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Rosemary and Rue Read Along {Week 3}


It’s time for week three of our Rosemary and Rue read along! I’m hosting this week, so I hope my questions are okay ;-). We read up to chapter 20 this week, so there will be spoilers below!

1. We finally get to meet Lily in person! What do you think? Does she live up to the buildup in the first part of the book? We also meet Julie for the first time. Does it surprise you that Toby seems to have more friends than she lets on?

I really like Lily, she seems like just the kind of friend Toby needs. I wish that Toby had gone and seen her sooner, but that seems to be a common theme, sigh. Lily sounds really gorgeous in an of course slightly creepy way, haha. I get that Toby feels guilty and disconnected from her old life, but wow, turns out she knows a lot of people who are willing to help her…. Hopefully she keeps this in mind going forward!

2. Tybalt to the rescue! Do you buy his excuse for why he chose to save Toby’s life? Ulterior motives much?

I do not buy his excuse! I think he secretly wants to be a good person and has decided to help Toby, though I’m not sure why he would suddenly change from who Toby used to know and mutually hate. Perhaps he was convinced to help her by some outside force?

3. Toby gets together with Devin in this section. Their relationship is a bit fraught, what do you think? Is it good she is relying on Devin or do you think it is unhealthy?

I’m not a fan of this relationship, I have to be honest. Devin sounds crazy manipulative and rather abusive, and while Toby is no longer as vulnerable as she was, I wish she would break free of that unhealthy environment. I get that she thinks he’s the only one who can safely help her, but that doesn’t mean she has to fall for him again does it?

4. That freaking doppleganger! Did you suspect Gillian was fake? Do you think Toby should try to get to know Gillian now that she is older?

This seriously broke my heart. I was so excited for Gillian to show up and for Toby to start healing and then of course everything goes to hell. I had no idea that Gillian was fake until it was really obvious, like I didn’t even get the clues since I was so excited for the reunion just like Toby, sigh. I think it would be worth Toby trying to make contact with her old family again, though of course if they don’t want to see her, there isn’t anything she can do.

5. Finally, we only have a few chapters left, any idea how everything is going to shake out? Ideas on who is behind it all yet?

Honestly, I still have no idea what is going on. I asked this question with the hope someone else might have a clue >.>. I kind of wish I had a bit more of an inkling, since at this point in the plot I want to be making guesses, but I just don’t know how the pieces fit together!

Are you excited for the ending???? Go go go!

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  1. Yeah, last week I was trying to be non committal about Devin but as I’ve read on I do think he’s a very creepy, slippery and dangerous creature. I don’t like the relationship one little bit.
    Tybalt seems like an angel in comparison!!!
    I’m with you about Gillian – I didn’t suspect anything. In fact i was pleased for Toby! Doh.
    Lynn :D
    Lynn recently posted…Kushiel’s Scion by Jacqueline Carey, Readalong week No.4My Profile

  2. I hadn’t really thought of Lily’s looks but I guess if webbed digits freak you out a bit, she could be a bit creepy. I bet she smells nice though using that light scent instead of something over powering or musky.

    On my first post, we had a question about the big mystery and of course, I was expecting Simon Torquill to show up again, but we haven’t seen him. So… I’m not sure either. Either way, I want Toby to end up giving Devin a punch in the nose for being a manipulative jerk, and then I also want Toby to give herself a strong tongue lashing for letting him use her for so long and once again. Too harsh?
    nrlymrtl recently posted…Rosemary and Rue Part IIIMy Profile

  3. So can we all just collectively agree that nobody believes Tybalt excuses now? LOL. Okay, it’s a little weird how he follows her around even after the explanation that he supposedly hates her. But he’s a cat and that’s what cats do when you have something they want. LOL. I have tons of feelings about Devin and Toby’s relationship just because I been there, done that, got the T-Shirt–same with the parental thing. All the questions have been really great for this series, but I think those particular two questions you asked hit me right at a personal level because these are stories I know a bit too personally. TO THE END!
    Tiara recently posted…Rosemary and Rue Read-Along Week No.3My Profile

  4. Hehe gorgeously creepy! I also have no idea what will happen! It’s all up in the air! Devin is horribly manipulative, possessive and obsessive – not a man to trust (or get involved with, Toby!) I hope she sees sense in the end.

    I also thought it was Gillian! I think Toby is written in a fantastic way and you really want good things to happen for her… but they never do!! Absolutely loved that scene though. Hopefully she will make the decision to speak to Gillian once she’s worked through her (many, many) issues!
    proxyfish recently posted…Read Along: Rosemary and Rue – Week ThreeMy Profile

  5. Regarding Devin – you and I are on the same page here. I do not approve, and no matter how many times I read this one it still bugs me a little that Toby went there. I can understand why she would, in a way, but still I want to steer her away…

    And YESSSS. Bring on the ending! Can’t wait to see what you all make of that. :D
    Lisa (@EffingRainbow) recently posted…[Read Along] Rosemary and Rue, Part 3My Profile


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