Bar-Selehm, the ethnically-diverse industrial capital of a land resembling Victorian South Africa. The city was built on the trade of luxorite, a priceless glowing mineral. When the Beacon, a historical icon made of luxorite, is stolen, it makes the headlines. But no one cares about the murder of Ang’s new apprentice, Berrit—except for Josiah Willinghouse, an enigmatic young politician, who offers Ang a job investigating Berrit’s death. On top of this, Ang struggles with the responsibility of caring for her sister’s newborn child.

As political secrets unfold and racial tensions surrounding the Beacon’s theft rise, Ang navigates the constricting traditions of her people, the murderous intentions of her former boss, and the conflicting impulses of a fledgling romance. With no one to help her except a savvy newspaper girl and a kindhearted herder from the savannah, Ang must resolve the mysterious link between Berrit and the missing Beacon before the city is plunged into chaos.

What are you excited about reading lately? 

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings -Anya

© 2016, Anya. All rights reserved.


  1. I haven’t heard of any of these, but I hope you enjoy them all! You can check out my post in the link below.
    Lisa Mandina (Lisa Loves Literature) recently posted…Sunday Post #52 and Stacking the Shelves March 27th, 2016My Profile

  2. Oh I didn’t realize Jean Johnson had a new series coming out! Adding it to my wishlist now. Happy reading!
    Bambi’s StS
    Bambi Unbridled recently posted…Series Saturday Audiobook Review: Grave Visions by Kalayna PriceMy Profile

  3. I love this type of post! I’m very intrigued by Dawn of the Flame Sea, so I’m definitely checking that one out on Goodreads. I have The Demon Girl’s Song for review on my Kindle app, and I’m quite excited to read it. Although I have to be honest, I’m more excited after seeing it on your blog! :)
    Jolien @ The Fictional Reader recently posted…Weekly Wrap Up | March #4My Profile

  4. Good haul :) I haven’t heard of most of these so I’ll check them out. Also, I love the mountain/dragon look of your site :D

    Happy reading!
    Natalie Westgate recently posted…Moving Across America!My Profile

  5. Nice haul. Dawn of the Flame Sea and The Demon Girl’s Song both sound interesting.

  6. I’m looking forward to Steeplejack too! I actually know someone who works at Tor, and she was really looking forward to this book because of its setting and steampunk influences. :)
    Sara L. recently posted…Interview with Emily Skrutskie, Author of “The Abyss Surrounds Us”My Profile

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