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Read and Review Hop #7

Read and Review Hop

Welcome to the Read and Review Hop! This is a weekly review hop to share what we love most as book bloggers: book reviews! To join in you just include your link and go to as many other reviews as you can to see what they reviewed this week and to post your link. Remember to also include a link to the review hop in your review so everyone else can join in!


  1. You must include a link to the hop page in your review if you are participating! This way more people will find there way to the hop and everyone wins! You’re also welcome to use the image above with a link back if you prefer, or the button right over here.
    Read and Review Hop
  2. To participate, put the book title, etc. and a link directly to your review in the Linky below.
  3. Visit and comment on as many other reviews as you can, leaving your review link in the comment as well. If someone comments on your review, it’s common courtesy to follow their link and respond in kind.
  4. If you find you aren’t getting as many comments as you’d like, turn off Captcha, because a lot of people refuse to try to decipher those fuzzy images.

Also, I apologize that the Linky keeps breaking. It works in my preview and then breaks when I publish until I go in and repaste…. If it’s broken when you stop by, just post in a comment or come by a little later in the day and I’ll fix it as soon as I can.

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  1. Hi Anya, here is my link for this hop (linky down again?). Just let me know if you get it working and I’ll come back and enter it there too. thanks!

    • Linky back up again, I’m sorry it keeps breaking, the code keeps being rewritten from when I schedule it :( Yey I’m excited to see your review for the Jim Butcher book :D

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