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Reading in Weird Places

Reading in Weird Places

We all do it, don’t try to hide it ;-). With the creation of the e-readers, reading in weird places has become even easier, since you only need one hand and don’t have to worry about the book laying flat :D.

So the other day, I was laying on one of those medical beds with a needle in my arm donating blood and realized that my purse was in arm’s reach and I had a Kindle in it… and what else was I really supposed to do with my time while real life vampires sucked my blood?? So I just slipped my purple case out of the purse, popped it open and propped my Kindle up to read. I’m not sure if I’m the first person to read in the Red Cross’ blood drive, but I was definitely the only one at the time! It made the process go a lot quicker though :D and not just because my heart rate started going faster with the action scene in the latest Coven book ;-).

And then I remembered the Amazon commercial with the girl brushing her teeth while reading her Kindle:

Hehe! Which got me wondering, what other weird places do people read now a days?? The fairly typical list includes:

  • In bed
  • In the bathroom
  • In the tub (with a Ziploc bag around your e-reader!)
  • At the airport
  • In the car

But now that you can take an entire library with you pretty much anywhere, why limit your reading?? Why not read in weird places :D like:

  • At a blood drive
  • While brushing your teeth
  • In the forest
  • On a mountain (congrats for climbing a mountain btw)
  • Around a campfire (need the backlighting for this one)

And lots of other places that I’m forgetting! What are your favorites for reading in weird places??

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings-A

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  1. I don’t know about any weird places I’ve read books, but now I’m curious to try and find some! :D

    • HAHA, omg I love that you found this post <3 I've been boring lately and read mostly on my couch, though since I've been listening to audiobooks lately, if those count then I've walked all sorts of places while "reading"

  2. Oh I wish that I didn’t get motion sickness! I didn’t used to but the last few years it has been bad. I used to LOVE reading in the car. I got through tons of books that way. But aside from that I read pretty much anywhere and everywhere. And I recently got the idea to stock up on audiobooks that I could listen to while cleaning since spring cleaning is coming up! :D

    • Oh dear, you developed it later in life?? I hope that doesn’t happen to me >.> I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t read in the car, my boyfriend looooooves to drive his mustang around and it’s a great time to get some reading done ;-) Yes, audiobooks while cleaning is awesome! Though vacuuming sometimes doesn’t work too well ;-)

  3. At the office, during a meeting…. that you called together ;)

  4. when I was in elementary school my teacher defined me as the person who could read ANYWHERE! We had an hour of reading time everyday, and I would go up to the front of the room, pick up a book from the bookcase, and start reading it right there because I had forgotten to go back to my seat. fifteen minutes later my legs would start to get tired and I’d lean against the wall, and then I’d finally go back to my seat, lie on the floor, sit on the nearest desk, so I wouldn’t have to stop reading.

    • Haha, I love that you just forgot to walk back to your seat! It’s like people who can sleep anywhere, but so much better ;-)

  5. Loved this post! I’ll read while standing in line, waiting on the phone on hold, during TV commercials, while walking, anywhere! :)

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

    • Yey :D Waiting on hold is a great one! Sometimes they make you wait forever!! So how do you not run into people while walking? >.> <.<

  6. I also read when blow drying my hair! It takes me forever and I agree, it is boring without a book! Fun post, Anya!

    • Thanks so much :D I’m starting to think I should start blow drying my hair just to try reading while doing it, haha

  7. I like to read in the bathtub it is really relaxing and also when I am blow drying my hair because well it’s boring LOL

    • Haha, exactly! So do you just read a paperback that you are okay with getting wet or do you waterproof your reading material?

  8. Steph, The Readingista says:

    Anya, you are one dedicated reader. There is no way that I could read with a needle stuck in my arm.

  9. When I was a child, I had a favorite crab-apple tree. I loved to climb into it and sit there reading — there was a place where the branches made a perfect little seat for an 8- or 9-year-old. In the house, I used to read sitting backward on the couch, with my back to the room. As I grew up, I read everywhere — except in the car, which makes me carsick. I’ve read
    * in the tub
    * in bed (of course)
    * in the kitchen while cooking
    * on a hike (well, on a break from hiking)
    * while knitting (e-readers come in handy there)
    * anywhere while waiting (in line, in a doctor’s office, in a movie theater, in hospital rooms and even in the ER – when I was the patient!)

    And yes, an e-reader does make it easier, especially if you’re doing something with your hands at the same time.

    As for cars, the advent of the audiobook has solved that problem! Wonderful things, iPods…I’ve got about 50 books stored in mine, along with my music.

    • Aw, that’s so sweet! I really want a tree like that in my yard when I have kids…. And I might try to see if I fit too ;-)

      Oo, audiobooks, excellent point! I just borrowed one of those casette player to iPod adapters, so now I can play all the audiobooks from my iPod through my car, wonderful! Makes it a lot easier to review digital copies of audiobooks!

  10. I usually read mostly at home, but that doesn’t mean it’s normal. I was so engrossed in a book a few weeks ago, but i also needed to sweep the floors… so you guessed it, I did both. I’m still not quite sure how I swept one handed, holding my kindle and somehow doing both efficiently, but I did. I do read when I’m cooking or picking up the house. It’s a lot easier to read one handed with the Kindle because it’s light and just requires a little tap to turn the page.
    Great post!

  11. Alise @ readers in wonderland says:

    Fun post! I have long hair that takes 45mins to dry so I prop my ipad up to read why I blow dry it. The weirdest place I used it was when I was home dyeing my hair (another place where that plastic bag cover comes in handy!) I guess I’m lucky because I read in the car constantly. I can understand the motion sickness thing though, my friend can’t even look don at anything in the car.

    • Oo nice! I’m too lazy to blow dry my hair, but that definitely sounds like an awesome way to get in more reading! I agree about reading in the car, I love it! I feel so bad for people who get motion sick D:

  12. I agree, my Kindle definitely increased a list of places where I could read. Paperback are sometimes too heavy to hold for a long time (and also to carry around in your purse).
    I did not try reading in bathtub, but nice idea with ziploc bag. ;) Also I get motion sickness if I read in a car. I am reading in all other places in your typical places + when I am cooking (you know when you just have to stir something and stand there long – stir with one hand and ereader in other hand lol) + while waiting in lines (post office, bank, hospital, airport, etc.).

    • Especially larger paperbacks or hardcovers! I’ve gotten really sore elbows from trying to hold up books for too long, haha! And I have a small enough purse that they would never ever fit ;-) Yey for my Kindle :D

      Oo, I love the reading while stirring idea! I would get so bored otherwise, ahah

  13. I’ve read so much and for so long that I don’t think of any place as weird. I read in bed, over meals, on the couch, while brushing my teeth, in line at the bank, in line at the gas station… Pretty much anywhere except the car, because I get sick.

    • Haha, excellent point! I don’t read in line enough for some reason, I think it’s because I just hope that I’ll get through too fast for it to be worth finding my Kindle in my purse ;-) Something I’ll have to work on :D

  14. With normal books: on the train/bus/public transport/planes + in the car, in the bathroom, in bed, brushing my teeth, at dinner LOL and in elevators!

    With an ereader now (my iPad mini) – all of the above except I haven’t been on a plane yet with my ereader (I’m told you can’t use them on takeoff?). But with the added convenience of not needing to hold a heavy book up in bed :D also no need for a light!

    • At dinner, haha, I think I’d get in trouble ;-) I totally forgot that I love reading while working out too, since I can just set the Kindle on the machine instead of needing to hold a book :D

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