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Read and Review Hop #1

Read and Review Hop

Hello wonderful people! There are all sorts of fun hops and memes out in the blogosphere, but I got to thinking that at least I personally don’t find myself spending as much time reading and focusing on the thing I used to think book blogs were supposed to be about: book reviews! In order to try to increase the love and attention we give to all of our beloved book reviews, I decided to try out hosting a weekly review hop. You obviously can post your reviews whenever you want to in the week, and just throw them into the Linky on Thursday evenings, which is when I am intending to post them currently. If you think there is a better day, feel free to suggest it :D.


  1. Please include a link to the hop page in your review if you are participating! This way more people will find there way to
    Read and Review Hop
    the hop and everyone wins! You’re also welcome to use the image above with a link back if you prefer, or the button right over here. 
  2. To participate, put the book title, etc and a link directly to your review in the Linky below.
  3. Try to visit and comment on as many other reviews as you can, leaving your review link in the comment as well. If someone comments on your review, it’s common courtesy to follow their link and respond in kind.
  4. If you find you aren’t getting as many comments as you’d like, turn off Captcha, because a lot of people refuse to try to decipher those fuzzy images.
Finally, this is obviously a new thing, so if you have suggestions, please let me know :).

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  1. A review hop is a great idea and I put the link and image to your page in my review :)

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun. Hope you don’t mind me joining a little late. I do weekly reviews, so I could play weekly if this keeps going. Love your blog, btw.

    • No problem! I realize people post review throughout the week, so I figure people can throw theirs up whenever it goes live :) Thanks :D

  3. I really like this idea. :]

  4. Great idea! I don’t do tons of reviews but I’ll be sure to remember your hop when I do! :D

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