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Tips and Tricks: The Read More Tag

Tips and Tricks: The Read More Tag

Happy Monday everyone! Today I wanted to introduce a new occasional feature for any tips and tricks I pick up. Today’s tip is for making your blog look better by using the read more tag.

Why Use The Read More Tag?

You know when you have a really great review and you have so much that you want to say. That’s all awesome, but then you end up with half your front page being taken up by one review. When people come to your blog, they usually want to see a variety of your recent posts to see if they like what you post about, and if they have to scroll through a big long post that just doesn’t interest them, they might miss an earlier post that is just what they were looking for! Most professional blogs only have the first paragraph or two of each post showing on the home page as well, so it makes it seem like your blog is a cut above the rest to look similar to this more professional style.

How do you use the Read More Tag?

The easiest way that I’ve found to put in the read more tag is by going into the html code view of your post and just inserting <!–more–> where ever you want the cut off to be. The link to the full post will be automatically inserted with a “[Read More…]” link, easy as pie :D. Though pie is actually kind of hard to make sometimes…. But anyway, really easy right? For more in-depth information and an explanation of this tag check out this WordPress post on the read more tag. If you use Blogger, you can try this blog post on the Blogger Read More tag instead.

Where to put the read more tag?

Now here is where I would love to hear what you think! For book reviews, I’ve been putting the read more tag after the summary of the book but before the extended opinion. However, with memes like Stacking the Shelves and WWW, it’s less clear where a good place for the read more tag is. So far I’ve ben putting it after the meme header and a short paragraph about the week, but before what I got for the week or what I’ve been reading. However, this leads to pretty short excerpts that don’t have any book covers in them, so they probably don’t grab any attention unless you already know what the meme is and want to link up.

So, do you use the read more tag? Are you planning to start using it now? Do you prefer blogs that use excepts on their home pages like the last week of this blog or blogs that use the full posts so you don’t have to click through?

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  1. Great advice. You have a good point. Personally though, I hate clicking to see more.

    BTW, I must say your blog is SO cute, clever, pretty, and original. I love the background and header. SUPER adorbs.

    • That is true, since it’s convenient, if you do want to read the whole article, not to have to click around. Though the read more tag doesn’t affect Google Reader, so at least with some feed readers, you don’t have to worry :D.

      Thank you so much! I was going for a design that really captured my genres and the specifics of those genres that I love *cuddles the dragon* and am really happy with how it turned out :D

  2. It doesn’t really apply to mine because my reviews are visual and really short but I don’t have a problem with them at all!

    • Yes, your picture reviews would be much harder to shorten… you could do teaser images to get click-throughs to the blog post though?

  3. Thanks for the tip! I think I used it before but there was a button on blogger to click. It might not be there anymore as I only used it once I think. But this sounds easy enough. I don’t use the break, but I think it’s a good idea for if you have something you want to keep at the top of the page but you don’t want it to take up much space. Like when I have tour announcements or schedules. They aren’t something everyone is going to be interested in so using it then would be good.

    • Yup, it sounds like blogger does have a button to make it a little bit easier, but the html isn’t too hard either :). Exactly, I really like that it makes more of your content accessible to a new visitor!

  4. I don’t use the Read More tag because I don’t know where to put it. I have a hard time deciding where it would be the most useful. And, I don’t always have a “featured image” to go along with the post, which is usually how most professional blogs do it. I think it’s a good idea. I’m just not sure how to capitalize on it yet.

  5. Livvy @Nerdy Book Reviews says:

    Thanks for the tip! I get exactly what you mean. :)

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