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Rosemary and Rue Read Along {Week 4}


Week 4

Hey everyone! It’s finally here! The grand finale :D. Now we can all delight in knowing how things ended and pick up the broken pieces of our hearts :-P. All the spoilers below!

1. On the way to finding Evening’s killer at last, we get to meet the Luidaeg in person. What are your impressions of her, and what do you think of the sneaky ‘deal’ Toby managed to make with her?

I really like her! I hope that she becomes a recurring character. She’s just so down to earth despite phenomenal cosmic power. I’m not thrilled with this deal that Toby managed since pissing her off seems like a bad plan and I don’t really see how it was that useful….

2. Next stop is the Court of Cats, where we see Tybalt in his role as a king, followed by another visit to Lily to finally learn the truth. We get some more evidence of the regard they both have for Toby; in light of previous discussions about Toby’s friendships, what do you make of this new evidence?

Tybalt is still rather interesting. I’m entertained that Toby’s cats were apparently semi-spies for the record. It’s obvious that Toby has friends that care a lot about her despite her not really wanting them to or thinking that they even do. I’m excited to get to know Tybalt better as the series progresses.

3. Now for the final reveal! Devin ‘fesses up, and Dare is killed defending Toby… Was any of this finale what you’d expected? What do you make of Devin’s reasons for killing Evening?

GAAAAAAH! I knew I didn’t like him!!!!!!! You all saw me questioning his motives the whole time, I was right! *runs around screaming* I guess I understand Devin wanting the hope chest if it really can give a changeling immortality. It’s got to be wearing on the mental health to live so long but know you will still die due to a twist of fate. Obviously doesn’t excuse murder, but I don’t think Devin is completely there. *sobs* Poor Dare, she believed in Toby so much….

4. The hope chest is given over to the Queen at the end of the story. In light of what we’ve seen of her and the potential power that the hope chest has (regardless of what it does), do you think this was the right thing for Toby to do?

Ummmmmm, no…. I generally think you shouldn’t give something powerful over to someone whose sanity you are questioning. I feel like it was in a good place with Tybalt for now and more questions need to be asked first before hasty decisions are made. But Toby wouldn’t be herself without hasty decisions eh? ;-)

Yey, that was so fun and I’m glad I finally started this series! Hopefully I can get my library copy and finish within the month limit, haha. Are you going to be joining us for book two??

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