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Sci-fi and Fantasy Friday {SF/F Reviews and Giveaways}

Sci-fi And Fantasy Fridays

Link-up Your Sci-fi and Fantasy Reviews and Giveaways!

I’m a huge sci-fi and fantasy fan, to the point that that is really all I read anymore. Therefore, I decided to start a weekly feature where I get all of you to gather the sf/f reviews and giveaways you’ve published and found so that we can all discover new books, blogs, and giveaways in our favorite genres!

Woot, it’s Sci-fi and Fantasy Friday time :D. Please do use the labels for reviews and giveaways! <3 Also if you’ve included a specific link in the previous week, currently please don’t link it again since we’re trying to help people find new things. However, I’m open to input on that! Do you want repeats from week to week or no?

  • SF – Science Fiction
  • F – Fantasy
  • UF – Urban Fantasy
  • PNR – Paranormal Romance
  • DYS – Dystopian
  • YA – Young Adult
  • A – Adult
  • MG – Middle-grade

Sci-fi and Fantasy Reviews

Sci-fi and Fantasy Giveaways


As always, suggestions are loved for anything that would help you use this feature!

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings -Anya

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  1. I’m really loving this feature. It’s good to find more reviews on blogs that I don’t follow permanently, all arranged so neatly!

  2. True but a couple of things to consider when relying on the thumbnails. Do they show up in mobile, and do they show up in feed readers or email. Mine don’t and I get a good portion of traffic from all three. :(

    But I’m using Blogger and google has proven that they hate anything feed related so hopefully yours behave better than mine :)
    Mulluane recently posted…The Glass Word: (Dark Reflections Trilogy: Book 3)My Profile

    • Oo excellent point, though I don’t think the linkies show up well in feedreaders either do they? They don’t show up in mine :(

      • Well, in feed it doesn’t matter because you use a jump break which pretty much forces a visit anyway.

        I’m going to change my mind and suggest maybe repeating giveaway links for as long as the giveaway is active. Those have the biggest draw potential but there are only 2 linked this week.

        This idea is expanding though! I see a bunch of new sites this week in the review and discussion sections. Good job! I now use a new feed reader…. this post :>)
        Mulluane recently posted…The Glass Word: (Dark Reflections Trilogy: Book 3)My Profile

        • Haha, wait, does a break show on your feed reader? I don’t put breaks actually in my posts ;-)

          Oh yeah, that’s a good idea. I think it’s a slow season too, so there are fewer giveaways going.


  3. Now that I have a few extra minutes (omg, where did those come from!) I’d say post each link only once.

    If I want to see what I missed from previous weeks, I click on the FILED UNDER: SF/F FRIDAYS label but for people who don’t know to do that, or don’t see it lurking around at the bottom of your posts. You could add the link inside the post itself instead. Something like: See more great reviews, giveaways and discussions here! “link”

    Could even sublabel by month so the backlink is specific to the current month, instead of every Linkup post in perpetuity. Plus SEO folks say internal linking is a great thing so it would serve two purposes.

    But as my Daddy would say…. thats just an idear…
    Mulluane recently posted…The Glass Word: (Dark Reflections Trilogy: Book 3)My Profile

    • Yup, I like this idea! I’ve been meaning to start linking to past weeks, though it is already in the Related Posts thumbnails. I’m hoping that I don’t have to police too much though since that gets frustrating.

  4. Nice, you preloaded it with discussion topics for me! Or a lot of people got up very early.
    Nathan (@ReviewBarn) recently posted…Fantasy Review: ‘The Emperor’s Blades’ by Brian StaveleyMy Profile


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